Ordering & Hiring at URI

Purchase Request Form

The RI C-AIM/RI EPSCoR office handles the procurement of all research materials for faculty, students and staff working under RI C-AIM at URI. Purchases must be made through the University’s Purchasing Department via Purchase Order to an authorized vendor.

If you would like to order research-related materials, please get a quote directly from the vendor. Quotes from vendors MUST include shipping/handling costs, and you must ALWAYS ask the vendor to include them in your quote.

Once you have received your quote from the vendor, please complete the Purchase Request Form at the link above.

URI Student Employment

Graduate, undergraduate and SURF students enrolled at URI working under RI C-AIM will be hired through our office. Students MUST complete the following forms prior to hiring:

Please submit these forms and any other purchase-related questions to RI C-AIM/RI NSF EPSCoR Scientific Research Grants Assistant Bj Carangia at bcarangia@uri.edu.