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Events 2005-2006

The Fredrika Wild Schweers Memorial Lecture

Each April, the Women’s Studies Program presents a recognized expert in the field of women’s health. The endowment was established in memory of Fredrika Wild Schweers, a sixteen-year-old woman who died after a thirteen year battle with leukemia. The don or, the late Patricia M. Farnes, M.D., also died of cancer in 1985. This lecture has become one of the most important community events sponsored by the URI Women’s Studies Program.

  • 2007: Janet Mancini Billson, “Female Well-Being”
  • 2006: Marlene McCarthy, H.L.D., Moderator and Presenter. Other presenters: Maureen Chung, MD, MSC, PHD, Linda Donegan, MD, Rochelle Strenger “Breast Cancer: New and Emerging Treatments and Technologies.”
  • 2005: The 25th annual Fredrika Wild Schweers Lecture “Women’s Health and the Media”
  • 2004: Kathy Kater – “Developing a Healthy Body Image in a Body-Toxic Culture”
  • 2002: Dorothy Roberts, “Race, Reproduction and the Meaning of Liberty”
  • 2001: Abigail Trafford – “Women as Consumers of Health”
  • 2000: Suraya Sadeed – “Help the Afghan Children”
  • 1999: Suzanne Arms – “Giving Birth: Challenges and Choices”
  • 1998: Norma Finkelstein – “Women and Substance Abuse: The Relational Connection”
  • 1997: Susan Love – “Women’s Health: The Need To Tell the Truth?
  • 1996: Mary Fisher – “How Well Are We Dealing with AIDS and What Should We Be Doing to Help People With AIDS?”
  • 1995: Mary Harvey – “Recovery and Resiliency in Sexual Abuse Survivors” Implications for Clinical and Community Intervention
  • 1994: Paula Caplan – “How Do They Decide Who Is Normal?”
  • 1993: Gena Corea – “The Invisible Epidemic: Women and AIDS”
  • 1992: Susan Kano – “Never Diet Again”
  • 1991: Susan Troyan – “Breast Cancer: Lessons From the Past”
  • 1990: Irene P. Stiver – “Women and Stress in the Workplace”
  • 1989: H. Patricia Hynes – “Silent Spring: A Feminist Reading”
  • 1988: Chris Norwood – “Women and AIDS: Advice for Life”
  • 1987: Miriam Greenspan – “The Diagnosis and Treatment of Women in the Mental Health System”
  • 1986: Patty Freedson – “Physical Activity and Well-Being for Women”
  • 1985: Anne Fausto-Sterling – “Hormonal Hurricanes – Menstruation, Menopause and Female Behavior”
  • 1984: Penny Wise Budoff – “Women In Pursuit of Better Health Care”
  • 1983: Nawal El-Saadwi – “Women’s Health and Development in the Arab World”
  • 1982: Janet Bruin – “Women in the Nuclear War: Victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Speak Out”
  • 1981: Ruth Hubbard

The Annual Dana Shugar Women’s Studies Spring Colloquium

This series of presentations is held in memory of Dana R. Shugar (1961-2000), Professor of English and Women’s Studies.shugar-1

Our Spring 2006 Colloquium series will feature URI Professors Karen Stein, Women’s Studies and English; Julia Johnson, Communication Studies and Women’s Studies; Kendall Moore, Journalism; and Ann Suter, Languages. Plan to join us. Tuesdays from 5-6:30 for a series of lively, provocative, informative talks.

  • February 21, the Wal-mart DVD, “The High Cost of Low Price” in the Multicultural Center. (Co-sponsored with Hillel and the AAUP).
  • February 28, Prof. Karen Stein, “Tillie Olsen’s Proletarian Poetry and Prose” in the Galanti Lounge, URI Library. Co-sponsored with Hillel.
  • March 21, Prof. Ann Suter, “A Hymn for the Ladies: The Female Poet of the Homeric Hymn to Demeter.” URI Women’s Center.
  • April 11, Prof Julia Johnson, “Transracial Feminist Alliances: Connecting Through Difference,” URI Women’s Center.
  • April 18, Prof. Kendall Moore, “HIV, AIDS and Women,” URI Women’s Center.

2005 series of talks by URI faculty in memory of Dana R. Shugar.

