Mission, Goals, & Objectives

Our vision for the URI MARC U*STAR program is to create a robust and inclusive undergraduate biomedical research environment at URI, epitomized by equal opportunity and equal outcome. The program mission is to develop a cadre of underrepresented students who emerge into critically-minded, discerning scientists, who are strong in fundamental research knowledge and practice, and are leaders and exemplars to their peers.

Our approach will help to broaden the participation of all students – particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds – in the research enterprise by enhancing a culture of equitable and inclusive undergraduate research training.

We propose two broad goals for the URI MARC U*STAR program;

Goal 1: Develop students who are knowledgeable and well trained in biological and biomedical research and can readily employ research methods and critical thinking to solve important and timely scientific problems.

Goal 2: Create a community of student scholars who will enjoy a strong sense of belonging within the biological and biomedical research community, and promote a sustainable culture of undergraduate research excellence at the University of Rhode Island.