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Date: May 1, 2006 (revised)



 To set forth the policy and procedure with regard to annual vacation leave.



 Non-classified staff and calendar year faculty



 1. It is the responsibility of the Dean, Director, Department Head, or Supervisor and the employee to familiarize themselves with said policy.

 2. It is the responsibility of the employee to maintain accurate records of his/her vacation hours and the Dean, Director, Department Head, or Supervisor to certify said time.

 3. It is the responsibility of the Dean, Director, Department Head, or Supervisor to submit time cards detailing vacation discharge.


 Vacation is defined as leave with pay granted to employees for the purpose of rest, relaxation, and attendance to personal matters.



 1. Vacation benefits are available to calendar year employees whose appointments are for six months or more and whose work week is 20 hours or more.

 2. Academic year faculty are not eligible for vacation accrual.

 3. An employee is entitled to annual leave in accordance with the provisions of his/her union contract which prevails where applicable, or the RI Board of Governors’ Personnel Policy Manual. The University encourages employees to make every effort to discharge vacation during the year in which it is accrued.

4. Annual leave may not be taken during the first six months of employment. However, accrual will begin during the first pay period of employment.

5. An employee may discharge vacation only with the approval of his/her immediate supervisor who has the right to deny requests if they impair the department’s operation.

6. The annual accrual rate for full-time, non-classified employees is 15 – 27 working days a year depending on length of service. The maximum carry-over of accrued vacation from one calendar year to the next is 30 – 44 – 54 days. Employees covered under the Maritime Professional Association see union contract. A calendar year will be defined as January 1 through December 31. All rates and maximum carry-overs will be prorated for those employees on a less then full-time basis. The accrual rate for employees on a leave of absence will be based on the percentage of pay received during leave.

7. Employees who transfer from calendar to academic year will have their accrued balance frozen and paid out at termination.

8. Upon resignation, retirement or death, an employee or his/her estate will be entitled to receive full payment for each hour of annual leave due him/her as the date of termination. An employee may not remain on the payroll for the sole purpose of discharging vacation. The last day worked is considered the date of termination.

9. If the employee requests vacation leave and it is specifically denied by his/her supervisor, the employee may request that such denied leave which is beyond the maximum and would otherwise be lost, be carried over and discharged in the next calendar quarter. A request for carry-over shall be approved by the supervisor and forwarded to the Assistant Vice President for Human Resource Administration for final approval. Carry-over cannot exceed 10 days. The denial of the request to take vacation must be in writing.


1. The employee shall request approval for use of vacation time from the Dean, Director, Department Head, or Supervisor as far in advance as possible.

2. Any discharge of vacation time should be indicated by the letter “V” on the bi-weekly time card and vacation/sick leave reports (if applicable).

3. Academic year faculty employees do not receive vacation days.

4. Faculty will report their vacation discharge on a monthly basis certified by their supervisor.


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