RI C-AIM researchers invite submissions for data visualization journal

Inspired by their experience as participants in the Vis-a-Thon program supported through RI C-AIM and RISD’s Nature Lab, RI C-AIM postdoctoral fellows Dr. Tricia Thibodeau and Dr. Jongsun Kim were invited to serve as guest editors for JoVE and organize a Methods Collection titled, “Data Visualization in Marine Science”.

Dr. Jongsun Kim. Images by Shaun Kirby/RI NSF EPSCoR

JoVE is the leading peer-reviewed scientific methods video journal aimed at increasing the visibility and reproducibility of research. JoVE’s team takes care of the entire process of filming and producing the video.

Dr. Tricia Thibodeau (left) at the 2020 Vis-a-Thon’s Visualization Intensive

This Methods Collection will be a quality resource of creative data visualization methods within the marine science community. Drs. Thibodeau and Kim aim to cover traditional and non-traditional data visualization approaches in the field of marine science. The Collection will be distributed to a comprehensive list of researchers, science communicators, and educators who are active in the marine science field. This Collection will promote collaboration among researchers in the community and facilitate the wider adoption of innovative methodologies for visualizing marine science data.

Contributing publications will result in a peer-reviewed, citable article as well as a 10-15 minute video showcasing the method for visualizing data. Click these links for examples of a published JoVE article and video.

Jongsun Kim 2020 Visathon Project
Dr. Jongsun Kim’s 2020-Vis-a-Thon project, Narragansett Bay Zonation.

Abstracts can be submitted here and are due by September 2, 2022. If the abstract is selected, the authors will be invited to submit a methods article, which will be due by November 2, 2022. The video will be filmed after the article has been peer-reviewed and accepted by JoVE. The cost for subscription-based publication in JoVE, including filming the video, is $1400.

Plankton Patterns by Tricia Thibodeau
A snapshot of Dr. Tricia Thibodeau’s 2020 Vis-a-Thon project, Plankton Patterns.

Please contact Dr. Tricia Thibodeau (thibodeau@uri.edu) and Dr. Jongsun Kim (jongsun@uri.edu) for more information.