University Gateway Apartments

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John Beksha
Graduate Hall Director

University Gateway Apartments is an upper-class apartment complex consisting of four buildings with approximately 80 residents in total supported by two Resident Assistants and a Hall Director. Gateway boasts beautiful green outdoor space, a separate laundry facility, and ample parking.

Though Gateway is a bit removed from other residential spaces, it offers a quiet, close-knit community that caters to mostly sophomores and juniors. Gateway offers our residential students a perfect place to transition to independent living – a quaint apartment with all the amenities of still living on campus tucked into a quiet corner near the main entrance to campus.

Gateway offers a few different styles of apartments including two-person, four-person and five-person apartments. In our two-person apartments, two residents share a double room, living room, bathroom and kitchen. In our four-person apartments, residents share two double rooms, a living room, bathroom and kitchen. In our five-person apartments, there are two double rooms and a small single room, with residents sharing the living room, bathroom and kitchen.

No meal plan is required.

Room Details

(Sizes are estimates for a typical room)

Size11' x 13'12' x 12' (sm)
12' x 14' (lg)
Price$4,081$3,887 (sm)
$3,925 (lg)
Housing Rates for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018. All rates are per student per semester. Rates are subject to change pending state Board of Governors review. View all housing rates »

Floor Plans

1-Bedroom | 2-Bedroom | 3-Bedroom