International Travel Insurance

***Effective May 1, 2019 all travelers, traveling for University business, research or academic activities will receive CISI International Travel Insurance Coverage free of charge.***

University travelers must register for CISI coverage online, regardless of any other travel insurance which may apply.

Please see OFAC travel requirements prior to registering for travel to Cuba.

All regular, full-time and part-time Eligible Participants and their Eligible Dependents of the educational organization or institution who:

  1. Are engaged in University international business, research or educational activities; and
  2. Are temporarily located outside his/her home country as a non-resident alien; and
  3. Have not obtained permanent residency status        

University students, faculty and staff can self-enroll in the International Travel Policy online to obtain an international travel insurance card.  Dependents of University faculty, staff and students such as spouses and children, are also eligible for coverage for an additional fee, not covered by the University. Please contact Risk Management to enroll dependents.

To obtain coverage please click on the link:

Within moments of enrollment, travelers will receive a confirming email from CISI, which will include a printable ID card.  The following information can be obtained from the website:

  • Review your insurance benefits
  • Submit a claim or check the status of a claim
  • Find a doctor inside or outside the US
  • Research vaccination and health risk information
  • Review  health and security news from around the globe
  • Sign up to receive personalized new alerts by email


  • Trip cancellation coverage
  • Phone Packages
  • International Moneycards
  • And much more… Click Here


  • Medical Coverage (no deductible)
  • Evacuation and Repatriation Coverage
  • Personal Liability Coverage
  • Trip Interruption and Trip Delay Coverage

Click on link for printable brochure:

Please note that international insurance coverage is not designed to substitute for any domestic health plan in which a student or employee is enrolled. Rather, it is meant to be supplemental to a domestic health plan, and it only provides coverage for a student/employee when traveling outside the United States. For information on the University’s Health Insurance and insurance requirements please contact Health Services at: 401-874-4756 or

Please contact the University Risk Manager with any questions:

Risk Management
75 Lower College Road, Room 118
Kingston, RI 02881
(P) 401-874-2591    (F) 401-874-9101 Email: