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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Butterick Company
Title: Butterick Research Collection
Dates: 1860-2004
Quantity: 11 box(es) (7.5 linear feet)
Abstract: The Butterick reasearch materials encompass company histories, history of clothing styles,patterns and pull steets, newsletters and publications of the company.In addtion a large number of promotional materials which include original hand colored art work are in the collection. Dates covered are late 19th and late 20th century.
Identification: Mss. Gr. 217
Language: The records are in English.
Repository: University of Rhode Island Library, Special Collections and Archives Unit 15 Lippitt Road Kingston, RI 02881-2011

Historical Information

In 1863 tailor, Ebenezer Butterick, and his seamstress wife, Ellen, established the Butterick Company, the oldest recognized commercial clothing paper pattern company in the U.S. in Sterling, Massachusetts. Butterick was the innovator of standard sizing for paper patterns for clothing. Initially the patterns were cut and sold for children’s and men’s clothing and then expanded to women’s garments in 1866. Unlike his competiors, Butterick took out patents on the process. The company was moved to Fitchburg, MA and then to New York City by 1867. Aimed at the home sewer rather than the commercial dressmaker, the patterns quickly became popular.To promote the fashions, Butterick published the Ladies Quarterly Report of Broadway Fashions and Metropolitan in 1869. The latter evolved into The Delineator. Butterick began a partnership with Jones Warren Wilder in 1867. Ellen died in 1871. When the company reorganized in 1881, Butterick maintained a third interest in the company, Wilder and Butterick’s brother in law, Abner Pollard, managed the com any business. Wilder died in 1894 and the company was sold to Jones Wilder’s son, George, around 1898. Butterick died in 1903. The company continued with fluctuating success surviving the Depression and War years of the 1940s and the Post-War years as the population boomed and moved to the suburbs. In 1961 Butterick Co. licensed the name of Vogue from Conde Naste. Vogue patterns had begun in 1905 as a feature of the magazine of the same name. Butterick continued to innovate its designs to attract a busier but still fashion conscious clientele. In 1974 Butterick introduced “See and Sew”, a less expensive line of patterns. Designer patterns in Vogue’s “Americana” , “Paris Original” pattern series, later “Attitudes” (1980s) and “Individualist” (1990s) promoted the designs of well established and up and coming designers. In 2007 by McCall Pattern Company acquired the company. Each company, McCall, Butterick, and Vogue continues its own brand name.

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Scope and Content Note

A great majority of the materials in this collection are photocopies.Articles and patterns about or by Butterick or Vogue as well as a few by McCall and generally about the history of clothing styles are prominent. Promotional materials, newsletters, news clippings, poster art and pattern lists make up the bulk of the collection. Dates range from 1860s- 2004.

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The materials are arranged by type and size of the material. The bulk of the collection is housed in oversized boxes.

List of Series:

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Open for research.

Terms governing use and reproduction:Photocopying and scanning of materials is a fee based service available in the repository and is allowed at the discretion of the Archivist when in compliance to the Unit’s policy on copyright and publication.

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Related Material

The Business Records of the Butterick Company are thought to have been transfered to the company’s printing plant in Altoona, PA.

The CoPA collection contains many Butterick, Vogue, and McCalls patterns which are listed in its database.

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Administrative Information

Custodial History

The material was transferred by mail to the Unit directly from Butterick’s New York headquarters.

Preferred Citation

Butterick Research Collection, Mss. Gr. 217, University of Rhode Island Special Collections.

Acquisitions Information

The collection, a portion of its archives,was given by the Butterick Company in 2007 to the Special Collections Unit by the Butterick Co. upon its merger with McCalls Co.

Processing Information

Most of the materials were kept in their original order.They were rehoused.

