Food Safety Conferences


The Rhode Island Food Safety Task Force is an informal network of representatives from state agencies, academia, the food industry, and nonprofit organizations. Its mission is to provide a forum to enhance communication and strengthen partnerships among stakeholders throughout Rhode Island by providing food safety educational opportunities.

2015 Rhode Island Food Safety Task Force 21st Annual Food Safety Conference–
“Walking the Line:  Managing Food Safety Risks and Regulations in the Foodservice Industry”

2014 Rhode Island Food Safety Task Force 20th Annual Food Safety Conference–
“What You Need to Know about GMOs: Safety, Labeling, and Economic Impact”

RI House Representative Maria E. Cimini – RI GMO Labeling and Legislation

House Bill H7042

House Bill H7093

Senate Bill S2226

For more information regarding GMOs, please visit our GMO page listed under the “Consumers” tab or click here.

2012 Rhode Island Food Safety Task Force 18th Annual Food Safety Conference–
“How Many Cooks in the Kitchen?  The Roles of Consumers and the Government in Making Our Food Safe”