Herbert Leon MacDonell Papers

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Creator: Herbert MacDonell
Title: Herbert Leon MacDonell Papers
Dates: 1949-2015
Quantity: 147 box(es) ( 125 linear feet)
Abstract: The Herbert Leon MacDonell Collection contains case files encompassing MacDonell’s long career as a forensic consultant and director of the Laboratory of Forensic Science.
Identification: Mss. Gr. 245
Language: The records are in English.
Repository: University of Rhode Island Library, Special Collections and Archives Unit 15 Lippitt Road Kingston, RI 02881-2011 http://web.uri.edu/specialcollections/


The series are arranged alphabetically by subject.

List of Series:
Subject Files, 1949-2015



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biographical note

Herbert Leon MacDonell was born on July 23, 1928 in Wellsville, NY. He attended Alfred University where he studied chemistry and received a Bachelor’s degree in 1950. He married his wife, Phyllis, on August 19, 1950. MacDonell was offered a teaching position at Milton College in Milton, WI shortly after completing one year of graduate School at Alfred.  There he served as a professor of chemistry as well as head of the chemistry department. After three years at Milton, MacDonell was accepted into the graduate chemistry program at the University of Rhode Island (URI) where he earned a Master’s degree in 1956. During his time at URI, MacDonell worked as a graduate assistant in the chemistry department as well as in the Rhode Island State Crime Lab located on URI’s Kingston campus. At the Crime Lab, MacDonell worked in the fields of analytical chemistry, spectroscopy, microcopy, and criminalistics honing his interest and his skills for his future career in forensic science.

MacDonell took a job as a research chemist with the DuPont Company in 1956 and then with Corning Glass Works, also as a research chemist, a short time afterward. Although much of his time was taken up with his work at Corning Glass Works, MacDonell began his forensic consulting career in 1958.  In 1969, MacDonell gained national attention because of his work on a case involving the Black Panthers and the Chicago Police Department. As he became a more well-known figure, MacDonell received an increased number of calls and  letters requesting the benefit of his expertise in criminal cases.  In light of the frequency these requests, he established the Laboratory of Forensic Science in 1970 in order to have a place to conduct experiments and research on his own terms. He left Corning Glass Works in 1972 and joined the faculty of Corning Community College where he served as a professor of police science and later criminalistics; a post he held until 1992. MacDonell also taught criminalistics at Elmira College from 1972-1983.

During the past 60 years, MacDonell has worked on several hundred cases ranging from homicide to burglary to driving while intoxicated. A few of the more famous ones include Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Alexander McLeod-Lindsay, Joanne Chesimard, Jean Harris, Lindy Chamberlain, and O. J. Simpson. His professional travels include all 50 states, Canada, the Cayman Islands, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand. One of MacDonell’s most significant contributions to the field of forensic science is his invention of the MAGNA Brush, a latent fingerprint revealing device that uses magnetic powder as bristles to avoid degrading fingerprints as traditional bristles can sometimes do.  In addition to numerous papers and articles on bloodstain patterns and analysis, MacDonell has also published two books detailing some of the cases from his long career: “The Evidence Never Lies: The Casebook of a Modern Sherlock Holmes” (1984) co-written with Alfred Allan Lewis and “After Holmes: Dr. MacDonell’s Forensic Casebook” (2011) co-written with Allan Eaglesham.

MacDonell is currently semi-retired and still takes the occasional interesting case. He lives and operates the Laboratory of Forensic Science in Corning, NY.

administrative information

custodial history

The records were kept by Herbert MacDonell before being transferred to the University of Rhode Island.

preferred citation

The Herbert Leon MacDonell Papers, Mss. Gr. 245, University of Rhode Island Distinctive Collections

acquisitions information

The records were transferred to the University of Rhode Island in 2016.

processing information

Finding aid prepared by Laura Hoglund, A.R. Deluca, Mark Dionne.

Finding aid encoded by Mark Dionne on April 2017.


Series: Subject Files
Dates: 1949-2015
Extent: 147 box(es) (125 linear feet)


