Edger G. Davis

  • First Lieutenant
  • WW I


Edger George Davis was born in Cleveland, Ohio on 4 January 1885. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edger R. Davis. Edger grew up in Providence, Rhode Island and attended local schools. He entered Rhode Island State College (RISC) in September 1909, majoring in Civil Engineering. Edger was a member of Delta Alpha Psi fraternity, captain of the track team, member of the football team, member of the student committee for the building of the outside running track and participated in the Army ROTC program.

Prior to graduation, Edger departed RISC and entered the US Army to begin his officer training at the United States Army Officer Training Camp, Plattsburg, New York. He received his commission as a First Lieutenant, US Army Corps of Engineers and deployed to France in January 1918. 1LT Davis was assigned as an Engineer Officer, 1st Engineer Regiment, 1st Infantry Division. He was involved in combat operations throughout his assignment with the 1st Infantry Division “Big Red One.” In July 1918, the 1st Infantry Division defeated the Germans in the battle of Soissons; and during the period 11-13 September 1918, the 1st Infantry Division helped to clear the Saint-Mihiel salient. The attack at the Saint-Mihiel salient was part of General Pershing’s plan to break through the German lines and capture Metz. The mission was successful, and the Germans were defeated in the last major World War I battle fought in the Meuse-Argonne Forest. The 1st Infantry Division was the first to cross the Rhine into occupied Germany.

First Lieutenant Edger G. Davis was cited for bravery and distinguished conduct by the Commanding General of the 1st Infantry Division for his actions during the battle at the Saint-Mihiel salient, 11-13 September 1918. With total disregard for his personal safety and well-being, he led his unit in the damming of the Rupt de Madt River, near Richecourt, France which allowed the passage of friendly artillery supporting the initial attack. 1LT Davis’ actions contributed to the success of the 1st Infantry Division’s mission of defeating the Germans at the Meuse-Argonne Forest.

After World War I, Lieutenant Davis returned to the United States. He and his wife Florence and their son and daughter settled in Los Angeles, California. Edger was employed as a Civil Engineer in California.

First Lieutenant Edger George Davis was a son of Rhode Island State College who answered the call to service for Rhode Island and America during World War I, serving with honor and courage. He died in 1945 and was buried with full military honors at the Los Angeles Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.