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Susan - ItalyMy name is Susan, and I am currently a history and Italian major here at URI. Spring semester 2004, I was able to study abroad in Florence, Italy, and even now, a year later, I cannot say enough about my experience! The beautiful Italian culture captivated me with its rich history, delicious food, and friendly people. Further, I was afforded the unique opportunity to live and study in Florence, the very city that Michelangelo, Dante Aligheri, and Petrach created some of their greatest works. From eating a deliciouscone of gelato, to spending the weekend in nearby Nice, France, to perusing the famed Uffizi Gallery, there never was a dull moment!

I feel that my study abroad experience in Florence has not only been one the most enjoyable parts of my college career however—it also has played an important role in my overall education. After
spending time in another culture, I was able to learn so much about myself, about what it means to be an Italian, and what it means to be an American. I came back much more independent, confident, and more aware of global and international issues. Further, living and studying in Italy helped my foreign language skills amazingly; I now am almost fluent in Italian.

Basically, I feel that my semester in Italy was an enriching, life-changing, and beautiful adventure. I would highly recommend studying abroad to all college students, no matter what major they are pursuing!

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