Scope and Content Note
The Herbert Leon MacDonell Collection contains case files encompassing MacDonell’s long career as a forensic consultant and director of the Laboratory of Forensic Science. The case files include correspondence, newspaper and magazine articles, photographs, drawings, legal documents, police reports, evidence reports, physical artifacts, trial transcripts, and MacDonell’s personal case notes.
The series is arranged alphabetically by subject.
13Abaroa, Raven: Homicide2001 Aug 17
11Abaroa, Raven: Homicide2001 Aug 17
12Abaroa, Raven: Homicide2001 Aug 17
14Abaroa, Raven: Homicide2001 Aug 17
15Abaroa, Raven: Homicide2001 Aug 17
16Abaroa, Raven: Homicide2001 Aug 17
17Abaroa, Raven: Homicide2001 Aug 17
18Abbott, Jack Homicide1981 Dec 8
19Abu-Jamal, Mumia: Homicideundated
110Abu-Jamal, Mumia: Homicideundated
112Accidental Fire or Arson: Horseheads, NY1959
111Accidental Shooting: Cleveland OH 1975
113Achinstein, Asher: Hit & Run1974
114Acri, Albert Drug Possesion1999
115Adams, Bruce (Civil)1993 Feb 26
116Adams, Kenneth Homicide1987 Jun 29
117Adams, Mary A. Homicide1979 Feb 16
118Adcock, Linda Homicide1987 Nov 12
119Addicks, Roderick Homicide1975
120Addington, James Homicide1983 Jan 24
121Adler, Barry Homicide1977
122Aeh, Robert Homicide1995 Jan 26
124Agee, Harold Jr. "Ray"1996
Oversize 124AAgee, Harold Jr. "Ray"1996
123Agee, Harold Jr. "Ray" 1996
225Agosto, George Homicide + Attempted Homicide1984 Feb 26
226Agresta Jr., Sam1980
Oversize 226AAgresta, Samuel, Death of1980
227Agresta, Samuel: Philadelphia Police Dept. Wrongful Death1980
228Aiken, Leonard: Homicideundated
229Aiken, Leonard: Homicideundated
230Alan, Adeel Homicide2000 Oct 17
231Aleman, Harry Homicide1997 Sep 5
232Aleman, Harry S. Homicide1991 Aug 2
233Alessie, Louis-Joseph Homicide1977
234Alexander, Terrance Homicide1996 Oct 11
235Alexander, Wayne Homicide1979
236Allen, David Jr. Homicide1998 Aug 3
237Allen, Kenneth Homicide1986 Jan 8
238Allen, Neal K. Homicide1995 Nov 29
240Allen, Robert B. Homicide1999
239Allen, Robert B. Homicide1999 July 12
241Allen, William H. Homicide1990 Jan 22
242Alverez, Luis Homicide1984 Jan 6
243Ana, Hakima (Noonan, Thomas): Homicide undated
244Ana, Hakima (Noonan, Thomas): Homicide undated
245Anchor-Hocking Co. Exploding Glass Jar1975
346Anderson, Alvin Homicide1984 Jul 3
347Anderson, David Homicide1998 Sep 29
350Anderson, Richard and Beckham, Steven: Homicide undated
348Anderson, Richard and Beckham, Steven: Homicide undated
349Anderson, Richard and Beckham, Steven: Homicide undated
351Anderson, Richard and Beckham, Steven: Homicide undated
352Anderson, Richard and Beckham, Steven: Homicide undated
353Anderson, Richard and Beckham, Steven: Homicide undated
354Anderson, Tarron: Homicide or suicide1996
355Andrews, Edward J.: Homicide and Rapeundated
356Anonymous Caller Milton, WIundated
357Anthoney, Kirby D. Homicide and Sexual Assault1988 Jan 6
358Anthoney, Kirby D. Homicide and Sexual Assault1988 Jan 6
359Applegate, Colleen 1987 Jan 22
360Applegate, Colleen 1987 Jan 22
Oversize 3960AApplegate, Colleen: Homicideundated
Oversize 360BAragon, Angel M.: Homicide1993
361Arnold, Dale R. Homicide1980 Nov 5
362Arnold, Kevin A.: Bank Robberyundated
363Arnold, Kevin A.: Bank Robberyundated
365Arnold, Kevin A.: Bank Robberyundated
366Arnold, Kevin A.: Bank Robberyundated
467Arnold, Kevin A.: Bank Robberyundated
468Arnold, Kevin A.: Bank Robberyundated
364Arnold, Kevin A.: Bank Robberyundated
469Arnold, Mildred A. 1998 Sep 27
470Aronson: Driving While Intoxicated1978
471Arson Elmira, NYundated
472Ashtabula (OH) Police Dept. Wrongful Death 1989 Jun 6
473Ashtabula (OH) Police Dept. Wrongful Death 1984
474Assault Brattleboro, VT1975
475Assault Eugene, OR1975
480Assault Pittsburgh, PA1975
476Assault Rochester/Greece, NY1977
477Assault: Ithaca, NY1973
478Assault: Ithaca, NYundated
479Assault: New York City, NY2012 Mar 21
481Atlantic County (NJ), Wrongful Death1998
482Attempted Homicide Williams Port, PA1985 Aug 1
483Attendance During Event: New Orleans, LA1975
484Atti, Gary; Garmagila, Phillip; Giammareri, Jack; and 4 others Homicide1977
485Aurora (CO) Police Department Justifiable Homicide1983 Feb 16
486Aurora (IL) Police Department Wrongful Death 2000 Apr 5
487Auto Accident Lawrenceville, PAundated
488Auto Accident Mt. Wolf, PA2007 Sep 8
489Avcolli, Bernard Homicide1976
490Ayala, Jesus S.: Homicide1984 Oct 1
591Babcock: Driving While Intoxicated1973
593Bacall, Hayes: Homicide undated
594Bacall, Hayes: Homicide 2010 Jul 24
592Backman: Assault 1975
595Bacmauski, George: Driving While Intoxicated1979 Dec 28
596Badger, Donald Jr. Homicide 1980 Nov 18
596ABailey, John R. 1986
597Baker, Theresa Homicide2012
598Ballistic Analytics Memphis, TN1976
Oversize 4598ABallistic Modelsundated
599Band, Howard Homicide1983 Oct 25
5100Barbara: Suicide Attempt1976
5101Barcelo, Carlos R. Homicide1981
5102Barmore, Andrew Unsolicited Correspondence From an Inmate1964
5103Barnabei, Derek: Homicide undated
5104Barnabei, Derek: Homicide undated
5105Barndt, Thomas: Homicide 1992 Apr 6
5106Barndt, Thomas: Homicide 1992 Apr 6
5107Barnes, John: Rape and Assault1985 Nov 26
5108Barnes, Joseph: Bullet Comparison1970
5109Barnett, J. D.: Homicide 1986 Jun 3
5110Barnett, J. D.: Homicide 1986
5112BART Transportation Wrongful Death 1999 Sep 27
5113BART Transportation Wrongful Death 1999 Sep 27
5114BART Transportation Wrongful Death 1999 Sep 27
5115Bartlow, Kevin Homicide2004 Dec 14
5116Barto, Tracey E. Homicide1980 Aug 29
5117Basagic, Hassan: Homicide or Accident1981 May 15
5118Basha: Homicide 2007 Jun 4
6119Batdorff, Steven: Assault 1989 Feb 18
6120Batdorff, Steven: Assault 1990 Feb 18
6121Battery: Clearwater, FLundated
6122Beattie, Steven: Homicide 1978 Aug 30
6123Beaufort-Cutner, Edward: Homicide1989
6124Beckary, Albert: Attempted Homicide and Assault2007 Nov 2
6125Becker, Katherine M.: Homicide 1982 Jun 22
6126Becker, Katherine M.: Homicide 1983 Jun 22
6127Becker, Katherine M.: Homicide 1984 Jun 22
6128Becker, Katherine M.: Homicide 1985 Jun 22
Oversize 44128ABecker: Physical Evidence1981
6129Beckham, Stephen: Homicide for Hire1996 Jun 26
6130Beckwith, Joseph: Bookmaking/ Gambling1977
6131Bedfordshire, England (UK) Homicide1993 Mar 27
6132Beeler, William: Lindenwold, NJ1978
6133Beers, David M. Public Corruption and Evidence Fabrication1993 Aug 24/25
6134Behenna, Michael: Homicide undated
6135Behenna, Michael: Homicide undated
6136Behenna, Michael: Homicide 2008
6137Behenna, Michael: Homicide 2008 Aug 11
6138Behenna, Michael: Homicide 2008
6139Behenna, Michael: Homicide 2008
7140Behnken, Louis: Homicide1978
7141Behnken, Louis: Homicide1978
7142Beier, Terry: Suicide or Homicide1983 Mar 29
7147Bekalok, Fred L.: Anchorage, AK1979 Feb 2
7146Beland, Serge and Patoine, Pierre: Homicide and Robberyundated
7143Belanger, Garry R.: Possession of Marijuana1972
7144Belicia, Edward: Homicide1975
7145Bell, Phillipundated
7149Bemare, Terry: Homicide1988
7148Bembenek, Lawrencia: Homicide1986 Nov 11
7151Bender, John: Driving While Intoxicated1985
7152Bennett, Mark: Attempted Homicide1991 Jan 30
7153Bennett, Steven: Homicide1988 Jun 15
7150Ben-Yahweh, Yahweh: Homicide1992 Jan 27
7154Berard, Frank: Homicide1975
7155Berk, Carl B.: Homicide1992 Nov 2
7156Bernadou, Charles: Homicide and Assault1975
7157Bernard, William: Homicide1981 Jul 10
7158Bernard, William: Homicide1981 Sep 11
7159Berry, William1977
7160Bey, Tyrone: Homicide1995
7161Bieck: Homicide187, Jul 21
7162Bishop, Alfred J.: Homicide1977
7163Bishop, John R.: Homicide1978
7164Bishop, John R.: Homicide1978
7165Bishop, John R.: Homicide1978
7169Blackburn, Blanchard, Michael, Erickson, Paul, and Fairweather, Thomas: Homicideundated
7168Blackburn, Samuel C.: Robbery1983 Sep 29
7166Blackcloud, Jason: Homicide2009
7167Blackcloud, Jason: Homicideundated
7170Blankenship, Billy: Homicide1991 Jul 29
7172Blood Spatter: Auckland, NZ1981 Feb 5
7173Blood Spatter: Cambria County, PA1996
7174Blood Spatter: Evansville, IN1980 Aug 21
7175Blood Spatter: Granite Falls, MN1980
7176Blood Spatter: Oklahoma City, OK1981 Feb 27
7177Blood Spatter: Toronto, Ontario1994 Aug 10
7180Blood Stain and Bullet Trajectory: Tulare County, CA1973
7178Blood Stain: Miracle Valley, AZ1984 Jul 17
7179Blood Stain: Pensacola, FL1977
7181Blood Typing: Hornell, NY1964
7171Blood: Stewben County, NY1967
8182Blosat, Gregory: Homicide1986 Apr 18
8183Boettcher, Barry: Homicide1983 Sep 23
8184Boitnott, Jerald: Homicide1987 Jul 21
8185Boitnott, Jerald: Homicideundated
8186Bojko, Joseph: Homicideundated
8187Bojko, Joseph: Homicideundated
8190Boland, Catherin: Driving While Intoxicated1984 May 4
8191Bolin, Gregory: Homicide2002 Apr 16
8192Bolton, Trevor: Rapeundated
8188Bombing: Philadelphia, PA1986 May 20
8189Bonner, Patrick2008 Sep 26
8193Borden Dairy Inc.: Glass1977
8194Borger, Allen D.: Homicide1991 Nov 8
8195Borger, Allen D.: Homicide1991 Nov 8
8201Boss, Kenneth, Carroll, Sean, McMellon, Edward, and Murphy, Richard: Homicideundated
Oversize 4201ABoss, Kenneth: Homicide (2 boxes)undated
8196Boss, Kenneth: Homicide undated
8197Boss, Kenneth: Homicide undated
8198Boss, Kenneth: Homicide undated
8199Boss, Kenneth: Homicide undated
8200Boss, Kenneth: Homicide undated
8202Boss, Kenneth: Homicide 1999 Nov 10
8203Bosworth, Gerald: Homicide1987 May 18
8204Boudin, Kathy: Homicide and Robbery1984 Feb 28
8205Boudreaux, Darren: Attempted Homicide 1999 May 24
9206Bow, William: Homicide or Suicide1981 Nov 9
9207Bow, William: Homicide or Suicide1981 Nov 9
9208Bowcutt, Donald: Homicideundated
9209Bowcutt, Donald: Homicide1997 Mar 7
Oversize 39209ABowcutt, Donald: Homicideundated
9210Bowers, Robert: Homice1979 Dec 14
9211Bowles, Brandon: Child Abuse1991 Oct 21
9213Boyer, Eric and Rodriguez, Jose: Homicideundated
9212Boyer, Eric: Homicide2002 Dec 19
9214Brach, Helen V.: Missing Person1978
9215Braga, Christopher: Assault2004 Jun 11
9217Brannon, Albert and Parks, Larry: Homicide2001 Jan 16
9216Brannon, Albert: Homicide2001
9218Branson, John L.: Homicide1993 Apr 27
9219Brazeau, Alain-Karl: Homicideundated
9220Brazeau, Alain-Karl: Homicide2002 Nov 6
9221Breaking and Entering1975
9222Breathalyzer: Vermont1973
9223Breckle, Gail: Homicide1993 Sep 27
9224Breeden, Gary : Second Degree Homicide1980 Jun 12
9225Brennan, Darren: Firearm and Fingerprint1980 Jul 8
9228Brenner Tool and Die Co.: Industrail Accident2003 March 10
9226Brenner, Adam and Lewis, Greg: Assaultundated
9227Brenner, Adam and Lewis, Greg: Assaultundated
9229Brewer, Richard: Homicide1977
9230Bridgeport, CT: Homicide1985 Mar 19
10231Briggs, Billy-Leo: Homicide1986 Jun 10
10232Briggs, Billy-Leo: Homicide1980
10233Briggs, Billy-Leo: Homicide1980
10234Briggs, Billy-Leo: Homicide1980
10235Briggs, Billy-Leo: Homicide1980
Oversize 5235ABriggs, Billy-Leo: Homicide1980
10236Briggs, Dustin Homicide 2004 Sep 1
10237Briggs, James I. and Smith, Robert L.: Burglary1973
10238Brims, Belton L.: Homicide1981 Oct 7
10239Brinkley, Nathan: Homicide 2001 Jan 3
10240Brinkley, Nathan: Homicide 2001
10241Brinkley, Nathan: Homicide 2001
10242Brisdom, Phillip: Homicide1995 Oct 18
10243Briska, Karen S.: Homicide 1987 Feb
10244Briska, Karen S.: Homicide undated
10245Britton, Brian T. Homicide: Attempted Homicideundated
10246Britton, Brian T. Homicide: Attempted Homicideundated
10247Britton, Brian T. Homicide: Attempted Homicideundated
10248Brock, Gerald1997 Dec
10249Brockway, Brian G.: Assault1997 Aug
10250Brockway, Daniel: Drug Possesion1971
10251Brown, Allen J.: Homicide 1976
10252Brown, Bryan: Homicide 1988
Oversize 6252ABrown, Donald G.: Homicide1997
11253Brown, Edward J.: Homicide1996
11254Brown, Edward J.: Homicide1996
11255Brown, Edward J.: Homicide1996
11256Brown, George: Homicide 2000 Mar 23
11257Brown, Henry S.: Bank Robbery1974
11258Brown, J. Martin: Homicide 1984 Mar 2
11259Brown, James: Robbery1993 Feb 19
11260Brown, Jim: Rape and Assault 1985 May 14
11261Brown, Joanne: Homicide1975
11262Brown, John Dr.: Homicide 1995 Oct 19
11263Brown, John Dr.: Homicide 1995
11264Brown, John Dr.: Homicide 1995
11265Brown, John Dr.: Homicide 1995
11266Brown, Jordan and Garden, Kyle: Homicide 2008
11267Brown, Larry J. Rape1985 Apr 3
11268Brown, Randy: Driving While Intoxicated1988 May 6
11269Brown, Reed and Brown, Pauline1984 Mar 20
11270Brown, Richard: Homicide 1976 Jul 6
11271Brown, Victor and Norton Robert J. Auto Accident1969
11272Brown, Wililam J.: Attempted Homicide 1980 Jul 21
11273Brown, Wililam J.: Attempted Homicide 1980 Jul 21
11274Brownell, Hardy: Homicide1976
11275Browning Arms Co. Product Liability 1995
11276Bruce, Gary and Bruce, Robert: Homicide 2006 Jul 14
11277Bryant, Pamela: Missing Person1976
11278Bryant, Robert: Homicide2006 Aug 10
12279Bucci, Michael Homicide and Reckless Driving1985 Mar 6
12280Buchanan, Ingvue: Homicide1999 Sep 17
12281Buchli, Richard: Homicide undated
12282Buchli, Richard: Homicide undated
12283Buchli, Richard: Homicide undated
12284Buchli, Richard: Homicide undated
12285Buchli, Richard: Homicide undated
12286Buchli, Richard: Homicide undated
12287Buchli, Richard: Homicide undated
12288Bullet Examination Binghamton, NY1978
12289Bullet Examination Binghamton, NY1982
12290Bullet Examination Harpursville, NY1979
12291Bullet Examination: Erie, PA1974
