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Date: May 1, 2006 (revised)



 To establish guidelines for the use of personal leave days.


 All non-classified, non-union, non-faculty employees


 It is the responsibility of the Dean, Director, Department Head, or Supervisor to approve use of personal leave in accordance with this policy and applicable bargaining unit contract.


Each non-classified, non-union, non-faculty employee shall be entitled to up to four (4) days of leave of absence with pay each calendar year for emergencies or to attend to personal matters or religious observances which cannot be reasonably attended to outside of the normal work day. This personal leave may be used for the day before Christmas, the day after Thanksgiving, or religious feast days. Employees will not be required to give a reason as a condition of approval for the use of personal leave; however, prior approval must be obtained to assure that the absence does not interfere with the proper conduct of the office or department functions. Personal leave credits cannot be carried over from year to year. This policy is not applicable to employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement. Employees that are covered by a collective bargaining agreement should refer to appropriate contracts.


 1. The employee shall request approval for use of personal leave from the Dean, Director, Department Head, or Supervisor as far in advance as possible.

2. Any discharged personal leave should be indicated by the letter “P” on the bi-weekly time card and vacation/sick leave reports (if applicable).

3. Academic year faculty employees do not receive personal leave days.

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