Finding aid prepared by Gayle Boden. Historical note prepared by Sarina Rodrigues Wyant and Joy Emery

Finding aid encoded by Sarina Rodrigues Wyant on 2009 December 28

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Series: Subject File
Dates: 1861 – 2004
Extent: 7 box(es) ( 3.5 linear feet)
Types of Materials:

Scope and Content Note
Contains articles, timelines, histories, both photocopies of and original publications about or by the Butterick, Vogue, and McCall pattern companies. Also in this series are a number of articles on various aspects of sewing and fashion styles.
This series is arranged in alphabetical order by subject.

1 1 Advance: Fashion News Pamphlet 1952 Jul
2 Advertising: Ladies Home Journal 1964 Sep
3 Advertising: Shere Magazine 1974 May
4 Advertising: Vogue patterns featured in spring 1965 ad campaign (see oversized) 1965 Spring
5 Advertising: Singer, J.P. Stevens and Vogue Magazine Fashion Promotion 1970 Jul
6 Announcement Brochure : National Advertising Campaign 1970’s
7 Archives-Idea Book 1973
8 Arthur’s Magazine 1861
9 Articles re. Fashion 1873-1920’s,scattered
10 Articles re. Women 1894-1950, scattered
11 Athletics for Women, articles re. 1890’s-1904
12 Bathing Suits, articles re. 1800’s-1900’s
13 Best Selling Patterns Lists-Butterick 1988
14 Best Selling Patterns Lists-Butterick 1989
15 Best Selling Patterns Lists-Butterick 1990
16 Best Selling Patterns Lists-Butterick 1991
17 Best Selling Patterns Lists-Butterick 1992
18 Best Selling Patterns Lists-Butterick 1993
19 Best Selling Patterns Lists-Butterick 1994
2 20 Best Selling Patterns Lists-Butterick 1995
21 Best Selling Patterns Lists-Butterick 1996
22 Best Selling Patterns Lists-Butterick 1997
23 Best Selling Pattern Lists-Butterick 1998
24 Best Selling Pattern Lists-Butterick 1999
25 Best Selling Pattern Lists-Butterick 2000
26 Best Selling Pattern Lists-Butterick 2001
27 Best Selling Pattern Lists-Vogue 1988
28 Best Selling Pattern Lists-Vogue 1989
29 Best Selling Pattern Lists-Vogue 1990
30 Best Selling Pattern Lists-Vogue 1991
31 Best Selling Pattern Lists- Vogue 1992
32 Best Selling Pattern Lists-Vogue 1993
33 Best Selling Pattern Lists-Vogue 1994
34 Best Selling Pattern Lists-Vogue 1995
35 Best Selling Pattern Lists-Vogue 1996
36 Best Selling Pattern Lists-Vogue 1997
37 Best Selling Pattern Lists-Vogue 1998
38 Best Selling Pattern Lists-Vogue 1999
39 Best Selling Pattern Lists-Vogue 2000
40 Best Selling Pattern Lists-Vogue 2001
3 41 Bridal, articles re. gown styles 1904-1905,1908,1918, 1921-1924
42 Bridal, articles re. gown styles 1930-1931
43 Bridal, articles re. gown styles 1941, 1947-1949
44 Bridal, articles re. gown styles 1951, 1956-1957
45 Bridal, articles re. gown styles 1960’s, 1970’s
46 Butterick Archives, Description 1973
47 Butterick Fashions: Cover Art 1910-1911 Winter
48 Butterick History (1863-1990) and Bibliography 1948, 1971, 1973, 1976, 1981-1993
49 Butterick History (1863-1990) 1948, 1971, 1973, 1976, 1981-1993
50 Butterick History: Jones and George Wilder 1959, 1995
51 Butterick Quarterly: Cover Art and article re. Maude Humphrey from Upstate Magazine 1916-1917 Winter,1919 Spring, 1919 Autumn,1919-1920 Winter, 18 Mar 1984
52 Butterick and the Story of Sewing 1975
53 Butterick (Vogue)History (1905- 1960s) 1947, undated
54 Chatelaine and Thimble,articles re. 1/19/1995
55 Christmas Is What You Make It 1974 Jan
56 Cosmopolitan Magazine, Woman’s Day Magazine:Tear Sheets 1974 May