12292Bullet Fragment Examination: Detroit, MI1972
12293Bulley, James: Sexual Battery 1997 Oct 15
12294Bulley, James: Sexual Battery 1997 Oct 15
13295Burdick, B.C. "Jim": Homicide 1973
13296Burgess, Tyre2001 Feb 28
13297Burglary: Bath, NY1962
13298Burglary: Bath, NY1963
13299Burglary: Dawsville, NY1964
13300Burglary: Elmira, NY1968
13301Burglary: Elmira, NY1965
13302Burglary: Fingerprint Identification1964
13303Burglary: Hancock, NY1974
13304Burglary: Painted Post, NY1964
13305Burglary: Painted Post, NY1966
13306Burglary: Woodchip Analysis and Paint Chip Analysis1973
13307Burke , Martin J.: Homicide 1978 Aug 29
13308Burke, Henry R.: Fraud and Forgery 1984 Sep 20
13309Burke, Henry R.: Fraud and Forgery undated
13310Burkett, Thomas 1992
Oversize 7310ABurkett, Thomas: Homicide or Suicide1992
13311Burnham, Thomas W. Homicide1981 Nov 24
13312Burris, Whitney Homicide2001 Jan 5
13313Bush, Michael Homicide1992 May 19
13314Bush, Michael Homicideundated
13315Bush, Michael Homicideundated
13316Bush, Robert G.: Leaving the Scene of an Accident2010 Apr 23
13317Bush, Steven D. Jr.: Homicide2001
13318Bush, Steven D. Jr.: Homicide2001 Oct 29
13319Bush, Steven D. Jr.: Homicideundated
13320Butts, Ronald: Wrongful Shooting 1994 Nov 19
13321Buxton, William D.: Homicide1986 Aug 15
13322Byers, Joey R.: Homicide1983
14323Caddell, James W.: Homicide1987 Sep 3
14324Caddell, James W.: Homicide1987 Sep 3
14325Cahill and Reinhart: Substance Identification1973 Jun 7
14326Cain, Delroy: Homicide1992 Mar 29
14327Caldwell, Marjorie: Homicideundated
14328Caldwell, Marjorie: Homicideundated
14329Caldwell, Marjorie: Homicideundated
14330Caldwell, Marjorie: Homicideundated
14331Caldwell, Marjorie: Homicide and Conspiracy to Commit Homicide1979
14332Caldwell, Roger: Homicideundated
14333Callahan, Kenneth and Larson, Donald: Kidnapping1979 Sep 28
14334Callahan, Kenneth and Larson, Donald: Kidnappingundated
14335Callahan, Richard: Homicide and Crime Scene Analysis1979 Jun 6
14336Callison, Wayne N.: Homicide1996 Jan 29
14337Camacho, Pablo: Homicide1990 Mar 21
14338Cameron, Kerstin: Homicideundated
14339Camley, Seth A.: Homicide1981 May 19
14340Camley, Seth A.: Homicide1979 Apr 1
14341Camm, David: Homicide2010 Nov 1
14342Campanella, Samuel1976
14343Campbell, Daniel: Assault2003 Sep 23
14344Campbell, Devon: Attempted Homicide and Sexual Assault1997 Feb 5
14345Canfield, Michael: Homicide2006 Mar 9
14346Canton, Ohio Police Department: Wrongful Death1983
14347Capano, Thomas: Homicide1996 Aug 12
14348Cappadona, Vincent: Homicide1984 Oct 5
14349Caraway, Daniel: Homicide1999 Mar 4
15350Carey, Edward L.: Homicide1985 Oct 22
15352Carinci, Louise: Fraud1971
15353Carines, Mario: Homicide2001 Nov 7
15351Cariola, Samuel: Document Examination1988
15354Caro, Socorro: Homicide2001
15355Caro, Socorro: Homicide2001
15356Caro, Socorro: Homicide2001
15357Caro, Socorro: Homicide2001
15358Caro, Socorro: Homicide2001
15359Caro, Socorro: Homicide2001
15360Carolina, Eric: Homicide2000 Jan 19
15362Carpenter, Robert: Homicide1989 Jul 17
15361Carpenter: Homicide2008
15363Carr, John: Homicide1977
15364Carrio, Norman: Examination of Evidence1998 Jan 23
15365Carter, Antonio: Homicide2001
15367Carter, James: Attempted Homicide1982 Sep 1
15366Carter, James: Battery1982
15369Carter, Jr., Wade E.: Homicide1986 Apr 2
15368Carter, Paul K.: Rape1987 Sep 23
15370Cartlege, Mark: Homicide2005 Mar 16
15371Cartwright, John: Homicide or Suicideundated
15372Cartwright, John: Homicide or Suicideundated
15373Caruso, John: Homicideundated
15374Casanova, Enrique: Homicide1977 Mar 28
15375Cassas, James: Homicide1988 Aug 26
16376Castro, Edward: Homicide1990 Mar 28
16377Catelli, Orlando: Examination of Evidenceundated
16378Cecchini, Joseph: Homicide1984 May 14
16379Chadwick, Charles: Examination of Evidence1993
16380Chamberlain, Lindy: Homicide1996 May 21
16381Chamberlain, Lindy: Homicide1997 May 21
16382Chamberlain, Terry R.: Homicide1994 Apr 20
16383Chamberlain, Terry R.: Homicide1995 Apr 20
16384Chambers, Maurice: Homicide1997 Oct 3
16385Chambers, Maurice: Homicide1998 Oct 3
16386Chambers, Robert: Homicide1988 Mar 3
16387Champaigne, Laniteen: Homicide1990 Nov 26
16388Charlebois, Guy: Homicide1991
Oversize 43388ACharlebois, Guy: Physical Evidence1991
16389Charlotte, NC: Examination of Evidenceundated
16390Chataqua, C.: Examination of Evidence1978
16391Chesimard, JoAnne: Homicideundated
16392Chesimard, JoAnne: Homicide1973
16393Chesimard, JoAnne: Homicide1973
16394Chesimard, JoAnne: Homicide1977
16395Chicago: Civil Suit1974
16396Chicago: Homicide/Wrongful Death2000
16397Chicago: Wrongful Deathundated
16398Chicago: Wrongful Deathundated
16399Chicago: Wrongful Death2001 Aug 19
16400Chicago: Wrongful Deathundated
17401Chicago: Wrongful Deathundated
17402Chicago: Wrongful Deathundated
17403Chicago: Wrongful Deathundated
17404Chicago: Wrongful Deathundated
17405Chicago: Wrongful Deathundated
17406Chien-Ho, Su, Bin-Lang, Lu, Lin-Hsun, Chuang: Homicide2001 Jul 8
17408Ching, Chorman: Homicide1994 Dec 1
17407Chinich, Harold: Examination of Evidence1969
Oversize 8407AChinn, Juliet1998
17409Chinn, Juliet: Examination of Evidence1998
17410Chippero, Richard: Homicide2000 Nov 14
17411Chippero, Richard: Homicide2000
17412Chippero, Richard: Homicide2000
17413Chippero, Richard: Homicide2000
17414Chism, Donald Lee: Homicide1975
17415Christopher, Joseph G.: Homicide1981 Jul 17
17416Christopherson, Gordon: DWI1975
17417Chronis, Constantine: Assault1999
17418Churchill, David: Rape1976
17419Cichoki, Lester: Bank Robbery1986 Apr 23
17422Clark, Edward R.: Homicide1976
17423Clark, Hadden: Homicide1999 May 12
18424Clark, Hadden: Homicideundated
18427Clark, Thomas: Attempted Homicide1978
18425Clarke, James L.: Driving While Intoxicated1963 Apr 4
18426Clarke, Peter: Homicide or Suicide2002 Jun 10
18428Clements, Samuel: Robbery and Rape1989 Mar 6
17421Cleveland, OH: Civil Service Exam Cheating1969
18429Cloniger, Ira W.: Homicide2006 Oct 20
18430Clothing Analysis: Jackson, MS1977
18431Clothing Stain Analysis: Dubuque, IA1973
18432Clothing Stain Analysis: Schuyler County, NY1964
18433Clough and Robert and Packer Hospital: Fiber Identification1973
18434Coats, Diane: Homicide2002 Nov 6
18435Cocco, Theodore: Burglary and Grand Larceny1967
18436Cocco, Theodore: Fingerprint Analysisundated
18437Cody, Margaret1982 Dec 1
18438Cohen, Patricia: Homicide1981 Mar 12
18439Cohen, Seymour Dr.1981
18440Cohen, Seymour Dr.1981
18441Cohen, Stuart R.: Homicide1980 Nov 17
18442Cohen, Stuart R.: Homicide1980
18447Colates, Gergory J.: Homicide1975
18443Colavita, Christian: Homicide2002 Nov 3
18444Colavita, Christian: Homicideundated
18445Colavita, Christian: Homicideundated
18446Cole, Vivian: Battery and False Imprisonmentundated
18448Coleman, Hector A.: Homicide and Conspiracy to Commit Homicide1999
18449Coles, Courtney J.: Homicide1995 Jan 30
18450Coley, W.: Homicide1975
18451Colo Energy Inc. and Colosimo, Nicholas: Negligant Homicide1986 Apr 2
18452Columbus Fireworks Display Co.: Personal Inquiry1978
18454Comfort, Larry and Homfort, Joseph: Homicide and Attempted Homicide1980
18455Congress, Latonia: Homicide2010
18456Congress, Latonia: Homicideundated
19457Congress, Latonia: Homicide2010
19458Congress, Latonia: Homicide2010
17420Connecticut General Life Insurance Company of North America (CIGNA) Insurance Co: Suicide1996 Mar 14
19459Conway, Rebecca: Homicide or Suicide1996
19460Conway, Rebecca: Homicide or Suicide1996 Jul 8
19461Cook, Alfred S.: Homicide2002 Jun 14
19462Cook, Alfred S.: Homicide2002 Jun 14
19463Cook, Kerry M.: Homicide1992
19464Cook, Kerry M.: Homicide1992
19465Cook, Kim Michael: Homicide1999 Dec 21
19466Cook, Robert: Attempted Homicide1999 Apr 13
19467Cook, Robert: Attempted Homicide1999 Apr 13
19468Coolbaugh, Richard: Homicide1988 Jul 22
19469Cooper, James: Robbery and Assault1978
19470Cooper, Kevin: Homicide2004 Apr 7
19471Coorvan, Helen: Homicide1975
19472Corl, Louis J.: Motor Vehicle Accident1967
Oversize 9472ACornett, Natasha: Homicide1998
19473Corning Glassware: Product Liability1979 Dec 24
19474Corning Inc.: Liability 1992 Sep 10
19475Corning Inc.: Liability 1992 Sep 10
19476Corning Ledger: Fraud and Forgery1997 Jul 21
19477Cornish, Elizabeth1988 Aug 8
19478Correll, Jerry: Homicide1995 Mar 27
19479Cortez, Paul: Homicide2008
19480Corvan, Helen: Homicide1973
19481Costa, Norman: Homicide1995
20482Costello, James: Homicide1998 Sep 30
20483Cottinghamn, Richard: Homicide1981
20484Coupe, Charles D.: Burglary1987 May 16
20485Covelli, Robert: Homicide1982 Sep 21
20486Cox, Henry: Homicide1974
20487Crafts, Richard B.: Homicide1987 Feb 4
20489Crawford, Steven D.: Homicideundated
20490Crawford, Steven D.: Homicideundated
20491Crawford, Steven D.: Homicide1976
20492Crawford, Steven D.: Homicide1976
20488Crawford, Steven: Homicide1977 Feb 27
20493Credit Card Fraud2011 Feb 12
20494Crime Scene Analysis: Syracuse, NY1977
20495Crime Scene Analysis: Wayne County, NY1977
20496Crimes Scene: Analysis: Washington, DC/Panama1979 Feb 22
20497Crippen, George K.: Hate Mail1993 Feb 26
20498Cronvich, Alwynn J.: Homicide1973
20499Crumb, Gloria: Fingerprint Analysis1985 Feb 23
20500Cullhane, Charles and McGiven, Gary: Homicide1969
20501Cullhane, Charles and McGiven, Gary: Homicide1969
20502Cullhane, Charles and McGiven, Gary: Homicide1969
20503Cullhane, Charles and McGiven, Gary: Homicide1969
20504Cunningham, William: Homicide1974
Oversize 39504ACurrent Cases Binder1987
20505Curry, Ryan: Homicide or Suicide2001 Apr 9
20506Cushion, William:1984 Apr 24
20507Cyr, Paul: Homicide2009 Mar 9
21508D'Amato, Angelo: Homicide1977
21509D'Amato, Angelo: Homicide1977
21510D'Ambrosio Doge Inc.: Wrongful Death1990 Sep 14
21513Daniel, Walid: Homicide1991
21514Daniels, Jackson: Homicide1983 Apr 18
21515Daniels, Jackson: Homicide1983
21516Daniels, Shirley1989
21517Daniels, Shirley1977
21518Daniels, Shirleyundated
21519Daniels, Shirleyundated
21520Daniels, Shirleyundated
21521Daniels, Shirleyundated
21522Dann, Lynn: Suspicious Bank Activity1992
21523Dautovic, Michael: Homicide1980 Mar 28
21524Davis, Derrick: Homicide1995 Aug 28
21525Davis, Gregory: Homicide2013 Apr 24
21526Davis, Jesse1985 Jan 21
21527Davis, Lawrence: Homicide2011
21528Davis, Ralph X.: Homicide1974
21529Dean, Stephen R.: Homicide1990 Jan 2
22530Dearborne, George: Homicide1988 Aug 11
22531Dearborne, George: Homicide1988 Aug 11
22532DeForge, Paul: Homicide1989 Jun 5
22533DeJohn, Robin: Robbery1978
22534DelGado, Alban C. and Kelly, Lawrence G.: Homicide1974
22535DelGado, Frank: Homicide1975
22536DeMarco, John C.: Homicideundated
22537DeMarco, John C.: Homicideundated
22538DeMarest, Richard B.: Homicide1981 Aug 26
22539DeMayo, David: Missing Person1965
22540Dennett, Debra L.: Homicide1991 Feb 1
22541Dennett, Debra L.: Homicide1981 Feb 1
22542Denney, Russell and Brown, Doris: Homicide1991 Dec 18
22543DeOliveira, Jose: Homicide1989
22544Derryberry, Robert R.: Attempted Homicideundated
22545Derryberry, Robert R.: Attempted Homicideundated
22546Derryberry, Robert R.: Attempted Homicideundated
22548Desgroseillers, Robert A. and Quesnel: Homicide1980 Dec 15
22549Desgroseillers, Robert A. and Quesnel: Homicide1980
22550Desgroseillers, Robert A. and Quesnel: Homicide1980
22547DeSisti, JohnL Homicide2011
22551Detroit Bus System: Reckless Driving and Personal Injury1998 Jun 9
22552Detroit Police Department: Wrongful Deathundated
22553Devenshire, Phillip: Homicide1993
23554Devenshire, Phillip: Homicideundated
23555Devenshire, Phillip: Homicideundated
23556Devlin, Joshua: Homicide1999 Dec 1
21511D'Hue, Gary: Homicide1997 Jun 4
21512D'Hue, Gary: Homicide1977 Jun 4
23561Diamen, Michael: Homicide1981
23562Diaz, Arthur: Rape1992 Mar 9
23563DiBattista, Michael Jr.: Homicide2003
23564DiBattista, Michael Jr.: Homicide2003
23565DiBella, Scott: Homicide1998 Jul 28
23557Dickens, Gregory: Homicide1997 Dec 8
23558Dickey, John: Homicide or Suicide1998
23559Dickey, John: Homicide or Suicide1998
23560Dickson, Donald: Homicide1989 Apr 3
23566Diehl, Marjorie1985
23567Diehl, Marjorie: Homicide1985
23568Diggs, Jean, Audrey, Allison, Wesley and Rogers1979
23569Digman, Jeffery: Homicide or Suicide1990 Jun 22
23570Digman, Jeffery: Homicide or Suicide1990 Jun 22
23571Digman, Jeffery: Homicide or Suicide1990 Jun 22
Oversize 10571ADillon, Shane A.: Homicide1996
23572Dimitrov, Dimitrie: Homicide1998
23573Dimitrov, Dimitrie: Homicide1998
23574Dionne, Jean: Homicide1982
23575Dionne, Jean: Homicide1982
23576DiStefano, Christopher: Homicide1999 Nov 30
24577Ditcher, Thomas: Homicideundated
24578Ditcher, Thomas: Homicide2003 Oct 29
24579Ditulio, John2010 May 7
24580Diversified Case Inc.: Wrongful Death1992 Apr 29
24581Divorce: Rochester, NY1975
24582Dixon, Elizabeth1986 Feb 14
24583Dixon, Patricia, Dixon, Amanda, and Berger, Maxine: Homicide1985
24584Document Examination: Alfred, NY1978 Aug 15
24585Document Examination: Athens, PA2003 Jul 25
24586Document Examination: Binghamton, NY1975
24587Document Examination: Buffalo, NY1983 Oct 17
24588Document Examination: Cleveland, OH1987 Jan 12
24589Document Examination: Corning, NY1974
24590Document Examination: Corning, NY1987
24591Document Examination: Corning, NY1982 Apr 9
24592Document Examination: Corning, NY1980 Nov 13
24593Document Examination: Elmira, NY1974
