Baylor Fox Kemper|Brown University

  • Associate professor: Earth, Environmental, & Planetary SciencesBaylor Fox-Kemper
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Baylor Fox Kemper studies the physics of the ocean and its role in past, present, and future climate. He uses models that range from the global scale to focused process models that apply universally. I also use remote observations, such as satellites and autonomous buoys and moorings. He seeks mathematically interesting problems with practical uses. The products produced are parameterizations, diagnostics, and toy models. That is, after study of complex processes in dedicated and computationally expensive models, simple but accurate approximations and crucial measurements are identified. Sometimes the goal is to improve the community climate models, and sometimes the goal is to aid understanding with a toy model that mimics the complex system.


BA, Reed College
MA, Brandeis University
Ph.D, MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography