Breea Govenar|Rhode Island College

  • Co-principal investigator
  • Associate professor: Biology
  • Rhode Island College
  • Phone: 401.456.9631
  • Email:
  • Thrust lead 1


Bree Govenar’s research interests are in community ecology and ecosystem function in marine and deep-sea habitats, including hydrothermal vents; causes and consequences of species diversity; trophic ecology and food web dynamics; and the evolution and diversity of invertebrates. She also serves as director of the RIC Center for Research and Creative Activity, which aims to broaden participation of students and faculty in the practice of mentored undergraduate research and creative activity.


Ph.D., Biology, Pennsylvania State University
B.S., Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology, Tulane University
Additional coursework, Université de Lyon I (France) and Harvard University