24594Document Examination: Hornell, NY1976
24595Document Examination: Italy2012 Apr 19
24595ADocument Examination: New York City, NY1973
24596Doe, John: Homicide1991 Oct 3
24597Doe, John: Homicide1991 Oct 3
Oversize 11597ADolan, Laurence R.: Attempted Homicide1998
24598Dolan, Lawrence: Attempted Homicideundated
24599Dolan, Lawrence: Attempted Homicideundated
24600Dolan, Lawrence: Attempted Homicideundated
24601Dolan, Lawrence: Attempted Homicideundated
24602Dolan, Lawrence: Attempted Homicideundated
24603Doll, Scott: Homicide2009 Mar 20
24604Doll, Scott: Homicide2009 Mar 20
24605Doll, Scott: Homicide2009 Mar 20
25606Doritik, Jane: Homicide2005
25607Dostie, Sandra: Homicide1995 Feb 9
25608Dougherty, John: Homicide1999 Mar 31
25609Dougherty, John: Homicide1999 Mar 31
25610Downey, Mark: Manslaughter1992 Sep 3
25611Downey, Mark: Manslaughter1992 Sep 3
25612Downing, James: Homicide1998 Aug 21
25613Downing, James: Homicide1998 Aug 21
25614Drach, Roger: Homicide 1997 May 9
25615Drew, Scott: Homicide1987 Mar 3
25616Driggers, Dianne: Homicide1988 Aug 6
25617Drinking Water Composition: Corning, NY1959
25618Drinking Water Composition: Dundee, NY1961
25619Driver, Edward: Homicide1976
25620Driving While Intoxicated: Binghamton/Endicott, NY1978
25621Driving While Intoxicated: Corning, NY1986 Apr 17
25622Driving While Intoxicated: Corning, NY1974
25623Driving While Intoxicated: Elmira, NY1968
25624Driving While Intoxicated: Elmira, NY1978
25626Driving While Intoxicated: Horseheads, NY1973
25625Driving While Intoxicated: Ithaca, NY1977
25627Dronsnin, Michael: Fingerpring Comparison1977
25628Drug Identification171
25629Dube, Joseph: Homicide1992 Jan 22
25630DuBois, George: Arson1975
25631Duckett, James A.: Homicide1996
25632Duckett, James A.: Homicide1996
25633Duckett, James A.: Homicide1996
25634Duckett, James A.: Homicide1996
25635Duckett, James A.: Homicide1996
25636Duckett, James A.: Homicide1996
25637Duckett, James A.: Homicide1996
25638Duffy, Daniel: Vehicular Manslaughter1991 Apr 17
25639Duncan, Eugene: Driving While Intoxicated1974
26640Dunham Express Corp and Phelan, Joseph: Wrongful Death1998
26641Dunham Express Corp and Phelan, Joseph: Wrongful Death1998
26642Dunham Express Corp and Phelan, Joseph: Wrongful Death1998
26643Dunham Express Corp and Phelan, Joseph: Wrongful Death1998
26644Duong, Tien: Homicide1998 Oct 5
26645Dupree, Lewis: Homicide1976
Oversize 12645ADuyst, David: Homicide2001
26646Duyst, David: Homicide *2004
26647Duyst, David: Homicide *undated
26648Duyst, David: Homicide *2004
26649Duyst, David: Homicide *undated
26650Duyst, David: Homicide *undated
26651Duyst, David: Homicide *undated
26652Duyst, David: Homicide *undated
26653Duyst, David: Homicide *2004
26654Dye, Walter L.: Homicide1997
26655Dye, Walter L.: Homicideundated
26656Dyer, Robert T.: Homicide/Manslaughterundated
27657Eddings, Henry: Homicide1996 Dec 11
27658Ede, Kenneth: Prejury1991 Oct 11
27659Edge, Virginia L.: Homicide1983 Feb 15
27660Edwards, Cedric: Homicide1993
27661Eggleston, Brian: Homicideundated
27662Eldemire, Kent: Non-Paymentundated
Oversize 39662AEldemire, Shane: Homicide1995
27663Eldemire, Shane: Rape1995
27664Eldemire, Shane: Rape1995
27665Eldemire, Shane: Rape1995
27666Eliskalns, Alidsundated
27667Eliskalns, Alidsundated
27668Elliot, John: Homicideundated
27669Elliot, John: Homicideundated
27670Elliot, John: Homicideundated
27671Elliot, Julia: Homicide1997 Nov 24
27672Elliot, Julia: Homicide1997 Nov 24
27673Ellison, Curtis B.: Violaion of Junk Motor Vehicle Ordinanceundated
27674Elvey, Ross V.1993 May 17
27675Emerson Electric Company and Skil Corporation: Product Liabilityundated
28676Emerson Electric Company and Skil Corporation: Product Liability and Personal Injury1996
28677Enderle, Chad: Homicide2012 Jan 6
28678Eng, George (aka George Mushaw): Homicideundated
28679Epps, Jr., Thomas: Homicide1980 Aug 15
28680Erickson, Paul: Homicide1999 June 1
Oversize 13680AEscondido Police Department: False Arrest1998
28681Escondido, CA Police Department: False Arrest1998
28682Escondido, CA Police Department: False Arrest2002 Sep 10
Oversize 14682AEsqueda, Jose O.: Homicide1994
28683Estrada, Luis E.: Homicide1982 Mar 16
28684Evans, Fred A.: Homicide (7 counts)1969
28685Evans, James: Examination of Evidence in Death1982 May 24
28686Evans, Peter: Homicideundated
28687Examination of Evidence: Bath, NY1960
28688Examination of Evidence: Boston, MA1976
28689Examination of Evidence: Corning, NY1978
28690Examination of Evidence: Dover, DE1979
28691Examination of Evidence: Endicott, NY1982 Apr 14
28692Examination of Evidence: Hammondsport, NY1960
28693Examination of Evidence: Middletown, NY1976
28696Examination of Evidence: New Orleans, LA1984 Sep 19
28697Examination of Evidence: New York State1978
28694Examination of Evidence: Newton, IA 'Copper Dollar Homicides' 1988 Jan 14
28695Examination of Evidence: Newton, IA 'Copper Dollar Homicides' 1988 Jan 14
28698Examination of Evidence: Ottumwa, IA1979
28699Examination of Evidence: Oxford, WI1980
28700Examination of Evidence: Philadelphia, PA1978
28701Examination of Evidence: Schenectady, NY1982 May 10
28702Examination of Evidence: Watkins, NY Stolen Property1984 Feb 22
28703Examination of Evidence: Wellsboro, PA1975
28704Examination of Evidence: Westchester County, NY1981 Jun 25
28705Extortion and Discharging a Firearm1973
28706Eyle, Gerard: Homicide 2007 Feb 7
29707Fadden: Homicide1981 Feb 23
29708Fadjo, Donald E.: Homicide undated
29709Fadjo, Donald E.: Homicide 1976
29710Fadjo, Donald E.: Homicide 1976
29711Fagot, Leonard J.: Homicide1976
29712Fairchild, Joseph E.: Homicide1981
29713Fairchild, Joseph E.: Homicide1981
29714Falukner: Homicide2007 Feb 1
29715Farkas, Jeffrey: Examination of Evidence of Death1990 Nov 29
29716Farrell, Susan and Baker, Robert1989 Nov 29
29717Fasi, Demitri: Homicide1988
29718Fasi, Demitri: Homicide1989
29719Feldmeyer, Julia G.: Forged Will Handwriting Analysis1989
29720Fenger, Terry and Marshall University: Plagiarism2002 Dec 20
29721Fensterer, William: Homicide1983 Dec 13
29723Ferguson, Kristina A.: Examination of Evidence of Death1989 Dec 15
29724Ferguson, Lori: Homicide2002 Jul 16
29722Ferguson: Homicide (5 counts) and Arson1997 Sep 5
29725Fernandez, Marcus: Homicide 1993 Aug 17
29726Ferrebouef, Mary L. and Baker, Artie R. (aka Michael J. Arrington): Homicide1979 Jul 9
29727Ferry, Robert: Homicide1966
29728Fields, Gary: Burglary1987 Feb 26
29729Fingerprint Examination1962
29730Fingerprint Examination: Appleton, WI1971
29731Fingerprint Examination: Burlington, VT1980 Jan 4
29732Fingerprint Examination: Chemung County, NY Auto Theft1973
29733Fingerprint Examination: Corning, NY1960
29734Fingerprint Examination: Corning, NY1979
29735Fingerprint Examination: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands1985 Aug 6
29736Fingerprint Examination: Hammondsport, NYundated
29737Fingerprint Examination: Horseheads, NY1961
29738Fingerprint Examination: Horseheads, NY1962
29739Fingerprint Examination: Knoxville, TN1980 Jul 8
29740Fingerprint Examination: Montana v. Howell, Nevada v. Bean, California v. Muratallaundated
29742Fingerprint Examination: New York State1963
29741Fingerprint Examination: New York, NY1975
29743Fingerprint Examination: Printed Post, NY 1961
29744Fingerprint Examination: Rochester, NY1980 Nov 21
29745Fingerprint Examination: Rutland, VT Threatening Letter1979
29746Fingerprint Examination: Steuben County, NY1959
29747Fingerprint Examination: Washington, DC1983 May 3
29748Fingerprint Examination: Wellsboro, PA1962
30749Finley, James A.: Homicide1999 Mar 27
30750Finn, Joseph and Moore-Finn, Sara: Property Damage1995
30751Firearm Examination: Cleveland, OH1977
30752Firearm Examination: Volusia County, FL1977
30753Fish, John S.: Impersonating a Police Officer1975
30754Fish, Paul: Homicide1981 Feb 25
30755Fisher, Steven and Gergory, Melissaundated
30756Fitzgerald, Eleanor: Homicide1998
30757Fitzpatrick, Paul J.: Homicide2005
30758Fleites, Roberto: Homicide1982
30759Fletcher, Charles R.: Homicide1976
30760Fletcher, Michael J.: Homicideundated
30761Fletcher, Michael J.: Homicideundated
30762Fletcher, Michael J.: Homicideundated
30763Fletcher, Michael J.: Homicideundated
30764Fletcher, Michael J.: Homicideundated
30765Flood, Christopher A.undated
30766Flood, Christopher A.1980
30767Folnsbee: Driving While Intoxicated1974
30768Fontanille, William and Myrers, Kerry: Homicide1985 May 7
30769Fontanille, William and Myrers, Kerry: Homicide1985 May 7
30770Fontanille, William and Myrers, Kerry: Homicide1985
30771Ford, Derrick: Homicide2001 Jan 31
30772Ford, Linwood Jr.: Rape and Burglary1986 Oct 2
30773Ford, Louis P.: Homicide1981
31774Ford, Louis P.: Homicide1981
31775Ford, Thomas: Homicideundated
31776Forester, George H.: Accident or Homicide1983 Feb 21
31777Forgery: Corning, NY1977
31778Forget, Bernard: Homicide1981 Jul 27
31779Formosa, Peter: Burglary1979 Oct 30
31780Fossen, Gary: Homicide1976
31781Frakes, Wayne: Homicide1976
Oversize 15781AFraley, Haroldundated
31782Fraley, Harold: Homicideundated
31783Fraley, Harold: Homicide2000 Nov 16
31784Fraley, Harold: Homicide2000 Nov 16
31785Francke, Michael1989 May 31
31786Frank, Joseph J.: Homicide1996
31786AFranklin, Susan B.: Homicide1995
31788Franz, Glenn W.: Homicideundated
31787Franzoni, AnnaMaria: Homicide2007 Apr 9
31789Fraser, Jay S. and DeLauder, Steven: Homicide1978
32790Freeman, Bryan, Freeman, David, and Birdwell, Nelson III: Homicide1995 March 26
32791Freire, Robert: Rape1996 Jun 14
32792Frey, Doris C.: Homicide1988
32793Frey, Doris C.: Homicide1988
32794Friedland, Kimberly A.1993 Feb 17
32795Friedman, June1982
32796Friedman, June1982
32797Friedman, Myla: Homicide1990 Aug 29
Oversize 16797AFriedman, Myla: Homicideundated
32798Frumusa, Peter: Homicide1989 Mar 8
32799Frutchey, Thomas: Homicide1980 Jan 28
32800Fuessenich, J. Tyler: Homicide1991 Sep 10
32801Fuessenich, J. Tyler: Homicide1991 Sep 10
32802Fuller, Donnie: Attempted Homicide1990 Jun 4
32803Fuller, Richard: Homicide1977
32804Fuller, Wayne: Homicide1985 May 15
32805Furtak, Lois: Burglary1964
32806Furtak, Lois: Burglary1964
33807Gacha, Joseph: Homicide2006 May 22
33808Gadsden, Clarence1988
33809Gaines, Cornelius: Burglary1989 Jan 24
33812Galimanis, Phillip: Homicide1984 Mar 6
33810Gallant, Rene: Homicide2008 Jan 14
33811Gallant, Rene: Homicideundated
33814Garcia, Gillbert: Homicide2005 Dec 8
33815Garcia, Johnnie: Attempted Homicide2007 May 16
33816Garrett, Ronald: Homicide and Attempted Homicide1989 Oct 18
33817Gasoline Composition Analysis1970
33818Gates, Larry N.: Homicide1981
33819Gates, Larry N.: Homicideundated
33820Gates, Larry N.: Homicide1981 Mar 12
33821Gay, Thurman: Homicide2009 Aug 7
33822Geddes, Steven: Homicide1998
Oversize 17822AGeddes, Steven: Homicide1998
33823Gee, David and Losat, Francis: Wrongful Arrestundated
33824Gee, David and Losat, Francis: Wrongful Arrest2010 Jan 6
34825Geer, George: Homicide1987 Mar 18
34826Geer, George: Homicideundated
34827Geiffels, Timothy L.: Homicide1976
34828Geils, Edward: Driving While Intoxicated1991 Oct 1
34829General Motors Corp.: Product Liability1997
34830Georgacarakos, Peter N.: Homicide2003
34831George, Jody: Homicide2011 Dec 8
36876Gibbs, David: Homicide1998
34832Gilbert, Terri: Homicide1996
34833Gilbert, Terri: Homicideundated
34834Gilbert, Terri: Homicideundated
34835Gilbert, Terri: Homicideundated
34836Giles, Faith D.: Homicide1979 Oct 19
34837Giles, Melvin R.undated
34838Giles, Melvin R.undated
34839Giles, Violet2001
34840Gilson, Christopher1999 Aug 31
34841Gipson, Dorothy H.1983
34842Githler, James B.1990 Jan 16
34843Giusti, Thomas E.: Homicide2006
34844Giusti, Thomas E.: Homicide2006
34845Glaremin, Teresa A.: Homicideundated
34846Glassbrenner, Nina: Homicide2007 Apr 6
34847Glaubrecht, Raymond: Rape1983 Dec 7
34848Goins, George: Homicide1982 Apr 5
34849Gold, Murray: Homicide1975
34850Gold, Murray: Homicide1975
34851Gold, Murray: Homicide1975
34852Goldberg, Richard: Suicide or Accident1983 Jul 12
34853Goldblum, Charles: Homicide2000 Nov 10
34854Goldblum, Charles: Homicide2000 Nov 10
34855Golden, Claire: Homicide or Suicide1988 Jul 27
35856Gonzales, Hector: Homicide1985
35857Gordan, James A.: Homicide and Assault1997 Jun 18
35858Gordan, James A.: Homicide and Assaultundated
35859Gordan, James A.: Homicide and Assaultundated
35860Gosselin, Lee: Homicide 1991
35861Grabe, Melvin1981 Apr 20
35862Grace, Louis: Fingerprint Comparison1960
35863Graham. Lewis Jr. Dr.: Homicide1980 Jul 21
35864Grann, David R.: Homicide1992 Apr 27
35865Grant, Dexter L.: Homicide1992 Mar 13
35866Graves, Bennie: Homicide1979 Apr 26
35867Graves, John L. N.: Homicide2008 Apri 14
35868Gray, Frank D.1983 Sep 6
35869Gray, Timothy M.: Homicide1985 Mar 4
35870Gray, Timothy M.: Homicideundated
35871Green, Aston: Decapitationundated
35872Greene, William A.1984 Oct 24
35873Greg, John C.: Homicideundated
35874Greg, John C.: Homicide1995
35875Gremillion: Syracuse, NY1980 Sep 8
36877Grice, James: Homicide1980 Jan 17
36878Grieneder, Richard: Homicide2001 May 15
36880Griffin, Joseph: Homicideundated
36879Griffin, Kenneth: Fingerprint Analysis1987
36881Grocer's Supply Co.: Wrongful Death2009 Nov 2
36882Groth, Danielundated
36883Grybos, John: Contested Traffic Ticket1972