57 Costume History, articles re. and bibliography 1912, undated
58 Crafts 1888-1951, scattered
59 Crafts 1970’s
4 60 Crafts 1980-1995, scattered
61 Crafts-Christmas 1899-1990
62 The Delineator: Articles 1915,1919,1922, 1930
63 The Delineator: Cover Art 1868-1937, scattered
64 The Delineator History 1868-1937
65 The Designer: Articles 1913,1917
66 The Designer Full-Sized Front Covers (photocopies) 1910-1918
67 Doll clothing patterns, clippings re.. 1800’s-1900’s
68 Exhibit Programs 1970, 1986, 1987, 1998
69 Fashion, clippings and articles re 1827,1830, 1837,1861,1864
70 Fashion, clippings and articles re 1870’s
71 Fashion, clippings and articles re 1880’s
72 Fashion, clippings and articles re 1890’s
73 Fashion, clippings and articles re 1900-1906,1910
74 Fashion, clippings and articles re 1913-1914, 1917-1919
75 Fashion, clippings and articles re 1920’s
76 Fashion, clippings and articles re 1930’s
5 77 Fashion, clippings and articles re 1940’s
78 Fashion, clippings and articles re 1950’s
79 Fashion, clippings and articles re 1960’s
80 Fashion, clippings and articles re 1970’s
81 Fashion (Uniforms) for the Military and Services 1939-1949
82 Godey’s Costume 1853
83 A Guide to Butterick Archives 1972, 1975, 1976
84 Home Decorating 1972-1974 and 1989
85 Images of Women Sewing 1880’s, 1939 and 1955
86 Knits Steal the Home Sew Show, reprint from American Fabrics Magazine(in oversized) 1970
87 Lace and Lace Making 1906, undated
88 Make It with Wool Contest by The Wool Bureau (See also Go Places with Wool Easel Poster) 1972
89 Magnetic Board Kit Photographs undated
90 Men’s and Boy’s Fashion, illustrations of 1864-1890
91 Mrs. John Doe by The Butterick Publishing Company 1918
92 Needlework-Assorted 1891-1921
93 Needlework-Embroidery 1970’s
94 New Idea Cover Art 1909
95 News and Views No.1 1992 Apr
96 Old Record Storage Center 1974
97 Pattern Envelope Covers 19th – 20th century
98 The Pattern Industry’s Place in the War-Time Economy 1943 Dec
99 Patterns for Success: A Lesson in Usable Design from U.S.Patent Record by Katherine T. Durack 1997
100 Patterns, History of 1905-2004
6 101 Pattern Instruction Sheets 1955-1957
102 Progressive Grocer 1979 Feb
6 103 Research Material for an 1876 Centennial Exhibit (Smithsonian) 1932,1975, 1976
104 Revision Comments undated
105 Selling Home Sewing 1975 Fall-Winter
106 Singer Sewing Machine Instructions # 20 (original) 15 Nov 1910
6 107 Smithsonian Exhibitions 1975-1976, 1978-1979, 1984-1985
108 “Smocking” from NeedleArt, Met Series undated
109 A Special McCall’s Portfolio By Christine Sadler circa 1963
110 Special Promotion 1971,1981
111 Tear Sheet: the new Vogue Catalog (see Oversized) 1972
112 Tear Sheet: a trade ad from “Selling Home Sewing” (see Oversized) 1973 Fall-Winter
113 Tear Sheet:Vogue Patterns 1999 Mar-Apr
114 Text: The Deliniator 1872-1937
115 Timeline of Vogue Pattern History 1948-1990, scattered
116 Uniforms 1918,1936,1952
117 Vintage Hats 1872-1960, scattered
118 Vintage Masquerade [1887] 1920’s-1950’s
119 Vintage Maternity 1904,1929,1942,1945
120 Vintage Publications 1853-1995
6 121 Vogue Covers 1897, 1913-1957, scattered
122 Vogue Crafts 1980-1985
7 123 Vogue Fashions 1980’s
124 Vogue Sewing Book, mockup of (in oversize) 9 July 1962
125 Vogue Slide Presentation 1971
126 Walsh, Margaret:The Democratization of Fashion:The Emergence of Women’s Dress Pattern Industry 1979 Sep
7 127 Women’s Magazine Cover Art 1879-1929, scattered

