Momentum, Spring 2023

University of Rhode Island’s Research Magazine

Feature Story - Rats and Rewriting History

Global Warming, Rising Seas

Former VPR Peter J. Snyder recounts student experiences examining microplastics in Belize


More Momentum

  • Lasers and Iron - Lasers and iron may help the world treat contaminated water, University of Rhode Island (URI) researchers say.
  • From Trash to Textiles - There’s a real need for the work being done by researcher Izabela Ciesielska-Wrobel and businessman Robert Torgerson. Their joint effort to find answers to the complex challenge of turning trash into treasure is showing promise.
  • Cell phone app helps battle cholera - For people in rural parts of the world, receiving vital information about water sources contaminated with cholera was nearly impossible — until now.
  • Making Waves - Since the 1800s, the Ocean State has spawned hundreds of companies contributing to our nation’s naval and military superiority. However, it’s not always easy for small businesses to break into the industry and manufacture products at scale and with the proper security.