For Mentors-2018 SURF Program

Welcome mentors, old and new! Please read through the following information about the 2018 SURF Program as you begin your role as a vital resource for incoming students at the start of their scientific/academic careers.

If you have any questions, please contact via email RI C-AIM SURF Coordinator Jim Lemire at or RI C-AIM Project Administrator Sally J. Beauman at

  1. SURF runs from May 21 through July 27.  There is student orientation the morning of May 21 at Roger Williams University.  After that, they are all yours!
  2. SURF students are paid through the institution at which they are working this summer.  They will need to get on payroll using the appropriate channels and procedures at each respective institution.   SURF stipends are $4,500.
  3. Students are expected to commit “full time” to their SURF work…but their actual schedule is between you and them.
    1.  If a student is working at URI (including GSO), they should contact Bj Carangia in the C-AIM office (; 401-874-6234).  She will guide them through the payroll/hiring steps.
    2. If a student is NOT working at URI or GSO, they will need to follow whatever steps necessary for your department/college/school/university.  Please direct them to the appropriate folks for this.  The C-AIM office will be issuing subcontract amendments to each institution to cover the SURF expenses.
  4. Each SURF award also comes with $500 for research supplies.
    1. At URI/GSO, please work with Bj Carangia in the C-AIM office (; 401-874-6234) for ordering what you need.
    2. Outside URI/GSO, please use your normal purchasing procedures.  These funds will be reflected in the subcontract amendment.
  5. Housing is not provided through SURF.  Students must secure this on their own or otherwise work through whatever institutional channels are already in place.
  6.  Please make sure that students have gone through any necessary lab safety training required at your respective institutions.  URI-based students can attend a general lab safety training session on May 21st in the College of Pharmacy if needed.
  7.  There will be a handful of events for the students to attend through the summer.  I will provide more info about these as details become finalized.  The expectation is that students attend as many of these events as practical, and always in consultation with you and your research team.
  8. Finally…the program ends on July 27th with the annual SURF Conference, where students will present a poster of their work.  This is a highly attended event, run in collaboration with the RI INBRE program, and is one of the highlights of the summer.  All mentors are encouraged to attend.

Good luck with your students during this busy research season!