1. Filming Request Form

  • To be completed for all student film projects by the student.
  • Complete online form which is automatically sent electronically to Risk Management.

2. Rent Equipment – Insurance Certificate Request

  • Form to be completed for all 3rd party equipment rental.
  • URI will insure the value of the equipment to be rented.
  • Form is completed electronically online at: https://web.uri.edu/riskmanagement/
  • Form automatically sent electronically to Risk Management.

3. Property Damage Report Form

  • Complete this form in the event there is damage to the rented/leased equipment.
  • Immediately forward the form electronically to Risk Management to process a property damage claim. cynthia_stanton@uri.edu
  • It is the student’s responsibility to protect the equipment so that no further damage occurs.

4. Actors/Participants – Release & Assumption of Risk Form

  • Form is a waiver for all actors & film participants.
  • Release & Acceptance to film participants.
  • Participant releases all rights to the film.
  • Instructor / Filming Student retains this form.

5. Location Use Agreement

  • If filming on “others” property – this form must be completed.
  • Gives URI and film participants rights to film.
  • Explains ownership of the film product.
  • Electronic copy to Risk Management along with the Film Request Form.
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