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Rhode Island NSF EPSCoR is a resource for scientists, teachers, students and anyone in the state interested in marine life science. Connect with us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn, and read about research and activities in The Current. You can learn more about Rhode Island NSF EPSCoR and about other research in Rhode Island through the Science and Technology Advisory Council (STAC), which serves as our governing body.

RI NSF EPSCoR reporting

RI NSF EPSCoR researchers, collaborators and paid students must log in to the ER-Core (EPSCoR reporting) module to document individual and collaborative efforts. For information, assistance, and creation of an account, please contact Sally J. Beauman, RI EPSCoR project administrator.

Acknowledging RI NSF EPSCoR

Support may have been direct or indirect and could have included use of equipment or services at our core research facilities, student support in your lab, or travel awards to present your research.

If your work has been supported by Rhode Island NSF EPSCoR, please acknowledge that support as appropriate in publications, posters, presentations, etc. Links to the proper wording can be found below for each of the EPSCoR tracks. You also can download our logo and NSF’s logo.

Research Infrastructure Improvement (RII) Track-1

Acknowledgment language

Research Infrastructure Improvement (RII) Track-2

Acknowledgement language

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