The 2021 RI C-AIM Vis-a-Thon, in collaboration with the Edna Lawrence Nature Lab at RISD, is an arts-based program designed to reimagine visualization as an evolving process of inquiry, indivisible from research itself. This program provides opportunities for participants to experiment with new and innovative ways to create and use visual imagery and language.

By participating, you will:

  • Gain opportunity to critique traditional models of scientific communication and develop potential new formats and methods
  • Work directly with RISD Faculty to gain insight on your own research concerning visualization theory and outcomes
  • Engage in a space where you are comfortable experimenting with new ideas for research visualization and collaboration
  • Earn credit towards the RI C-AIM Career Development Program Certificate.


  • Open to any undergraduate, graduate student or post-doc conducting STEM research at any of RI C-AIM’s partner institutions.

Program Dates

FRIDAY, March 5 is the Visualization Intensive: a day-long seminar aimed at increasing the visual literacy of participants through workshops, breakout sessions, and lectures concerning arts-based visualization in science as both an analytical tool and communicative effort. Participants, in groups or individually, will develop and propose visualization projects to be created over a two-day period. Online only session.

SATURDAY + SUNDAY, March 27-28 is the Vis-a-thon Weekend: a two-day event where participants will work directly with RISD faculty to develop and enact their project proposals. Participants will be connected with technicians and labs needed to further their visualization research. Online and in-person hybrid sessions.

Participants must be available for both parts of the program. Applications are due by Tuesday, February 23. For more information, please see previous participant work.

For further questions about the 2021 RI C-AIM Vis-a-Thon, contact program facilitators Georgia Rhodes and Stewart Copeland at