36884Guevara, Robert: Homicide1992 Nov 3
36885Guimond, Paul: Homicide1985
36886Gulliver, Ted: Plagerism1991 Jul 16
36887Gumby, Henry A.: Burglary1990 May 1
36888Gunnoe, Harold D.: Homicide1994 Mar 14
36889Gunter, Billy: Homicide1988
36890Guzzardo, Michael: Homicideundated
36891Guzzardo, Michael: Homicideundated
36892Guzzardo, Michael: Homicideundated
36893Guzzardo, Michael: Homicideundated
36894Guzzardo, Michael: Homicideundated
37895Haan, William: Homicide1982 Aug 3
37896Haffizula, Jason: Attempted Homicide1990
37897Hagadorn, Emily J.: Homicide-Manslaughter1960
37898Hahn: Homicide1982
37899Haines, Betty: Fradulent Credentials1976
37900Hair Analysis: Bigfoot1976
37901Haley, Russell: Homicide1990
37902Hall, Early: Homicide and Conspiracy1985 Mar 6
37903Hall, Jeffery: Homicide1977
37904Hall, Jeffery: Homicide1977
37905Hall, Jeffery: Homicide1977
37906Hall, Jeffery: Homicide1977
37907Hallimen, Mark: Wrongful Death1984 Jun 27
37908Hallinan, Thomas L.1990
37909Hamele, Edward: Robbery, Burglary, Unlawful Restraint, Sexual Abuse1979
37910Hamidani, Tobrez and Smith, Richard: Homicide1990 Jan 25
37912Hamptman, Bruno: Wrongful Death1981 Dec 21
37911Hampton, Albert: Homicide1982 Jun 1
37913Hampton, Fredundated
37914Hampton, Fredundated
37915Hampton, Fredundated
37916Hampton, Fred and Clark, Mark (Black Panthers)undated
37917Handen, Irving L. and Handin, Virginia: Domestic Dispute1969
37918Handwriting Analysis: Corning, NY2005 Dec 24
37919Handwriting Analysis: Corning, NY2003 Mar 25
37920Handwriting Analysis: Endicott, NY1979 Jun 7
37921Handwriting Analysis: Princeton, NJ2002 Feb 4
37922Handwriting Analysis: Wellsboro, PA1971
37923Hanrahan, Edward V.: Conspiracy to Obstruct Justiceundated
38924Hanrahan, Edward V.: Conspiracy to Obstruct Justiceundated
38925Harding, David: Assault1978
38926Hardy, Kenneth C.: Homicide1990 Jul 16
38927Hardy, Kenneth C.: Homicide1990
38929Hare, John and Dyer, Robert: Homicide1990
38928Hare, John G., Dyer, Robert T., McCreight, Geraldine, and McCreight, Margaretundated
38930Hargrove, Marvin R.: Homicide1976
38931Harrell, Michael W.: Homicide1984 Jul 24
38932Harriger, Christopher: Homicide1986 Jun 6
38936Harrington and Richardson Gun Co.: Accidental Death1973
38933Harrington, James: Homicide or Suicideundated
38935Harrington, James: Homicide or Suicideundated
38934Harrington, Patrick M.: Driving While Intoxicated1984 Sep 24
38937Harris, Brendaundated
38938Harris, Calvin: Homicide2007
38939Harris, Hubert D.: Driving While Intoxicated1985 Sep 3
38940Harris, Jean S.: Homicideundated
38941Harris, Jean S.: Homicideundated
38942Harris, Jean S.: Homicideundated
38943Harris, Jean S.: Homicideundated
38944Harris, Jean S.: Homicideundated
38945Harris, William E.: Rape1980
39946Harrison, Scott L.: Homicide1989 Sep 20
39947Hart, Daryl F.: Attempted Homicide1975
39948Hartford Police Dept.: Wrongful Death1989 Sep 11
39949Hartman, Brett: Homicideundated
39950Hartman, Timothy: Homicide1992 Aug 3
39951Hartsfield, Darnell and Pinkerton, Romeo: Homicideundated
39952Hartsfield, Darnell and Pinkerton, Romeo: Homicideundated
39953Hartsfield, Darnell and Pinkerton, Romeo: Homicideundated
39954Hartsfield, Darnell and Pinkerton, Romeo: Homicideundated
39955Hasan, W.1986 Feb 14
39956Hatch, Thomas F.: Assault1990 Feb 26
39957Haughton, Desmond: Homicide1990
39958Hauptmann, Bruno R.: Kidnapping and Homicide1982 May 19
39959Hayes, Robert: Homicide2003 Aug 26
39960Hayes, Robert: Homicideundated
39961Hayes, Royal K. and Stuzan, Jerome: Homicide1975
39962Heatter, Michael1983
39963Heatter, Michaelundated
39964Heatter, Michaelundated
39965Heatter, Michaelundated
39966Heatter, Michaelundated
39967Heflin, Steven L.: Homicide1976
39968Heil, Eileen: Suspicious Letter1976
39969Hell's Angels Motorcycle Gang: Homicide1990 Sep 21
39970Hennessy, John: Driving While Intoxicated1978
39971Hernandez, Alberto: Homicide2005
39972Herneisen. Antonio: Homicide2007
40973Hess, Shannon R.: Homicideundated
40977Hickey, Robert R.1997
40974Hicks, Lincoln L.: Production of Moonshine1970
40975Hicks, Scott: Driving While Intoxicated1995 Nov 6
40976Hicks, William: Fingerprint Anaylsis1982 May 20
40978Higgins, John T.: Homicide1986 Dec 16
40979High Standard Manufacturing Corp.: Product Liability1975
40980Hight, Miachel: Attempted Homicide1985 Oct 29
40981Hilfrity, John: Drug Manufacture1976
40982Hill, MaryAnn and McClendon, Christine: Homicide1962
40983Hilton, Elizabeth: Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Manslaughter1971
40984Hilton, Lawrence: Homicide1980
40985Hit and Run: Elmire Heights, NY1972
40987Hobson, Ryan and Hobson, Brett: Homicide1993 Aug 11
40988Hobson, Ryan and Hobson, Brett: Homicide1993 Aug 11
40989Hobson, Ryan and Hobson, Brett: Homicide1993 Aug 11
40990Hobson, Ryan and Hobson, Brett: Homicide1993 Aug 11
40991Hobson, Ryan and Hobson, Brett: Homicideundated
40992Hodne, Todd S.: Burglary and Rapeundated
40993Hodne, Todd S.: Burglary and Rape1987
40994Hoeplinger, John: Homicide1983 Aug 12
40995Hoeplinger, John: Homicide1983
40996Hoff, Jay R.: Burlgary1990 Jan 1
40997Hoffman, Joseph1977
40998Hogan, Cary D.: Homicide1982 Sep 12
40999Holiday Inn Inc.: Personal Injury1998
401000Holly, Dana B.: Homicide1982 Oct 29
401001Holly, Dana B.: Homicide1982
401002Holt, Kevin M.: Homicide2003 Mar 13
411057Homicide or Suicide: Jackson, MS1973
401004Homicide: Arusha, Tanzania2001 Apr 18
401005Homicide: Bite Mark Analysisundated
411007Homicide: Bradenton, FL1979
411006Homicide: Bradford, PA1977
411008Homicide: Chicago, IL1975
411009Homicide: Clearwater, FL2011
411010Homicide: Cleveland and Clarkesville, MS1995
411011Homicide: Cleveland, OH1973
411012Homicide: Cleveland, OH1978
411013Homicide: Columbia, OH2003
411014Homicide: Conneticut1975
411015Homicide: Corning, NY2007 Jul 16
411016Homicide: Dundee, Scotland2007 Dec 14
411017Homicide: Evansville, IN1997
411018Homicide: Fort Huron, MI2013
411019Homicide: Fort Lauderdale, FL2010 Apr 18
411020Homicide: Frankfurt, Germany1991 Dec 10
411021Homicide: Goshen, NY2000
411022Homicide: Great Bend, KS1977
411023Homicide: Harrisburg, PA2014 Mar 26
411024Homicide: High Point, NC1978
411025Homicide: Howley, PA1976
411026Homicide: Janesville, WI1976
411027Homicide: Los Angeles, CA1972
411028Homicide: Lowman, NY1974
411033Homicide: Mantville, CT1988
411029Homicide: Marysville, CA1976
411030Homicide: Media, PA1977
411031Homicide: Milwaukee, WI1975
411032Homicide: Milwaukee, WI1974
411036Homicide: New Brunswick, NJ1976
411038Homicide: New York, NY1975
411039Homicide: New York, NY1975
411034Homicide: Newark, NJ1968
411035Homicide: Newark, NJ1975
411037Homicide: Newport News, VA1974
411040Homicide: NY Stateundated
411041Homicide: Old Saybrook, CT1979 Oct 3
411042Homicide: Ontario, Canada1975
411043Homicide: Oroviue, CA1985 Jul 30
411044Homicide: Reno, NV1984 Jan 4
411045Homicide: Rochester, NY2002 Feb
411046Homicide: Rochester, NY1977
411047Homicide: Scranton, PA1984 Mar 28
411048Homicide: Shelton, CT1977
411049Homicide: Springfield, IL1973
411051Homicide: Switzerland2006 Feb 25
411052Homicide: Toronto, Ontario, Canada1999
411053Homicide: Weapon Examination1975
411054Homicide: Wichita, KS1977
411055Homicide: Wilkes-Barre, PA1989 Sep 19
411056Homicide: Yellow Thunder Camp, MT1983 Feb 9
411058Homicide: Zoetemeer, Holland1998 Jul 20
411059Honda Motor Corp.: Product Liability1997 Dec 12
411060Hooper, Frederick L.: Fingerprint Analysis1990 Jul 11
411061Hoover, Jeffery E.2007 Apr 17
411062Hopperstad, Robert J: Attempted Homicide1983 Apr 18
Oversize 181062AHopperstadt, Robert: Attempted Suicide1975
411063Horinek, Warren: Homicide1996 Sep 26
411064Horinek, Warren: Homicide1996 Sep 26
411065Horning, David: Homicide1992 Oct 22
411066House, Paul: Homicide1998 Dec 31
411067Houser, William-Kenneth: Homicide1994
411068Howard, Donna: Homicide or Accident1983 Apr 6
411069Howell, Robert S.: Attempted Homicide and Rape1984 Oct 24
411070Howes, Dan: Driving While Intoxicated1975
411071Hubbard, Kim: Homicide1980
421072Hubbard, Kim: Homicide1980
421073Hubbard, Randall: Homicide1998 Feb 10
421074Hubbard, Randall: Homicide1998 Feb 10
421075Hudak, James A.: Driving While Intoxicated1992 May 5
421076Huggins, Faye and Nichols, Artimus: Homicide1993 Mar 22
421077Hughes, Robert: Homicide1979 Sep 21
421080Hulburt, Edgar M.: Homicide1994
421078Hunt, Harry P.1990 Aug 6
421079Hunt, Moses: Felony Possession of a Loaded Handgun1976
421081Husske, Paul J.: Breaking and Entering and Rapeundated
421082Huston, Ronald: Cheating on Civil Service Examundated
421083Huston, Ronald: Cheating on Civil Service Examundated
421084Huston, Ronald: Cheating on Civil Service Examundated
421085Huston, Ronald: Cheating on Civil Service Examundated
421086Huston, Ronald: Cheating on Civil Service Examundated
421087Hutcherson, David: Homicide2001 Jan 16
421088Hutchings, John: Breaking and Entering and Theft1993 Apr 20
431089Imperial Knife Co.: Defective Product1977
431090Independent Life Ins. Co.: Accident or Suicide1972
431091Inthanvanvog, Sam: Burglary2003 Oct 8
431092Irby, Buddy: Attempted Homicide1976
Oversize 191092AIthaca Gun Company: Defective Weapon1969
431093Jack, Neville Dr.: Assault1989
431094Jack, Neville Dr.: Assault1989 Oct 21
431095Jack, Neville Dr.: Assault1987
431096Jacks, Edward D.: Homicide1979 May 24
431097Jackson, Bobby Dean: Homicide1979 Dec
431098Jackson, Charles F.: Homicide1985 Jul 28
431099Jackson, Charles F.: Homicide1985 Jul 28
431100Jackson, Charles F.: Homicide1985 Jul 28
431101Jackson, James E. Jr., Watson, Roosevelt, and three others: Homicideundated
431102Jackson, Richard: Homicide2000 Jan 10
431103Jacksonville, Fl Sheriff's Office: Wrongful Death1990
431104Jacobson, Howard: Homicide1981 May 2
431105Jaenicke, Amanda1997 Dec 1
431106James, Vincent A.K.A. James, Victor: Homicide1990 Sep 27
431107James, Vincent A.K.A. James, Victor: Homicideundated
431109James, Wayne: Fingerprint Comparison1972
431108Jeffers, Dwayne: Homicide2005 Jan 6
431110Jenkins, Billie Joeundated
431111Jenkins, Sion: Homicide1997 Oct 28
431112Jenkins, Steven T. and Jenkins, James L.: Homicide (Two Counts)1983 Oct 31
431113Jenkins, Steven T. and Jenkins, James L.: Homicide (Two Counts)1983
431114Jense, Dana J.: Rape1990 Jul 24
431115Jessop, Christine M.1990 Nov 26
431116Jimenez, Angel: Homicide2006 Jul 17
431118Johnson, Chester: Rape1975
431119Johnson, Clayton: Homicideundated
441121Johnson, Clayton: Homicideundated
441122Johnson, Clayton: Homicideundated
441123Johnson, Clayton: Homicideundated
431117Johnson, Hendrick O.: Homicide1979 Jul 25
441124Johnson, James Ben (J.B.): Homicide1976
441125Johnson, Lee: Homicide1982
441126Johnson, Mark: Homicide1995 Jul 10
441127Johnson, Marvin: Wrongful Death1996 Jun 27
441128Johnson, Nathan S.: Attempted Homicide1988 Sep 12
441129Johnson, Nealey A.: Homicide1974
441130Johnson, Steven W.: Homicide1982 Mar 25
441131Johnson, Terry; Homicide1992
441132Johnson, William M.: Homicide1986 Mar 6
441120Johson, Clayton: Homicide1996 Sep 9
441133Jones, Daniel: Homicide1989 Jun 22
441134Jones, Dennis M.: Sodomy1979 Dec 13
441135Jones, James L.: Homicide1987 Nov 16
441136Jones, Linda T.: Homicide1997 May 13
441137Jones, Roy: Assault With Intent to Kill and Homicide1962
441138Jones, Sandi: Homicide1985 Nov 26
441139Jordan, David T.: Homicide1981 Nov 24
441140Jordan, Richard: Homicide1989
441141Junk Cars: Corning, NY1962
451142Kalajzich, Andrew and Orrock, Kerry: Homicideundated
451143Kalajzich, Andrew and Orrock, Kerry: Homicideundated
451144Kalajzich, Andrew and Orrock, Kerry: Homicideundated
451145Kalajzich, Andrew and Orrock, Kerry: Homicideundated
451146Kalajzich, Andrew and Orrock, Kerry: Homicideundated
451147Kalajzich, Andrew and Orrock, Kerry: Homicideundated
451148Kalajzich, Andrew and Orrock, Kerry: Homicideundated
451149Kalajzich, Andrew and Orrock, Kerry: Homicideundated
451150Kalajzich, Andrew and Orrock, Kerry: Homicideundated
451151Kalajzich, Andrew and Orrock, Kerry: Homicideundated
451152Kalajzich, Andrew and Orrock, Kerry: Homicideundated
451153Kallinger, Joseph: Breaking and Entering, Robberyundated
Oversize 201153AKane, Donald V.: Homicide1989
451154Karr, Wilson: Driving While Intoxicated1969
451155Kearns, Jack: Homicide1980 Sep 23
451156Kearny, Eugene J.: Homicideundated
461157Kearny, Eugene J.: Homicideundated
461158Kearny, Eugene J.: Homicideundated
461159Kearny, Eugene J.: Homicideundated
461160Kearny, Eugene J.: Homicideundated
461161Kearny, Eugene J.: Homicideundated
461162Kearny, Eugene J.: Homicideundated
461163Keene, Timothy J.: Homicide or Accident1987 Aug 6
461164Keeney, Clyde: Driving While Intoxicated and Vehicular Manslaughter1979 Jan 11
461168Keiser, Charles R.: Forgery/Altered Document 1993
461165Keller, Fred: Homicide2005 Mar 11
461166Kelly, Donald: Homicide1992
461169Kempf, David: Homicideundated
461170Kempf, David: Homicide1988
461167Kendall, David: Homicide1984 Jun
461171Kennedy, Carl: Homicide1985 Nov 27
461172Kennedy, Sen. Robert F: Assassination1973-1988
461173Kennedy, Sen. Robert F: Assassination1976
461174Kennedy, Sen. Robert F: Assassination1974
461175Kennedy, Sen. Robert F: Assassination1975
461176Kennedy, Sen. Robert F: Assassinationundated
461177Kennedy, Sen. Robert F: Assassination1974
461178Kennedy, Sen. Robert F: Assassination1975
