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Full details about URI graduate program guidelines can be found in the URI Graduate School Manual.

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Graduate Certificate in LR or HR

Our graduate programs prepare students for professional careers in the fields of labor relations and human resources. A graduate degree certifies a certain level of knowledge to potential employers and universities.  However, our main objective is the development of practical, professional knowledge. Please note:  the programs are academically rigorous; they are more than professional development programs.

We seek students who can meet the challenges of advanced academic work with evidence of:

  1. The knowledge and ability to do graduate level work in the required and elective courses in our programs.
  2. The ability to conduct high quality academic research.
  3. The potential to contribute to class discussions.
  4. A clear understanding to the rigors of a master’s level education.

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Admission Criteria for Master in Science

NOTE:  There are special requirements for International Applicants.  Please review these carefully.  The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Exam is required of applicants from foreign countries where English is not the primary language.

NOTE:  Criteria for Certificate Students is the same except that a Writing Sample is NOT required.

Undergraduate Degree:  Undergraduate majors in any field will be considered for admission. Those with social science, history, management, and labor studies majors are especially encouraged to apply, as are those with engineering, nursing, education, urban affairs, African-American studies, and women’s studies backgrounds. Your overall GPA will be considered, however, we will also look at your performance in courses most clearly related in subject manner to courses in our program.  Applicants must upload scanned copies of their transcripts.  Original, certified copies of your transcript will be required to enroll in the program.

Professional Experience:  Professional experience in labor relations, human resource management, or leadership roles will carry additional weight in admissions decisions. Applicants must attach a professional resume or CV.

Statement of Purpose:  A statement of purpose is required.  This statement should outline your academic and professional background, interests and goals.

Writing Sample:  A writing sample is required.  Identify a topic related to human resources or labor relations of interest to you (ie., retaining millenials, executive compensation, future of labor movement, right to work, webinars, telecommuting, etc.).  Conduct a very brief review of research and writing by experts (3-4 sources) being done on the topic using the internet and online library search engines.  This research should reflect what is happening nationally or internationally related to this topic.  What is the outlook for this topic in relation to organizations and the workforce?  What does it mean?  Please use APA format to cite your sources.  Type your paper, double-spaced, 12 point font with 1 inch margins.  The paper (without citations) should be no more than 600 words.  Attach the paper as a PDF to your application package.

Letters of Recommendation:  Two letters of recommendation are required. These letter should be from individuals familiar with your academic and/or professional work. Your should ask your references to comment on your ability to do graduate level work, your ability to contribute to the program, your motivation to complete the program, or your ability to work cooperatively.

Prior Graduate Coursework:  Students may enroll in a limited number of courses prior to official entry into the program as non-matriculating (non-degree) students. Please see details here.  Courses in which the student earns a grade of “B” or better taken on a non-matriculating basis will count towards degree requirements. To register for courses on a non-matriculating basis, you must complete and submit the Non-degree Student Application Form. Your performance in SLRC courses taken as a non-matriculating student will have a strong impact on our admission recommendation to the graduate school.

Rhode Island Residency Form:  For an incoming graduate student to be considered a Rhode Island resident, s/he must be a United States citizen or Permanent Resident and have established a bona fide permanent residence in the state for at least one full year prior to the first class day of the first term of his/her registration, OR be legally married to an individual who has been a Rhode Island resident for at least one full year prior to the first class day of the first term of registration.Members of the Armed Forces (and spouses) on active duty stationed in Rhode Island on military orders qualify for classification as a Rhode Island resident student during any semester in which the first class day is encompassed by the orders. To establish residency, you must file a Residency Policy and Form with your application. This policy applies to both Graduate Certificate applicants and MS applicants

Application Deadlines:  Deadlines for applications and supporting documents are April 15th for summer admission, July 15th for fall admission, and November 15th for spring admission. If you are applying for financial aid, your application and supporting materials should be received by February 1st. Applications received after these deadlines are reviewed on a rolling basis.

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