Field Trip Travel Policy & Procedures

Academic field trips can be an important component of education. They often significantly enhance the content of a course by providing visual and hands on information hard to convey in the classroom. For purposes of this document, an academic field trip is defined as a course-related activity that serves educational purposes and occurs outside of the classroom at a location other than on the campus at which the course is regularly taught. Academic field trips are, by definition, university-sponsored events if they meet any one of these (3) categories:

  • Academic Class related
  • Athletic Teams
  • Recognized Student Organizations


The following guidelines must be followed on all University sponsored field trips:

a) If there are hazards or risks associated with participating in the field trip such as rock climbing, scuba diving, para-sailing, etc.
b) If the field trip is optional and not part of the class curriculum and/or not listed in the class description or syllabus.
c) Instructor/department keeps a copy of this form for their records and should not be forwarded to the Risk Manager’s Office.

The online Field Trip Notification Form, is sent directly to the University Risk Manager’s office and the instructor will receive an email confirmation that the form have been received.  The Risk Manager will review the form and contact the instructor with any questions or concerns.

Liability Coverage:

The University provides Liability coverage for University sponsored field trips only in the event that the University, its instructors, students, agents, staff, employees are found to be liable for the property damage or bodily injury of another.

Automobile Coverage:

The University provides auto liability coverage for University owned vehicle and rented or leased vehicles.  Personal and chartered (hired driver) vehicles are not covered under the University Auto policy.


Please contact Risk Manager’s Office with any questions.