461179Kennedy, Sen. Robert F: Assassination1975
471180Kennedy, Sen. Robert F: Assassination1975
471181Kennedy, Sen. Robert F: Assassination1974
471182Kennedy, Sen. Robert F: Assassination1975
471183Kennedy, Sen. Robert F: Assassination1975
471184Kennedy, Thomas: Burglary 1976
471185Kenosha Police Dept: Wrongful Death2008 Mar 28
471186Kenosha Police Dept: Wrongful Deathundated
471187Kessinger, Earl W.: Homicide1991 Nov 8
471188Kestle, Murray: Homicide1975
471189Ketcham, Burce and Apgar, Kathleen: Homicide1973
471190Keuck, Richard: Homicide and Attempted Homicide1988 Aug 30
471191Keuck, Richard: Homicide and Attempted Homicideundated
471192Keuck, Richard: Homicide and Attempted Homicideundated
471193Keuck, Richard: Homicide and Attempted Homicideundated
471194King, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther: Assassination 1974
471195King, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther: Assassination 1974
471196King, Scott: Homicide1999 Jun 15
471197King, Scott: Homicide1999
Oversize 211197AKing, Scott: Homicide1999
471198King, Thomas L.: Homicide1976
471199Kinghorn, Shawn: Homicide1998 Feb 5
471200Kirby, Archie S.: Driving While Intoxicated1979 Oct 31
471201Kirk, Peter: Driving While Intoxicated1983 Sep 21
481202Kissling, E. 1981
481203Kitchner, Ontario: Homicide1995 Feb 10
481204Kizer, Kermit: Civil Suit1973
481205Klimek, Corinne 'Bunnie': Homicide1994 Sep 2
481206Kline, Vicki: Examination of Evidence Relating to Death1992
481207Kloszewski, Gustav W.: Homicide1979 Feb 20
481208Klymchuk, Kirk: Homicide2000 July 18
481209Klymchuk, Kirk: Homicide2000 July 18
481210Klymchuk, Kirk: Homicide2000 July 18
481211Klymchuk, Kirk: Homicide2000 July 18
481212Knight, Arthur: Homicide1978
481213Knutson, David A.: Paternity Suit1981 May 20
481214Ko, Edmund: Homicide1998 Nov 2
481215Kobich, Ruth: Document Examination1975
481216Kochel, David: Homicide1981 Mar 9
481217Kolb, Raymond A.: Driving While Intoxicated1963 Dec 10
481218Konseck, Jay: Homicide1985 May 30
481219Kowalski, Richard: Mailing Pornography1989 Oct 18
481220Kraisinger, Roger: Wrongful Death 1985 Jun 7
481221Kraisinger, Roger: Wrongful Death undated
481222Kries, Donald A., Kries, Harvey L.: Homicide1976
481223Krol, Jacek J.: Attempted Homicideundated
481224Kump, Eugene: Burglary1961
481225Kusz, James: Homicide1996
481226Kusz, James: Homicideundated
481227Kyles, Rodney: Bank Robbery1983 Jan 6
491228Labe, Karen and Nelson, Gary: Child Abuse and Neglect1988 Dec 7
491229Lage, Marjorie: Homicide1962
491230Lage, Marjorie: Homicide1988 Apr 11
491231Lagera, Robert: Burglary2001 Jun 21
491232Lamb, Lucinda: Cheating1974
491233Lambert, Lisa: Homicide1997 Jan 9
491234Lambert, Lisa-Michelle: Homicide1998 Apr 13
491235Lampley, Alex: Homicide1976
491236Lampman, Rodney: Reckless Endgangerment1979 Feb 16
491237Lancaster, Billy: Homicide1977
491238Landis, Timothy and Landis, Brian: Homicide 2001 Jan 24
491239Lane, Earl: Homicide or Suicide1994
491240Laraby, John: Homicide1995
491241Lassiter, Roy: Attempted Homicide1997
491243Lavinski, Larry: Homicide1996
491244Lavinski, Larry: Homicide1996
491245Lavinski, Larry: Homicide1996
491242Lawasseur: Bombing1985 Oct 16
491246Lawrence, Fitzroy: Homicide2000 Feb 10
491247Lawrence, Karen: Homicide1979 Sep 14
491248Layer, William O.: Homicide1989 Oct12
Oversize 221248ALayer, William O.: Homicideundated
491249Leacy: Driving While Intoxicated1974
491250Leatherman, Pat: Homicideundated
491253Leelilly, Benjamin: Homicide2000
491251Lefcourt, Gerald: Bombing1970
491252Lefcourt, Gerald: Homicide (2 Counts)1973
491254Legue, Kevin: Homicide1994 Jul 13
491255Lenz, Peter Jr.: Fingerprint Analysis1982 May 3
491256Leroux, Diance: Homicide1980
491257Leutek, George: Homicide2001
491258Levasseur, Thomas H.: Burglary, Petty Larcenyundated
491259Levine, Alan: Theft1986 Mar 5
491260Levondansky, Edwardundated
501261Levondansky, Edward1997 Feb 22
Oversize 231261ALewinsky, Larry: Homicide1996
501262Lewis, Reginald: Homicide (4 Counts)undated
501263Lewis, Reginald: Homicide (4 Counts)1985 Feb 6
501264Lewis, Reginald: Homicide (4 Counts)undated
501265Lewis, Reginald: Homicide (4 Counts)undated
501266Lewis, Reginald: Homicide (4 Counts)undated
501267Lewis, Reginald: Homicide (4 Counts)undated
501268Liberatore, Chester: Homicide or Accident1982 Sep 22
501269Lindsey, Robert Sr.: Homicide or Suicide1992 Mar 16
501270Linscott: Homicide1987 Nov 22
501271Linscott: Homicideundated
501272Linscott: Homicideundated
501277Liquid Analysis: Westfield, PA1962
501273Liskey, Bruce: Homicide1998
501274Liskey, Bruce: Homicideundated
501275Liskey, Bruce: Homicideundated
501276Liskey, Bruce: Homicideundated
511278Little, Chadwick: Homicide1974
511279Little, Joan: Homicideundated
511280Lockhart, Michael: Homicide1988 Jun 8
511281Lockridge, Ann: Homicide1975
511282Logan, Hugh: Attempted Homicide1984 Nov 26
511283Logan, Hugh: Attempted Homicide1984
511284Logan, Hugh: Attempted Homicide1984
511285Logan, Phillip: Homicide2000 Mar 28
511286Lohman, William1972
511287Lohnes Burton J.: Homicide1984 May 25
511288Lohnes Burton J.: Homicide1984
511289Lomax, Joseph: Homicide1988 Mar 11
511290Lombardi, Anthony G.L Homicide or Suicide1990 Dec 4
511291Lombardi, Anthony G.L Homicide or Suicideundated
511293Lopez, Eugene: Homicide1977
511294Lopez, John: Homicide and Rape1978
511295Lopez, John: Homicide and Rape1978
511292Lopez: Homicideundated
511296Loritz, Richard II: Attempted Homicide1995
511297Lory, Richard A,: Homicide1995
511298Lory, Richard A,: Homicideundated
521299Los Angeles: Police Brutalityundated
521300Los Angeles: Police Brutality1999
521301Los Angeles: Police Brutality1998 May 26
521302Los Angeles: Police Brutality1998
521304Lowe, Peggy J.: Homicide1993
521305Lowe, Peggy J.: Homicide1972
521303Lowe, Peggy: Homicide1997 Jan 17
521306Lowe, Rodney: Homicide2000 Dec 15
521307Lowe, Rodney: Homicide2000
521308Luna, George: Homicide (Two Counts)1983 Dec 8
521309Lynch, Tracy: Homicide1982
521310Lynch, Tracy: Homicide1982
521311Lyon, Richard: Homicide1993
531312MacAfee, Roy A.: Homicide1981
531313MacArthur (Huff): Homicide1978
531314MacDonald, Alan: Homicide (Two Counts)1976
531315MacDonell, Herbet L.: Parking Violation and Speeding Ticket 1980 Oct 31
531316MacInes, Paul: Homicideundated
531317MacInes, Paul: Homicide2010 Jul 15
531318Mackenzie, John: Homicide1981
Oversize 241318AMacklan, Paul: Homicide1989
531319Maddox, Virgin C.: Homicide1987
531320Maddox, Virgin C.: Homicideundated
531321Maddox, Virgin C.: Homicide1987
531322Madeley, Keith: Homicide1998
531323Madison, Donald: Fraud2008
531324Maekins, James E.: Homicide (5 Counts)1987
531325Mahoney, Michael: Firearm Examination1987
531326Maimoni: Homicide1992
531327Maio, Louis: Driving While Intoxicated1999 Oct 11
531328Malboeuf, Pierre: Homicide1990
531329Malboeuf, Pierre: Homicide1990
Oversize 251329AMalcahy, Shane: Homicideundated
531330Manfredo, Anna M.1992
531331Manfriedi: Homicide1986
531332Mangum, Steve: Homicide1996
531333Mangum, Steve: Homicide2006
531334Manufacturer's Life1976
531336Mares, David: Homicide1994 Jul 13
531337Marijuana Cultivation: Stuben County, NY1970
541338Marino, Angelo and Marino, Salvatore1980
541339Marino, Angelo and Marino, Salvatore1980
541340Marino, Angelo and Marino, Salvatore1980
541341Marino, Angelo and Marino, Salvatoreundated
541342Marino, Angelo and Marino, Salvatoreundated
541343Marino, Angelo and Marino, Salvatoreundated
541344Marino, Angelo and Marino, Salvatoreundated
541345Marino, Angelo and Marino, Salvatoreundated
541346Marino, Angelo and Marino, Salvatoreundated
541350Marino, Angelo: Homicide1980
541352Marino, Richard J.: Racketeering1984
541347Marino, Salvatore J.undated
541348Marino, Salvatore J.undated
541349Marino, Salvatore J.undated
541351Marino, Salvatore J.1980
541353Marion, Ronald: Attempted Homicide1994
551354Marko, Margretundated
551355Marko, Margretundated
551356Marko, Margretundated
551357Marko, Margretundated
551358Marks, Frank E.: Homicide1982 Nov 29
551359Marosz, Henry Jr.: Homicide1969
551360Marosz, Henry Jr.: Homicideundated
551361Marsalis, Harvey: Homicide1993
551362Marshall, John: Driving While Intoxicated1976
551363Marshall, William A.: Homicide1979
551364Martin, Joseph H.: Homicide1988
551365Martin, Lawrence S.: Homicide1982
551366Martin, Robert: Homicide1974
551367Martinez, Frank E.: Bomb Manufacture1982
551368Martorano, James: Loansharking and Gun Possession1976
551369Mase, James: Grand Larceny1986
531335Mason, Jason: Homicide1979
551370Massey, John and Fox, Thomas: Homicide1990
551371Massimo, Jean: Homicide or Suicide1991
551372Mathis, John: Homicide (3 Counts)undated
551373Mathis, John: Homicide (3 Counts)undated
551374Mathis, John: Homicide (3 Counts)1982
551375Mathison, Kenneth W.: Homicide1995
551376Mathison, Kenneth W.: Homicide1995
551377Mattinson, Andrew: Child Molestation2008
551378Maul, Roy A.: Homicide (Two Counts)1983
551379Maul, Roy A.: Homicide (Two Counts)1983
551381Mayberry, Richard: Attempted Homicide1975
551380Mayrides, Gabriel2008
551382Mays, Kimberly and Twigg, Artena: Baby Swap1991
551383McCann, Jerry: Homicide1984
551385McCarthy, Barry: Homicide1998
561386McCarthy, Barry: Homicideundated
551384McCarthy, Derrickundated
561387McClellan, Devin1996
561388McClendon, Virgil H.: Homicide (2 Counts)1992 Mar 9
561389McConville, Matthew: Driving While Intoxicated1979 Jan 11
561390McCorkle, Maurice: Burglary1997
561391McCoy, Nicolson: Homicide1999
561392McCullough, Christopher: Homicide1991
561393McDonald, Eileen: Fraud2009
561394McDowell, Edward and Plucker, Darlene M.: Homicide, Forgery, and Theftundated
561395McDowell, Edward and Plucker, Darlene M.: Homicide, Forgery, and Theft1983
561396McFaddan, George L.: Homicide1989
561397McGill, Steven R.: Homicide1986 Oct 28
561398McGowan, Bernie: Shooting1974
561399McGrave, James1982
561400McKenna, Gerard: Homicide and Rape1976
561401McKenna, Gerard: Homicide and Rape1976
561402McLaughlin, Robert: Homicide1989
561403McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1981
561404McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1991
561405McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1991
561406McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1969 Oct 2
561407McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicideundated
561408McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1991
561409McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1966
561410McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicideundated
561411McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1989
561412McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1986
561413McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicideundated
561414McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicideundated
561415McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1969 Oct
561416McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1969 Aug 8
561417McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1964 Sep 15
561418McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicideundated
561419McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1964 Oct 21
561420McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1964 Oct 21
561421McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1964 Oct 26
561422McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicideundated
561423McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1987 Jul 10
561424McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1971 Nov 11
561425McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1971 May 27
561426McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1986
561427McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1964 Sep 15
561428McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1991 Aug 21
561429McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1991 Apr 18
561430McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1991 Apr 9
561431McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicideundated
561432McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1986 Feb 11
561433McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicideundated
561434McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicideundated
571435McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1991 Apr 30
571436McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1991 May
571437McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1969 Aug 27
571438McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1985 Apr 17
571439McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1981 Jan 27
571440McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1991 May 27
571441McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicideundated
571442McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1991 Apr 29
571443McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide1988-1991
571444McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide - Indexundated
571445McLeod-Lindsay, Alexander: Homicide - Photographsundated
Oversize 261445AMcMahan, Robert: Homicide1995
571446McNish, David: Homicide1996
571447McNish, David: Homicideundated
571448McNish, David: Homicideundated
571449McNish, David: Homicideundated
