URI 101

URI 101: Planning for Academic Success is an introductory seminar (1 credit) for incoming students, designed to assist them in their transition to college, from academic planning to the use of resources and programs for academic success. The course is required for all new first-year students, and new transfer students who enroll with less than 24 credits.

What to Expect
Although the goal of URI 101 is to help you plan, define, and develop the skills that will contribute to your academic success, the course covers a range of topics essential for new students, including self-care, campus life, and familiarity in using the technology tools and other resources available to you as a URI student. It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions about anything that will ease your transition. This course is all about helping you start at URI on solid footing.

In URI 101 sections, students are traditionally grouped by major and are taught by faculty who work within that academic area. If you do not yet have a major, your instructors offer you support and assistance in academic decision-making. In addition, each section of URI 101 includes a student-mentor trained to work with the instructor, offering you support and the benefit of their own student experiences and perspectives.