2021 RI C-AIM Research Symposium: Invited Speakers

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Patricia Thibodeau
RI C-AIM Postdoctoral Fellow
URI Graduate School of Oceanography

Presentation Title: Riding a wave of variability through the Narragansett Bay Plankton Time Series

Dr. Patricia Thibodeau

I am a plankton ecologist focused on the effects of rapid climate change on phytoplankton and zooplankton populations and physiology. The major pillars of my research explore how global climate change (1) has and will impact long-term trends in plankton population dynamics and (2) has affected plankton physiology and feeding ecology.

As a Postdoctoral Fellow of the RI C-AIM, I am analyzing the multi-decadal long-term plankton time series in Narragansett Bay. By identifying underlying environmental parameters driving plankton community dynamics, my work will facilitate efforts to forecast important ecological phenomena in the region.

Graduate Student

Aakash Sane
RI C-AIM Graduate Student
Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences
Brown University

Presentation Title: Ocean State Ocean Model: Predictability, variability, and parameterization

Aakash Sane

Aakash Sane is a fourth and final year Ph.D. student at Brown University and is being advised by Dr. Baylor Fox-Kemper. His research is in physical oceanography, in particular ocean modeling.

As part of the RI C-AIM project, he is working on the predictability and variability of a model of the Narragansett Bay that simulates physical parameters such as temperature, salinity, currents. Broadly, his research interests are in developing tools and techniques for better understanding oceanic systems. Outside of research, he likes to go hiking and play badminton.