571450McPeek, Hazel: Check Forgery1976
571451McPhee, Tina: Missing Person1994 Jul 15
571452McRoberts, Robert A.: Homicide1981
571453McVeigh, Timothy: Bombing and Homicide1997
571454McVeigh, Timothy: Bombing and Homicide1997
571455Mealing, Steve: Homicide1990
571456Medina, Carlosundated
571457Medina, John: Homicide2001 Aug 16
581458Meikle, Clyde: Homicide2002 Feb 6
581459Meinert, Patrick J.: Homicide1991 Oct 7
581460Melson, Hugh W.: Homicide1980 May 2
581461Menard: Breaking and Entering1982 Apr 26
581462Mendelson, Robert: Homicide or Suicide1985 Mar 13
581463Mendoza, Martin: Homicide1993 May 4
581464Merkt, Brian P.: Homicide and Rape1996 May 8
581465Mervin, John and Saltzman, Jeffery: Perjury1973
581466Michael, Bradley: Homicide1999
581467Mickles, George and Smith: Ricky, Burglary1978
581468Middleton, Ken: Homicide1998 May 4
581469Middleton, W.P.: Homicide and Kidnapping1977
581470Middletown, CT: Wrongful Deathundated
581471Middletown, CT: Wrongful Deathundated
581472Middletown, CT: Wrongful Death1997
581473Midwest - St. Louis, LLC: Personal Injury2012
581474Midwest - St. Louis, LLC: Personal Injury2012 Jan 10
581475Mikulewicz, Theodore A.: Homicide1981 Nov 25
581476Miller, Carmen and Stripe, Karen: Possession of Marijuana1990 Apr 27
581477Miller, Gary: Assault, Felony1979 Jan 3
581478Miller, John: Homicide (Two Counts)1989 Feb 9
581479Miller, Linda M.: Homicide1991 Feb 11
581480Miller, Linda M.: Homicideundated
581481Miller, Renita: Homicide2004 Mar 18
581482Miller, Renita: Homicideundated
591483Miller, Richard: Homicide1993
591484Miller, Richard: Homicideundated
591485Miller, Richard: Homicide2011
591486Miller, Richard: Homicide1993
591487Miller, Richard: Homicideundated
591488Miller, Scott: Homicide1979 Jan 13
591489Miller, William "Willie": Homicideundated
591490Milne, William: Homicide1986
591491Milne, William: Homicideundated
591492Mink, "Rocky Ray": Fraud2005
591493Mintz, Aaron: Homicide1984
Oversize 401493AMiscellaneous Photographs[1960-2000]
Oversize 411493BMiscellaneous Photographs[1960-2000]
Oversize 42 1493CMiscellaneous Photographs and DVD's[1960-2000]
591494Missing Baby: South Carolina1975
591495Mitchum Co.: Face Cream Composition Analysis1972
591496Mixon, Charles: Homicide, Burglary, Arson1991
591504Monahan, Michael: Assault2001
591506Monroe, Beverly A.: Homicide1992 Jun 30
601507Monroe, Beverly A.: Homicideundated
591497Moore, Arlene: Homicide1988
591498Moore, Arlene: Homicide1988
591499Moore, Jr., Daniel: Examination of Evidence 1999
591500Moore, Jr., Daniel: Examination of Evidence 1999
591501Moore, Jr., Daniel: Examination of Evidence 1999
591502Moore, Jr., Daniel: Examination of Evidence 1999
591503Moore, Sara: Speeding1984 Nov 7
591505Moran, Donald: Homicide1986
601508Morey, Steven: Examination of Evidence of Death2002 Apr 21
601509Morin, Robert A.: Homicide1979
601510Morin, Wilfred: Armed Robbery1981 Aug 23
Oversize 271510AMorris, Gaylynn: Homicide1990
601517Morris, Hilaury: Homicide1998 Sep 2
601518Morris, Hilaury: Homicideundated
601511Morseman, Wilmont E.: Driving While Intoxicated1979 Nov 29
601512Moscatiello, Angela: Photograph Examination1993
601513Moses, Alfred G.: Forgery1980 Sep 10
601514Moses, Janet L., aka Tyler, Donna: Falsification of a Public Record1982 Apr 2
601515Mosley, Michael: Homicide2012 May 25
601516Mossberg (Gun Manufacturer): Wrongful Death/Product Liability1981
601519Motor Vehicle Accident: Steuben County, NY1962
Oversize 391519AMount Laurel Police Department: Wrongful Deathundated
601520Mowbray, Freda "Susie": Homicide1987 Nov 16
601521Mt. Laurel Police Department, New Jersey: Wrongful Death1999 Apr 12
601522Mt. Laurel Police Department, New Jersey: Wrongful Death1999 Apr 12
601523Mulcahy, Shane: Homicide1997
601524Mulcahy, Shane: Homicideundated
601525Mulcahy, Shane: Homicide1996
601526Mullen, George: Fingerprints1998 Mar 24
601527Muntz, Aaron: Homicideundated
601528Murphy, George: Homicide2003 Jul 30
Oversize 281528AMurphy, George: Homicide2003
601529Murphy, Katherine: Examination of Evidence of Death1977
601530Murray, Robin: Homicide1984
601531Myers, David-Lee: Homicide1995 Feb 13
601532Myers, Trent: Homicide2000
611533Nachef, Riad: Assault1998
611534Nash, Welsey E. Jr.: Homicide1963
611535Nazseer, Bibi: Homicide1995
611536Negligence: Alfred, NY1977
611537Nelson, David: Homicide1991 Dec 11
611538Nelson, David: Homicide1990 Dec 11
611539Nelson, David: Homicideundated
611540Nelson, Lee R.: Homicide1995
611541Nelson, Shawn: Assaultundated
611542Nettles, Frank: Homicide2009
Oversize 291542ANeville, Jack: Assaultundated
611544New Britain, CT Police Department: Wrongful Shooting1982
611547New Haven, CT Police Department: Wrongful Death1983
611548New Haven, CT Police Department: Wrongful Death1983
611549New Kensington, PA: Wrongful Death1974
611551New York Central Railroad: Hazard to Public Health1963
621556New York State Electric Co.: Property Damage1986
621557New York State Police: Homicide1978
621558New York State Police: Homicide2000 Apr 27
621559New York State Police: Wrongful Death1993
611552New York: Civil2000
611553New York: Civilundated
611554New York: Civilundated
611555New York: Civilundated
611543Newark Police Department: Assault1971
611545Newcomb, Bruce: Homicide1993
611546Newcomb, Bruce: Homicideundated
611550Newvine, Ben: Propety Damage1981
621560Nguyen, Minh: Homicide (Two Counts)1998 Mar 20
621561Nguyen, Minh: Homicide (Two Counts)undated
621562Niagra Falls: Justifiable Homicide1976
621564Nielson, Christopher: Assault1997
621563Nigealook, Thomas: Homicide1984
621565Nissan, Inc (Civil)1989
621566Nix, Tony: Homicide1998
621567Noble, Ricardo, Howard, Antonio, and Johson, Steven1992
621568Nolan, Sandra K.: Death1984
621569Noone, Margaret: Homicide or Suicide1992
621570Norris, Matthew, and Lockhart, Emmett: Homicide, Robbery, and Arson2000
621571Norris, Matthew, and Lockhart, Emmett: Homicide, Robbery, and Arsonundated
621572Norris, Matthew, and Lockhart, Emmett: Homicide, Robbery, and Arsonundated
621573Nowak, Robert1968
621574Nowak, Robertundated
621575Nurse, Robert: Homicide1968
631576Oakes, Willian F.: Homicide1984
631577Oakes, Willian F.: Homicideundated
631578Oakknoll, Calvin: Homicide1981
631579O'Banner, Snowrene: Homicide1987
631580Obershaw, Mark: Homicide1999
631581O'Boyle, Joseph1988
631582O'Boyle, Joseph1988
631583Obscured Serial Number on a Weapon: Painted Post, NY1965
631584O'Connell, Eiko: Homicide or Suicide1990
631585O'Connell, Eiko: Homicide or Suicideundated
631586O'Dell, Joseph R III: Homicide1988
631587O'Dell, Joseph R III: Homicide and Rape1991
631588Ogletree, Jamar: Homicide2000
631589O'Grady, Gerald: Homicide1997
631590O'Grady, Gerald: Homicideundated
631591O'Grady, Gerald: Homicideundated
631595O'Leary, Dennis: Fingerprint Comparison1965
631592Olinger, Perry and Duncan, William: Homicide1983
631596Olney, Howard: Homicide1998
631598Olsen, Howard R.: Fingerprint Examination1976
641599Olsen, Perry L.: Homicideundated
631597Olson, David: Burglary1997
641600Olszewski, Anthony III: Homicide1988
631593OneBean Insurance Co.: Failure to Payundated
631594O'Neill, Pamela1975
641601Ornsteen, Cindy and Forcade, Thomas: Posession of Explosives1973
641602Orsdale, Van: Homicide1983
641603Ortiz, Jeffery: Homicideundated
641604Ortiz, Jeffery: Homicide1997
641605Ortiz, Jose: Homicide1999
Oversize 301605AOsborne, William H.: Wrongful Death1978
641606Osmond, Bruce: Bank Robbery1981
641607Oswalt, Herman: Homicide1981
641608Otis, Michael and Otis, Jean-Guy: Homicide and Assault1983
641609Ottman, William E.: Assault1992
641610Overross, Cathy: Attempted Homicide1973
641611Owen, Robertundated
641612Owen, Robert1981
651613Pacaccio, Tricia1993
651614Padilla, Daniel: Assault1990
651615Paint Analysis: Wellsboro, PA1970
651616Paint Chip Examination: Lawrenceville, PAundated
651617Paint Comparrison: Savona, NY1959
651618Painted Post, NY: Docment Examination1988
651619Paisley, John1979
651620Palacios, Humilianaundated
651621Palacios, Robert: Homicide1980
651622Palmer, Roger: Ballistic Analysis1982
651623Pann, Robert W.: Homicide2000
651624Papineau, Edward: Homicide1988
651625Pardue, Michael: Homicide (Three Counts)2001
651627Parks, Cecil: Homicide1983
651626Pasco, Jennouch I.: Homicide2004
651628Paskins, William E.: Homicideundated
671655Passet, Kieth: Homicide1980
651629Passetti, Robert: Posession of Shotgun Silencer1986
651630Patoine, Pierre: Homicide1991
651631Paulino, James: Interstate Transport of Stolen Property1981
651632Payne, Irene: Homicideundated
651633Payne, Irene: Homicide2005
651634Payne, Irene: Homicide2005
651635Payne, Preston: Shooting1988
651636Payne, Robert E.1972
661637Pedigo, Randall Dr.: Attempted Homicide1994
661638Peek, Albert: Homicide2004
661639Peek, Albert: Homicide2004
661640Peek, Albert: Homicideundated
661641Peek, Albert: Homicide2004
661642Peek, Albert: Homicide2004
661643Peek, Albert: Homicideundated
661644Peele, Kenny: Homicide2007
661645Peet, Lawrence: Driving While Intoxicated1970
Oversize 311645APelfrey, William: Homicide1990
661646Peltier, Leonard: Homicide1987
661647Peluso, Saverioundated
661648Penalver, Seth: Homicide1997
661649Pennettim Albert Jr.: Homicide1979
661650Penntington, James E.: Homicideundated
661651Peplinski, John1989
661652Peplinski, John: Homicide1989
661653Peplinski, John: Homicideundated
661654Peplinski, John: Homicide1993
671656Pepsi Co.: Exploding Bottle1970
671656APerez, Jose: Homicide1974
671657Perkins, Rita: Homicide1990
671658Perlett, James: Destruction of Evidence1998
671659Perry, Cathleen: Twin Identification1969
671660Perry, James J.: Homicide (Three Counts)1979
671661Peterson, Dawnundated
671662Peterson, Gary: Driving While Intoxicated1988
671663Peterson, Michael: Homicide2001
671664Peterson, Michael: Homicide2001
671665Pforts, David O.: Homicide1981
Oversize 4316565APforts: Physical Evidence1981
671676Philadelphia, PA: Homicide1976
671668Philadelphia, PA: Wrongful Deathundated
671669Philadelphia, PA: Wrongful Deathundated
671670Philadelphia, PA: Wrongful Death1988
671671Philadelphia, PA: Wrongful Deathundated
671672Philadelphia, PA: Wrongful Deathundated
671673Philadelphia, PA: Wrongful Deathundated
671674Philadelphia, PA: Wrongful Deathundated
671675Philadelphia, PA: Wrongful Death1980
671677Phillips, Craig: Homicide1995
671678Phillips, Douglas W.1984
671679Phillips, Gordon: Driving While Intoxicated1978
671680Phillips, William R.: Homicide1974
671681Phoenix, Kenneth: Homicide1988
681687Photograph Examination: Phikadelphia, PA1988
671682Photographic Blood Splatter Analysis: U.S. Army, Fort Carson, CO1982
671683Photographic Blood Stain Analysis: Homicide2007
671684Photographic Crime Scene Analysis: Chicago, IL1975
681685Photographic Evidence: Hyatsville, MD1974
681686Photographic Handwriting Analysis: Bomb Threat, New Yorkundated
681688Photographic Wound Analysis: Pittsburg, PA1975
681689Pierre-Jerome, Patrick: Homicide1979
681690Pietri, Norberto: Homicide1989
681691Piskorski, Ronald: Homicide1975
681692Pitcher, Michael B.: Homicide1998
681693Pitcher, Michael B.: Homicideundated
671666Pittman, Susan: Homicide1993
671667Pittsburgh, PA: Improper Shooting by Police Officers1979
681694Pitzer, William B.: Homicide or Suicide2008
681695Planck, Donna L.: Homicide1992
681696Planck, Donna L.: Homicideundated
681697Planck, James: Child Abuse2009
681698Plank, James M.: Handwriting Analysisundated
681699Plechter, Paul A.: Homicide1995
681700Plunkett, James L.1983
681701Plunkett, Jim: Homicide1989
681702Plunkett, Jim: Homicideundated
681703Plunkett, Jim: Homicideundated
681705Pobliner, Jay: Homicideundated
681704Poblinerm Herman: Homicide1968
681706Poierier, Harold1990
691707Pollard, Charles III: Homicide or Suicide1992
691708Polley, John: Homicide2009
691709Polley, John: Homicide2009
691710Pollitt, David: Homicide1979
691711Porco, Christopher: Homicideundated
691712Pornography: Steuben County, NY1960
691713Postell, Teresa: Homicide1987
691714Postell, Theresa: Homicideundated
691715Postell, Theresa: Homicide1987
691716Powell, Michael: Fingerprint Analysis1991
691717Poyer, Dana F.: Negligance and Wrongful Death1982
691718Premier Pacific Inc.: Accidental Injury1977
691719Prentice, James D.: Criminally Negligent Homicide1979
691725Presidential Insurance Co.: Accidental or Suicide1979
691721Prince, Joseph and Zaborsky, Victor and Ward, Dylan: Wrongful Death2011
691720Pritchard, Alphonse J.: Homicide1976
691722Probst, Randy: Attempted Homicide1988
691723Procter, Eric: Homicide1986
691724Progle, Roger: Attempted Homicide2003
691726Puksar, Ronald: Homicide1983
691727Puskas, Andrew and Puskas, Patricia: Homicide and Bombing (Two Counts)1984
691728Putman, Andrew: Firearms Violations1977
691729Pyclik, Stanley J.: Fingerpring Comparison1973
691730Pyne, Terrance: Homicide1992
691731Pyrex Co.: Product Liability1991
701732Quaglino, John: Fingerprint Analysis1982
701733Quaglino, John: Fingerprint Analysis1982
701734Quinlivan, Phillip X.: Homicide and Rape1979
701735Rabiega: Homicide1990
701736Rabinowitsh: Examination of Evidence of Death1981
701737Race, Larry: Homicide1992
701738Rahauiser, Harold F.: Manslaughter1978
701739Rakestrau, Keith: Examination of Evidence of Death1981
701740Rakestrau, Keith: Examination of Evidence of Death1981
701742Randolf, Jr. Thomas and Sanirell, Shannon: Homicide2000
