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Procedures for Public Private Partnerships

The Board of Governors for Higher Education and its three public institutions of higher education are committed, within the laws of the State, to assist faculty and staff members in their pursuit of education, research and service through their university or college duties. The Board also recognizes that employees involved in research and development activities may also involve themselves in public private partnerships or have some other relationship with business or other entities that require an exemption under the provisions of the Public Private Partnership Act.

Given the nature of such partnerships and relationships, there exists a real potential for actual or perceived conflicts of interests between the employee’s obligations to the university or colleges and the relationships attendant to his or her research or development activity. Whenever the question or appearance of such of such a conflict exists, the employee is required to disclose the potential conflict and, where necessary, a request for appropriate exemption shall be made in accordance with the law.

This section defines the procedures and steps to be followed in making such disclosures and requests for exemptions. These procedures are designed to ensure that the employee receives the appropriate aid and assistance in his or her work while also ensuring that the public receives the intended benefit resulting from the employee’s research and development activities.

Disclosure Reporting Requirements: The activities and financial interests as outlined in Section VI, subsection 2 of the Board’s Public Private Partnership Policy must be reported by the employee using the forms below and approved prior to engaging in the activity.

STEP 1: Disclosure Form

STEP 2: Request for an Exemption

STEP 3: Monitoring Plan for Potential Conflicts of Interest (to be completed by the employee WITH the institutional conflict of interest management committee).

STEP 4: Request to use institutional Equipment, Facilities, and Services in Conjunction with Non-University Outside Activity

Please send completed form(s) to the Division of Research and Economic Development, Office of Research Integrity, 70 Lower College Road, Kingston, RI 02881 or email as an attachment to researchintegrity@etal.uri.edu

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