Emma Dallaire ’22

Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA

Specialization: Health Promotion, pre-PA


Why did you come to URI?

I came to URI because I wanted a different environment than what I grew up with. I also loved URI’s campus and the extracurriculars they had. It was honestly a very spontaneous decision, but I don’t have any regrets.

What surprised you most about URI?

I was surprised by how inclusive and kind the student body is. I noticed it right away at orientation, and I keep noticing it throughout my leadership minor and the clubs I am involved in. It’s one of the things I love most about the school.

Why did you major in health studies?

I majored in health studies because it was a nice balance between STEM courses, public health courses and behavioral health courses. I liked that I got to explore everything related to health. I believe it will make me a more well-rounded healthcare provider in the future. 

What advice do you have for Health Studies majors?

I would tell Health Studies majors to take advantage of the amazing faculty members and their knowledge. I have had so many professors in this major who have worked in public health or medical settings and they have so many real-life experiences to offer. Don’t be afraid to talk to them after class or go to their office because they’re all exceptional!

What’s next for you?

For the next year, I will continue to work as a nursing assistant at a skilled nursing facility in Wakefield. I’m also currently in the process of applying to PA programs in the Northeast, in hopes to become a pediatric physician assistant.