Comprehensive Program Review


  • Ensures program is providing high-quality, effective efforts and services
  • Aligns program with the University’s and Division’s mission, values, and strategic plans, goals, and objectives
  • Identifies program strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Offers insights on program’s past and current operations as well as recommendations for program’s future strategic direction


  • Self Study Phase
    • Collection and documentation
    • Self Study Report and packet compilation
    • Review by Vice President of Student Affairs
  • External Review Phase
    • External Review Team Site Visit
    • Final Report
  • Action Plan Phase
    • Response to Final Report
    • Timeline for implementation


Each year, at least two (2) Student Affairs departments will undergo comprehensive program reviews during a 5-year assessment cycle.


Talent Development

The University of Rhode Island completed a comprehensive review of its Talent Development Program that was founded in 1968 to provide access to higher education for Rhode Island high school graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Bulleted Summary (.pdf)
Talent Development Self Study 2016 (.pdf)
Complete External Review (.pdf)
Talent Development Action Plan Cover Letter (.pdf)
Talent Development Review Response (.pdf)


Memorial Union

The Memorial Union recently completed a comprehensive program review. The review process included both a self-study followed by an external review team assessment that resulted in a series of recommendations to strengthen the Memorial Union.

Self Study (.pdf)
External Review (.pdf)
Memorial Union Response and Action Plan (.pdf)

Campus Recreation
Campus Recreation Self-Study (.pdf)
External Review Report (.pdf)
Campus Recreation CPR Framework (.pdf)
Campus Recreation Strategic Plan (.pdf)


Dining Services Self-Study (.pdf)
Dining Services External Review (.pdf)

2019-Early 2021

Comprehensive program reviews were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Dean of Students