Jeffrey Morgan|Brown University

  • Co-principal investigatorJeffrey Morgan
  • Graduate Program co-director, Biotechnology Graduate Program
  • Professor: Medical Science, Engineering
  • Phone: 401.863.9419
  • Email:
  • Thrust lead 3


The Morgan Lab, located at the Bio-Med Center of Brown University, currently focuses on cell self assembly in nonadhesive three dimensional environments. Through creative a novel device where the researchers are able to allow cells to self assemble with only the force of gravity, they can observe the changes and dynamics of assembly as well as the role that tension and cell motility play in the process of self-assembly.

Other current projects include understanding the molecular and cellular biology of the skin with an eye towards new therapeutic approaches to wound healing, the repair of the skin and the improvement in the performance of percutaneous medical devices.


B.S., Syracuse University
Ph.D., Harvard University
Post Doctoral Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research