  • Lisa Bowleg, Psychology Department, spoke on Oppression and AIDS, The Galanti Lounge on February 1.
  • Kathleen Torrens, Communication Studies, spoke on “The Indigo Girls”, The Women’s Center on February 25.
  • Valerie Karno, PhD, JD, English Department, spoke on “Shameful People, Shaming Punishments”, The Dana Shugar Library, URI Women’s Center on April 11, 2005.

Conferences, Film Series, and Lecture Series

  • 2004: Co-sponsored with Departments of History and Modern Languages, and the Latin-American Studies Program: Colloquium on Latin American Women
  • 1998: Maya Angelou. Cosponsored with Student Senate and other campus organizations.
  • 1997: “Abortion Rights and Medicine: Past, Present and Future.”
    • Featuring the film “From Danger to Dignity: The Fight for Safe Abortion,” and a discussion with local experts.
    • Conference: “Curricular Initiatives in Science, Engineering and Women’s Studies:Exploring the Connections.” Sponsored and coordinated by the URI Women’s Studies, Science and Engineering Curriculum Project.
    • Keynote lectures by Sue Rosser, “Female Friendly Science and Engineering: What Have We Learned So Far.”
    • Sheila Tobias, “The ‘Problem’ of Women in Science: Why is It So Hard to Convince People There Is One?”
    • Anne Fausto-Sterling, “Science Matters! Let’s Teach It That Way.”
    • Personal Stories: Women and Breast Cancer.” A panel discussion with breast cancer survivors from the University Community; held in conjunction with the Schweers lecture by Susan Love.
  • 1996: Gill Perry, “Women Artists and the Parisian Avant-Garde”
  • Fall 1994: Lecture Series “Eliminating Violence in Everyday Life”:
    • Jamie C. Tiedemann, “What is a Healthy Vision for Violence Prevention on a College Campus?”
    • “Memory, History and Desire: A Talk With Joan Nestle”
    • Ada Gay Griffin, Video: “A Litany for Survival: The Life and Work of Audre Lorde”
  • Spring 1994: – Honors Colloquium “Walls & Bridges: Race, Gender and Class”, co- sponsored with the Department of African and Afro-American Studies.
    • Edna Bonacich, “Intersections of Race, Class, and Gender: A Theoretical Exploration.”
    • Elaine Hagopian, “Palestinian-Israeli Agreement: Its Meaning for Equality.” Melanie Kaye- Kantrowitz, “Jews, Class, Color, and the Cost of Whiteness”
    • Sylvia Peters, “Daughters of Wisdom”
    • Panel Discussion, “Race and Ethnicity in Rhode Island”
    • Video Presentation of Anna Deavere Smith’s,” Fires in the Mirror: Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and Other Identities”
    • Celini Romany, “Latinas and Feminist Theory”
    • Shelley Wong, “Containing the Spill: Narrations of Asian America”
    • Hope Landrine, “African-American Acculturation”
    • Leslie Bow, “Cultural Nationalism vs. Feminism in Asian-American Literature: or Re- Orienting Madame Butterfly”
    • Cheryl Dunye, “Watermelon Woman and the Dunyementary”
  • 1992-1993: Fit To Serve: Gays, Lesbians and the Military Conference. Cosponsored with other campus organizations. Keynote Address by Allan Berube – “Lies, Myths and Witch Hunts: Fifty Years of the Military’s Anti-Gay Policy in War and Peace”
    • Paula Kamen, “Getting Beyond the Stigma and Stereotypes Associated with the F word”
    • Margaret MacCurtain, “The Gleam in Kathleen’s Eye: Women in 20th Century Ireland”
    • Sylvia Meehan – “The Impact of Membership in the European Community: Women’s Rights in Ireland”
    • Gloria Anzaldua – “Las Mestizas: Building Alliances Among Women”
    • Mary Daly, “Outercourse: The B-dazzling Journey – co-sponsored at Brown University
    • Patricia B. Campbell, “The Myth of ‘Equal Education for All’ How Schools Shortchange Girls”
  • 1991-1992: Film Series: Reel Images. A film series celebrating women’s diversity:
    The Long Walk Home, Dim Sum, Rosa Luxemburg, The Nasty Girl, Desert Hearts, A World Apart, An Angel at my Table and Thelma and Louise.
  • Spring 1991: Lecture Series “Women and Activism: Translating Theory Into Practice”
    • Joan Orvis, Lecture and Recital: “Music of Women Composers”
    • Urvashi Vaid, “Gay and Lesbian Activism in the 90s” AIDS and Beyond”
  • Fall 1990: Lecture Series “Women and Activism: Translating Theory Into Practice”
    • Peggy Antrobus, “Women’s Rights and Human Rights”
    • Anne Firor Scott, “Ladies of the Club: Unlikely Revolutionaries”
    • Maggie E. Kuhn, “Living and Learning in a New Decade”
  • Spring 1990: Anne Bogart, “Theater for the 90s”
    • Sandra Harding, “Feminist Challenges to Science: Current Issues”,Host of the New England Women’s Studies Association Annual Conference: “Women Creating the New Decade.”
  • Fall 1989: Lecture Series – “Women Creating the New Decade”
    • Mary D. Garrad, “Feminism and Art History: Rereading the Renaissance”
    • Barbara Smith, “A Movement That Can Save Our Lives: The Feminism of Women of Color”
  • Spring 1989: Lecture Series – “Women and Power”
    • Catherine R. Stimpson, “The Power of Ideas”
    • Nancy C.M. Hartsock, “Difference, Domination and Community: Feminist Issues”
  • Fall 1988: Lecture Series – “Women and Power”
    • Janice Raymond, “Women’s Friendships: Politics and Possibilities”
    • Chief Wilma Mankiller, “The Changing World of Indian Women”
    • Maurene G. Souza, “Executive Women: You’ve Come a Long Way Baby…Or Have You?”
  • Spring 1988: Karen Thompson, “Why Can’t Sharon Come Home?”
    • Nina J. Auerbach, “Theatrical Lives”
    • Jan Felshin, “The Win-Loss Record for Women in Sport”
  • Fall 1987: Lecture Series “Changing the Lives of Women”
    • Claudine Schneider, “The Equality Deficit: Balancing Women’s Roles”
    • Pauline B. Bart, “Stopping Rape”
    • Angela Davis, “Women and the South African Revolution”
  • Spring 1991: Lecture Series “Women and Activism: Translating Theory Into Practice”

