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What browsers can I use for Starfish?


What flags can I raise when I am concerned about a student?

Currently, there are two flag options that can be raised for students: Academic Concern and In Danger of Failing. If your concerns cannot be addressed with these flags please review Early Alert Services for information about additional support services on campus that are available to students.

Academic Concern is a lower-level flag should be raised if you have a general academic concern (e.g., attendance, missed homework, lack of participation). Staff do not intervene unless a student receives multiple flags of this type. Students receive this flag and any added comments.

In Danger of Failing is a high-level flag that should be raised if a student is in danger of failing. For students in University College for Academic Success, academic advisors will intervene at this level. For degree granting colleges, outreach varies from department to department. Please contact the Starfish team at,, for more information.  Students receive this flag and any added comments.

As is noted when you raise a flag, both of these flags and any added comments are sent to students via email and are available to them in Starfish. 

I raised a flag for a student who has since dropped my course, which removed our connection in Starfish. How do I close their flag?

Starfish is working on a process to auto-drop flags when a student drops a course. In the meantime, all Starfish flags will be bulk-cleared at the end of the semester.


If you are interested in using Starfish for your academic advising appointments, we are happy to provide an overview of the appointment-making features and the business practices that are needed to connect students to advisors in e-campus. For this overview and training, please contact us at

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