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New Temporary Courses (“X” Course)

Temporary courses, also referred to as X courses (JOR 322X), may be offered no more than twice during the two-year period following their approval.  Temporary courses must meet one or more of the following criteria:

a) experimental in nature, innovative, using unconventional devices or pedagogical methods, course materials, approach to course content or student-teacher relationships;

b) being tried on a temporary basis so that its value and effectiveness can be tested before it is added to a department’s permanent curriculum;

c) intended for a limited duration, such as in the case of employing a visiting specialist temporarily available or to satisfy temporary needs and interests of students or to deal with timely issues (University Manual 8.80.12).


Submit a NEW COURSE Proposal form to propose a:


Please follow the instructions on the form carefully and completely and include:

  • Complete Syllabus
  • Email acknowledgement(s) from other department(s)/college(s), as applicable (re: cross-listing or overlap of content)
  • Library Impact Statement

Proposals must be approved by:

  • Chair, Department/Program
  • Chair, College Curriculum Committee
  • Dean, College

Proposals are forwarded electronically to the Faculty Senate Office from the college curriculum committee (through SAKAI).  The Faculty Senate Office will forward them to the Curricular Affairs Committee (CAC) or Graduate Council.  The Faculty Senate Office will accept only electronic proposals with digital signatures.

Prior to CAC/Graduate Council action, proposed TEMPORARY COURSES are published on the last work day of the month in the Temporary Course Newsletter. Proposals must be received by the 25th of the month to be published in that month’s newsletter. Faculty members have 7 days to register comments with the CAC/Graduate Council chair.

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