Peter Paton

Peter Paton is a professor of wildlife ecology at URI. He received his Ph.D. in wildlife biology from Utah State University, USA, and his M.Sc. in wildlife biology from Colorado State University. He worked as a federal wildlife biologist (USFWS, USFS) and contract biologist for 10 years before joining the URI faculty. He studies the conservation biology of wild vertebrates with an emphasis on threatened and endangered species, and he is currently leading the RI Bird Atlas project. He was PI, with Dr. Scott McWilliams, on avian survey efforts for the RI Ocean SAMP. He had worked with three graduate students to model the distribution of seaducks in Rhode Island Sound in relationship to offshore wind energy developments. For 5 years, he has been working with colleagues at UMass and USFWS to assess movements of endangered marine birds through wind energy areas. Recently, he has worked with Dr. Jim Miller and colleagues at GSO and Deepwater Wind to understand fine-scale movements of marine birds near the Block Island Wind Farm. He has authored over 75 peer-reviewed journal articles on these topics.