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A History of URI’s East Farm

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Recent Stories

  • Rats From a Distant Archipelago are Rewriting Our Understanding of Human History -   Ancient navigators once relied on the seasonal monsoon winds to make long distance voyages across the northern Indian Ocean, linking Arabia and Egypt to India and China. There was also a lesser known southern monsoon trade route linking Asia directly to sub-Saharan Africa, but no one is sure exactly when or from where it […]
  • Global Warming and Rising Seas Threaten the Barrier Islands of Belize -   I am writing this article while having the absolute pleasure of co-teaching one of the University of Rhode Island’s (URI) January-Term (J-Term) field schools along with two of our most talented educators, Professor Rod Mather, marine historical archaeologist, College of Arts & Sciences, and Diving Safety Officer Anya Hanson, director of URI’s diving research […]
  • Lasers and Iron - Lasers and iron may help the world treat contaminated water, University of Rhode Island (URI) researchers say.
  • From Trash to Textiles - There’s a real need for the work being done by researcher Izabela Ciesielska-Wrobel and businessman Robert Torgerson. Their joint effort to find answers to the complex challenge of turning trash into treasure is showing promise.
  • Cell phone app helps battle cholera - For people in rural parts of the world, receiving vital information about water sources contaminated with cholera was nearly impossible — until now.


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