Sanctions & Findings

Sanctions are a range of actions that may be imposed by the Student Conduct Administrator or Hearing Panel as a consequence of being found responsible for violating the University’s community standards of behavior. The Student Conduct Administrator or Conduct Board can establish new or modify existing sanctions that promote student growth and preserve the atmosphere of learning necessary to the well-being of all students and the community. In addition, situational conditions may be applied when appropriate. Situational conditions may include, but are not limited to:

  • All facets of the specific individual situation
  • The severity of the violation
  • The degree to which a student has participated or been involved in an incident
  • The student’s motivations and intent in connection with the infraction, and
  • Any record of past violations

Sanctions may include work service, educational sanctions, written assignments, court ordered sanctions, treatment compliance documentation or other types of sanctions as outlined in the Student Handbook.

Paying a Fine

Fine payments must be paid using your RAM account.
Step 1: Add funds to your RAM account in person or online by visiting the Campus ID and Dining Office. Follow the steps to add funds to your RAM account.
Step 2: Submit the form below authorizing the Office of Community Standards to withdraw funds from your RAM account. A receipt will be emailed to you once the transaction is complete.
Submit Payment Information

Community Service

Students required to complete community service hours for a non-profit agency need to obtain and return documentation certifying completion of work. The student must have the supervisor at the volunteer site complete the Work Service Verification Form or forward a letter to the hearing officer detailing the hours and specific work completed.
1. Find Community Service Opportunities
2. Printable Community Service Verification Form
3. Submit Work Service Documentation

Alcohol/Marijuana Sanctions

Substance Abuse Prevention Services (SAPS) manages sanctions for Alcohol and Marijuana related violations. Please refer to the SAPS website for up to date information on completing these sanctions.
Note: Typically, the SAPS office will contact students within two weeks of the outcome letter. For overdue SAPS sanctions, please contact SAPS at 401-874-2098.

SAPS Sanctions Page

Living Off-campus Certificate

Step 1: Complete the Living Off-campus Certificate Module. Upon completion you will receive an email confirmation and a certificate will be placed in your Brightspace account.

Step 2: Submit your completed certificate to your case worker via email, or you can use the sanction submission link below.
Complete the Module
Submit Your Completed Certificate

Telling Your Story

Your URI Student Conduct Record is considered a private record. However, there are various reasons when students may be asked to disclose their student conduct history to a campus partner or third party in the future. This educational exercise allows students to respond to simulated questions they may find on future applications (e.g., Graduate School, Internships).
Complete the Exercise

All Other Sanctions

Sanctions requiring documentation may be submitted to the Office of Community Standards. Examples include, but are not limited to, community/work service verification forms/letters, educational sanctions, written assignments, court ordered sanctions, and assessment and treatment compliance documentation.
Submit and attach Sanction Documentation
Printable Educational Session Verification Form for Student Organizations