  • Spring 1987: Lecture Series “Critical Social Issues and Feminist Theory”
    • Alice Brown Collins, “Oppression: Afro-American Women’s Perceptions, Views and Attitudes”
    • Judy Norsigian, “New Reproductive Technologies”
    • Robert Brannon and Lisa Duggan, “Pornography: Two Feminist Perspectives”
    • Barbara Zanotti, “Hallowing New Ground: Feminist Response to the Patriarchal”
  • 1985-1986: Catharine A. MacKinnon, “Sexual Harassment: A Decade in Court. Sexual Harassment of Working Women: A Case of Sex Discrimination.”
    • Robin Morgan & Nanette K. Gatrell, “Combating Homophobia in the Psychotherapy of Lesbians” Women and Media Symposium, Participants: Shane Snowdon, editor, Sojourner, Ellen B. Sweet, staff editor, Ms. magazine.
  • 1984-1985: Letitia Anne Peplau, “Breaking the Stereotypes: Research on Lesbian Relationships”
    • Jane Ritchie, “Women’s Studies and the Women’s Studies Movement in New Zealand”
    • Elizabeth Markson, “Older Women: An Invisible Minority?”
  • 1982-1983: Barbara Ehrenreich, “Women in a Changing Capitalist Economy”
    • Dr. Karen McCarthy Brown, “Mama Lola: A Voodoo Priestess in Brooklyn,” sponsored by the Visiting Scholars Committee.
    • “Working Women in the Third World,” which was organized with the help of the regional Peace Corps office and an International Studies grant.
    • Our Women’s Lives: An International Film Series
  • 1981-1982: Film series on International Women, with the URI Women’s Center
    • One Is Silver , performance by the RI Feminist Theatre
    • Janese Sampson and Carol Yampolsky, performance of women’s music
    • Gloria Steinem, lecture
    • Elizabeth Fernia, lecture on Muslim women
    • Ruth Sillman, Representative to the United Nations, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
  • 1980: Host of the New England Women’s Studies Association Annual Conference: “Women’s Studies and Women’s Culture.”

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