Dorr Hall

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Maria Munar
Graduate Hall Director

If you are living in Dorr Hall, chances are you already know some of your neighbors because you signed up together with them when you selected your room.

In Dorr Hall we have a strong tradition of programs and events that offer opportunities for residents to meet others and make connections through shared interests.

Students make good use of the main lounge as a place to socialize and relax, and there are many other spaces upstairs for studying or gathering.

Dorr is conveniently located between the athletic complex and the fitness center, and close enough to other residence halls so you can make new friends there too.

There are no kitchens in the rooms, so a meal plan is required.

Room Details

(Sizes are estimates for a typical room)

Size12′ x 13′15′ x 14′12′ x 19′
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Floor Plans

1st Floor | 2nd Floor | 3rd Floor | 4th Floor