Series: Publications
Dates: 1954-1983
Extent: 1 oversize box (1 linear foot)
Types of Materials:

Scope and Content Note
Contains newsletters and house organs of the American Can Company, Butterick, Conde Naste, and a mock up of a 1962 Vogue Sewing Book.
Arranged in Alphabetical order by company name then title of publication.

8 128 Inside (American Can Company) 1981 Apr, 1982 Aug
129 IQ Newsletter (American Can Company) 1982 Apr
130 Holiday Safety Bulletin (American Can Company) undated
131 Butterick Bulletin 1953 Dec – 1954 Dec
132 Butterick Bulletin 1955 Jan – 1955 Dec
133 Butterick Bulletin 1956 Jan -1956 Dec
134 Butterick Bulletin 1957 Jan – 1957 Dec
135 Butterick Bulletin 1958 Feb, Jun-Dec
136 The Butterick Pattern Press 1982 Apr-May, 1982 Sep-Oct, 1983 Jan-Feb
137 A Newsletter for Employees (Butterick) 1969 Jun-Nov
138 Knits Steal the Home Sew Show (Butterick) 1970 Oct
139 Topics-Butterick Fashion Marketing Company 1971-1973
140 Print Patter (Conde Nast) 1959 Spring , Jun-Jul, Nov
141 Vogue Sewing Book (mock-up) 9 Jul 1962

Series: Promotional Material
Dates: 1962-1980
Extent: 3 oversize box(es) (3 linear feet)
Types of Materials:

Scope and Content Note
Contains news clippings, posters, press copy and advertisements in various magazines, promotional press packages for Butterick and Vogue. Included in this series are a number of hand colored pen and ink advertising placards
Arranged in alphabetical by type of promtotion and/or title of the venue or type of advertisment.

9 142 Advertising, assorted publications 1974 Jan-May
143 Advertising, assorted publications 1974 Jun-Nov
144 Advertising, Ladies Home Journal 1958-1959
145 Advertising, Mademoiselle 1962-1964
146 Advertising, the new Vogue catalog 1972
147 Advertising, public relations department 1970
148 Advertising, “Selling Home Sewing” 1973 Fall/Winter
149 Advertising, Seventeen 1971 Jul, Sep
150 Advertising, Vanides Continental Magazine 1977 Dec
151 Advertising, Vogue 1961-1964, scattered
152 Butterick trade advertisement of the new Butterick Image 1970
153 Catalog Covers, Butterick 1965-1968
10 154 Easel Posters, Butterick 1972-1973
155 Easel Posters, Care Bears, Family Circle (in oversize case) 1980’s
156 Easel Posters, Vogue 1969 Sep, 1970’s, 1980’s
157 Easel Posters, Vogue Pattern Book International 1979-1980
158 Mini Posters 1970 Fall
158a News Clippings scrapbook (in oversize case) 1963
159 News Clippings 1976-1978
160 News Clippings 1978
11 161 News Clippings, re.Marie Osmond 1978-1979
162 News Clippings 1979
163 News Clippings 1979
164 News Clippings 1979
165 News Clippings 1979
166 News Clippings 1979
167 News Clippings, designer Nancy Skolkin 1979
168 News Clippings 1979-1980
169 News Clippings 1979-1980
170 News Clippings 1980
171 News Clippings 1990-1992
172 Presentation Folders 1956
173 Presentation Folders 1956
174 Vogue Import Pattern Collection 1965 Feb- Mar
175 Wall Posters 1972-1973
176 Original Art 1960’s
177 Original Art 1960’s
178 Original Art 1970’s
179 Original Art 1970’s
180 Original Art 1970’s

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