International Non-Matriculating Students

The University is pleased to provide educational opportunities to a diverse student population. All applicants in the country on refugee status or a visa will be required to provide a copy of the necessary documentation or visa prior to the start of classes. Misrepresentation concerning residency and/or citizenship is grounds for immediate dismissal from the college, but you will remain liable for all tuition and fees.

Note: A visa is not needed for non-matriculated international students studying remotely from their home country (or outside the U.S. in general).

See below for more detailed information:

  • Degree-seeking applicants should visit the International Center for information on required visas, forms, etc.
  • Non-degree international applications must present proof of visa status to be eligible to enroll in credit-bearing courses. For example an F-1, J-1 or H-4 visa.
  • Dependents in H-4 visa status may study or take courses; however, if they choose to study full-time, they should consider changing to F-1 visa student status to obtain approved, on-campus work authorization.
  • Department of Homeland Security regulations prohibit F-2 visa holders from engaging in full-time study. F-2 visa holders may only engage in full-time study at an elementary or secondary (K-12) institution. F-2 visa holders can continue to take classes for recreational, hobby or cultural purposes without applying for a change in status.