JEDI Actionable Strategies

Student Success – Student Employee Training

Survey sent to Student Affairs director to gather information about student employee training/onboarding experiences across the division, specifically asking about JEDI related education.

Responses will lead to recommendations toward common learning outcomes and practices across the division.

Professional Development
Engage with directors and department and center staff to determine which internal DEI professional development opportunities would benefit the Division staff and students (e.g., SJ&I microcredential, Mental health first aid, Safe Zone, etc.)

Engage with external presenters to provide DEI professional development for the directors and Division staff.

Policies and Procedures
Enhance search, recruitment, and retention processes with a strong anti-racism focus.

Include a diversity statement as part of all searches that focuses on DEI and anti-racism.

Review/audit of all Student Affairs policies and procedures with an anti-racism lens.

Create 6th JEDI-specific goal and action items for our Student Affairs Strategic Plan.
Focus on onboarding DEI opportunities for new employees (e.g., Inclusive bias training, Division expectations), etc.