701743Randolf, Jr. Thomas and Sanirell, Shannon: Homicide2000
701744Randolf, Jr. Thomas and Sanirell, Shannon: Homicideundated
701745Randolf, Jr. Thomas and Sanirell, Shannon: Homicide2001
701741Randolf, Jr. Thomas: Homicide2001
701746Ranier, Joseph: Homicide1986
701747Rank, Gary: Homicide1979
701749Rape and Kidnapping: New York State1973
701748Rape: New Rochelle, NY1974
701750Rapids Water Park: Personal Injury and Negligence2012
701752Rasmussen, Michael W.: Homicide1994
701751Rassman, Jr., Fred: Driving While Intoxicated1979
701753Rathlain, Corey: Homicide1996
701754Reagle, Joseph M.: Homicide1986
701755Reed, Charles: Manslaughter1973
701756Reese, Charles L. and Reese, Charles V.: Homicide1979
701757Reese, Henry: Burglary1962
701758Reese, John S.: Homicideundated
701759Reid, William: Homicide, Attempted Homicide, and Assault1972
Oversize 391759AReiger, John: Attempted Homicideundated
701761Reilly, Peter: Homicide1976
701762Reiman, Reiman, and Lewis: Homicide1980
701760Reinert, Susan: Examination of Evidence of Death1988
701765Reyes, Marqui: Homicide1999
701764Reyes, Miranda: Homicide1987
701763Reyes: Burglary2012
701766Reynolds, Louise: Homicide2000
711767Rhode Island: Evidence Examination1976
711768Rhodes, Charles A.: Homicide1992
711769Rhyne, Kelly: Homicide2006
711770Rial, Fred: Homicide1964
711771Riberas, Epifano: Rape2007
711772Rice, Jeffery: Homicide or Suicide1997
711773Richardson, Tommy-Lee: Homicide1996
711774Richenthal: Homicide (Two Counts)1997
711775Richmond, Terri: Homicide or Suicide1999
711776Richter: Homicide2000
711777Ricker, Starlen R. Jr.: Homicide1983
711778Riddick, Gabriel: Homicide2003
711779Ridley, Bruce: Driving While Intoxicated1970
711780Ridley, Carlos K.: Homicide (Three Counts)1981
711781Rieger, John: Attempted Homicide1996
711782Rieger, John: Attempted Homicide1996
711783Riley, Derrick, Brown, Donald, and Duggan, Humbert: Homicide1995
711784Riley, Derrick, Brown, Donald, and Duggan, Humbert: Homicide1995
711785Riley, Derrick, Brown, Donald, and Duggan, Humbert: Homicideundated
711786Riley, Derrick, Brown, Donald, and Duggan, Humbert: Homicide1997
711787Riley, Derrick, Brown, Donald, and Duggan, Humbert: Homicide1997
711788Riley, Derrick, Brown, Donald, and Duggan, Humbert: Homicide1997
711789Riley, Derrick, Brown, Donald, and Duggan, Humbert: Homicide1997
711790Riley, Derrick, Brown, Donald, and Duggan, Humbert: Homicide1997
711791Riley, Derrick, Brown, Donald, and Duggan, Humbert: Homicide1997
711792Riley, Derrick, Brown, Donald, and Duggan, Humbert: Homicide1997
711793Riley, Derrick, Brown, Donald, and Duggan, Humbert: Homicideundated
711794Riley, Derrick, Brown, Donald, and Duggan, Humbert: Homicide1997
711795Riley, Derrick, Brown, Donald, and Duggan, Humbert: Homicide1997
711796Riley, Derrick, Brown, Donald, and Duggan, Humbert: Homicide1997
711797Riley, Derrick, Brown, Donald, and Duggan, Humbert: Homicide1997
711798Riley, Kenneth: Homicide1997
711799Rincker, Roger: Homicide1986
711800Ripic, Joanne: Homicide1993
721801Risher, Danielundated
721802Rivers, Robert Jr.: Homicideundated
721803Rivers, Robert Jr.: Homicideundated
721804Rivers, Robert Jr.: Homicide1989
721805Roach, Thomas: Assaulting a Police Officer1998
721806Roach, Thomas: Assaulting a Police Officerundated
721807Roach, Thomas: Assaulting a Police Officer1997
721808Robbery: Painted Post, NY1965
721809Robenson, Daniel: Homicide2012
721810Robenson, Daniel: Homicideundated
721811Roberts, Frank: Homicide1993
721812Roberts, Willie-Ray Jr.: Homicide1988
721813Roberts, Willie-Ray Jr.: Homicide1991
721814Roberts, Willie-Ray Jr.: Homicide1988
721816Robinson, Jerry: Homicide1990
721817Robinson, Nancy: Homicide1986
721815Robinson: Driving While Intoxicated1981
731818Robles, Rafael: Homicide1995
731820Roche, Ramon: Homicideundated
731821Roche, Ramon: Homicideundated
731822Roche, Ramon: Homicideundated
731823Roche, Ramon: Homicideundated
731824Roche, Ramon: Homicide1992
731825Roche, Ramon: Homicide1991
731819Roche, Ramone: Homicide1998
731826Rockwell International Corp.: Product Liability1981
731827Rodka, Michelle (Michael)2001
731828Rodriguez, Maria C.: Homicide2007
731829Rodriquez, Jose: Homicide1987
731830Rodriquez, Jose: Homicide1987
731831Rodziewicz, Allen: Homicide1979
731832Roff, Leslie A.: Burglarly and Unlawful Imprisonment1977
731833Rogers, Sadie1982
731834Rojas, Samuel: Homicide1994
Oversize 431834ARojas, Samuel: Physical Evidence1994
731835Rollack, Peter: Homicide (Three Counts)1999
731836Rolle, Gregory and Townsend, Edwin J., and Saunders, Robert J.: Homicide1972
731837Romero, Carlos: Wrongful Death1981
741838Rosanna, Inc.: Personal Injury1971
741839Rose, Barbara: Illegal Dumping1993
741840Ross, Edward: Homicideundated
741841Ross, Edward: Homicideundated
741842Ross, Edward: Homicideundated
741843Ross, Edward: Homicide1991
741844Ross, Edward: Homicide1986
741845Ross, Edward: Homicide1986
741846Ross, Tracy J.: Fingerprint Identificiation1973
741847Rosseau, Joseph: Homicide1982
741848Routier, Darlie-Lynn: Homicide (Two Counts)1999
741849Rovirosa, Natalie and Rovirosa, Rene: Auto Accident2002
741850Rovirosa, Natalie and Rovirosa, Rene: Auto Accidentundated
741851Rovirosa, Natalie and Rovirosa, Rene: Auto Accident2002
741852Rovirosa, Natalie and Rovirosa, Rene: Auto Accidentundated
741853Rovirosa, Natalie and Rovirosa, Rene: Auto Accident2001
741854Rovirosa, Natalie and Rovirosa, Rene: Auto Accident2002
741855Rovirosa, Natalie and Rovirosa, Rene: Auto Accident2001
751856Rovirosa, Natalie and Rovirosa, Rene: Auto Accidentundated
751857Rovirosa, Natalie and Rovirosa, Rene: Auto Accidentundated
751858Rovirosa, Natalie and Rovirosa, Rene: Auto Accidentundated
751859Rovirosa, Natalie and Rovirosa, Rene: Auto Accident2001
751860Rovirosa, Natalie and Rovirosa, Rene: Auto Accident2001
751861Rovirosa, Natalie and Rovirosa, Rene: Auto Accidentundated
751862Rovirosa, Natalie and Rovirosa, Rene: Auto Accident2002
751863Rovirosa, Natalie and Rovirosa, Rene: Auto Accidentundated
751864Rovirosa, Natalie and Rovirosa, Rene: Auto Accidentundated
751865Rovirosa, Natalie and Rovirosa, Rene: Auto Accidentundated
751866Rovirosa, Natalie and Rovirosa, Rene: Auto Accidentundated
751867Rowe, Lloyd C.: Accidental Fire or Arson1970
751868Rowland, Janet1986
751869Rowland, John N.: Homicideundated
751870Rowland, John N.: Homicideundated
751871Rowland, John N.: Homicideundated
761872Roy, Phillip F.: Examination of Evidence1996
761873Rozanski, Linda: Homicide1977
761874Rudin, Margaret: Homicide2001
761875Ruel, Edward: Homicide1983
761876Ruel, Edward: Homicide1983
761877Ruger, Theodore and Ruger, Pamela: Divorce and Child Custody Hearing1993
761878Ruiz, Angela: Homicideundated
761879Ruiz, Angela: Homicide2001
761880Ruiz, Angela: Homicideundated
761881Ruiz, Gilbert: Homicide1979
761882Rumph, John: Animal Cruelty2009
761883Ruselowski, Stanley: Homicide1976
761884Rushing, Randall: Homicide2010
761885Rushing, Randall: Homicide2010
761886Russ, Charles: Homicide1987
761887Russ, Charles: Homicide1991
761888Russell, David: Homicide1978
761889Russell, Lowell T.: Homicide1973
761890Russo, Carmen: Homicide1994
761891Ruth, Johnnie: Homicide1980
761892Ryan, David: Homicide1992
761893Ryan, David: Homicideundated
761894Ryen, Doug and Ryen, Peggy: Examination of Evidence of Deathundated
771895Saez, Arnaldo Jr.: Homicide1999
771897Sage, Roy: Homicide1985
Oversize 441897ASage: Physical Evidence1985
771898Sahlie, George J.: Armed Robbery1976
771899Saia, Anthony: Homicide1973
771900Sale of Marijuana: Elmira, NY1971
771901Salerno, Gerald: Homicide1977
771902Saloman, Arthur K.: Attempted Homicide1987
771905San Fancisco, CA: Unqualified Witness Testimony2007
771903Sanders, Keith L.: Assault (Two Counts)1998
771904Sanders, Keith L.: Assault (Two Counts)1998
771906Santiago, Jose J.: Homicide (Two Counts) and Assault (Three Counts)undated
771907Santiago, Jose J.: Homicide (Two Counts) and Assault (Three Counts)1999
771909Saunders, Edgar G. and Hall, Stanley: Homicide and Burglary1983
771908Saunders, Edgar G.: Homicide1983
771910Saunders, Karen: Homicide1989
771911Sawyer, Robert E.: Homicide1983
771912Scheiner, Cherie1997
771913Schere, Steven: Homicide1980
771914Schere, Steven: Homicideundated
771915Schere, Steven: Homicideundated
771916Schere, Steven: Homicide1996
771917Schere, Steven: Homicide1996
771918Schere, Steven: Homicide1996
771919Schere, Steven: Homicideundated
771920Schere, Steven: Homicide1995
781921Schere, Steven: Homicideundated
781922Schiavo, Dominic: Homicideundated
781923Schiavo, Dominic: Homicideundated
781924Schiavo, Dominic: Homicideundated
781925Schiavo, Dominic: Homicideundated
781926Schiavo, Dominic: Homicide1987
781927Schiavo, Dominic: Homicide1985
781928Schiavo, Dominic: Homicideundated
781929Schipper, Curtis: Homicide1992
781930Schipper, Curtis: Homicideundated
781931Schleicher, Jeffery: Homicide1980
781932Schmidt, Karl1981
781934Schneck, Tammy1983
781935Schnell, Bessieundated
781936Schnell, Bessie1974
781933Schoenhals, John: Homicide1985
781937Schreiber, Robert: Homicide1977
781938Schroeder, Charles E.: Driving While Intoxicated1984
781939Scott, Barrington: Attempted Homicide1989
781940Scott, Kirk: Homicide1993
781941Scozzari, William2008
781942Scucchi, Sydneyundated
781943Scull, Jesus: Homicide1997
781944Scull, John: Homicide1986
791945Selenski, Hugo: Homicide2004
791946Seminuk, George: Homicideundated
791947Semler, Michael: Posession of Marijuana1974
791948Serra, William: Driving While Intoxicated1978
791949Setters, Brian: Homicide (Two Counts)1999
791950Setters, Brian: Homicide (Two Counts)1999
791951Seymour, Theodore: Homicide1972
791952Shabtai, Roya: Homicide1999
791953Shaff, Steven I.: Homicide1968
791954Shaff, Steven I.: Homicide1968
791955Shaff, Steven I.: Homicide1972
791956Shaff, Steven I.: Homicide1968
791957Shaff, Steven I.: Homicideundated
791958Shaff, Steven I.: Homicideundated
791959Shaff, Steven I.: Homicideundated
791960Shaff, Steven I.: Homicideundated
791961Shananhan, Edward: Homicideundated
791962Shank, Bernon D. Sr.: Homicide (Four Counts)1988
791963Shaw, Desiree: Homicide1963
791964Shedrick, Wanda: Homicide (Two Counts)undated
791965Shenk, Arnold: Mail Tampering2003
791967Shepard, Judy: Homicide1982
791966Sheppard, Cecilia: Homicide1989
791968Sheppard, Samuel: Homicide1978
791969Shere, Richard: Homicide1988
791970Shillingford, John: Homicide1987
801971Shipley, Christine C.: Homicide1984
801972Shipley, Christine C.: Homicide1984
801973Shipley, Christine C.: Homicide1984
801974Shipley, Christine C.: Homicide1984
801975Shooting of a Dog: Bath, NY1971
801976Shorter, Ramone: Homicide2001
801977Shorter, Ramone: Homicide2002
801978Shortridge, Charles Jr.: Homicide1982
801981Shrubsall, William: Attempted Homicide and Rape2000
801979Shrubsall, William: Sexual Assaultundated
801980Shrubsall, William: Sexual Assaultundated
801983Shuman, Tracy: Homicide1992
801982Shumate, Robert M.: Homicide1989
801984Sides, Darrick: Homicide1999
801986Siehl, Kevin: Homicideundated
801985Siel, Barney V.: Homicide1980
801987Signature Examination: Ithaca, NY1974
801988Silva, Joseph: Homicide1983
801989Simeone, Michael D.: Homicideundated
801990Simeone, Michael D.: Homicideundated
801991Simeone, Michael D.: Homicide1990
801992Simmons, Alfred: Homicide1986
801993Simmons, Arwin2002
801994Simmons, Deborah: Homicide1999
801995Simpson, Frank R.: Homicide1983
801996Simpson, Mary-Theresaundated
801997Simpson, Mary-Theresaundated
801998Simpson, Mary-Theresaundated
801999Simpson, Mary-Theresaundated
Oversize 391999-1Simpson, Orenthal James (OJ): Homicide1995
Oversize 321999-2Simpson, Orenthal James (OJ): Homicide1995
80A1999ASimpson, Orenthal James (OJ): Homicide1995
80A1999BSimpson, Orenthal James (OJ): Homicide1995
80A1999CSimpson, Orenthal James (OJ): Homicide1995
80A1999DSimpson, Orenthal James (OJ): Homicide1995
80A1999ESimpson, Orenthal James (OJ): Homicide1995
80A1999FSimpson, Orenthal James (OJ): Homicide1995
80A1999GSimpson, Orenthal James (OJ): Homicide1995
80A1999HSimpson, Orenthal James (OJ): Homicide1995
80A1999ISimpson, Orenthal James (OJ): Homicide1995
80A1999JSimpson, Orenthal James (OJ): Homicide1995
80A1999KSimpson, Orenthal James (OJ): Homicide1995
80A1999LSimpson, Orenthal James (OJ): Homicide1995
80A1999MSimpson, Orenthal James (OJ): Homicide1995
812000Sindelar, Raymond P.: Driving While Intoxicated1967
812001Sindelar, Raymond P.: Driving While Intoxicatedundated
812002Singleton, Anthony: Promoting Prison Contraband1989
812003Sink, Williamundated
812004Skraban, Michael: Attempted Homicide and Robbery1979
812005Slater, Charlies: Vehicular Homicide1988
812006Slone, Michael: Rape and Homicide1981
812008Smith, Gary: Homicide2007
812009Smith, Gary: Homicide2007
812010Smith, Gary: Homicide2007
812011Smith, Gary: Homicide2007
812012Smith, Gary: Homicideundated
812013Smith, George A. IV: Disappearance of2005
812014Smith, George W.1982
812015Smith, Greg: Homicide1984
812016Smith, Herbert III: Homicide1985
812017Smith, Joseph: Chengo County, NY1973
812020Smith, Lemuel: Homicide1981
812018Smith, Michael: Assault1999
812019Smith, Michael: Assaultundated
812021Smith, Oscar: Homicide2000
812022Smith, Oscar: Homicide2000
812024Smith, Steven B.: Sodomy and Assault1983
812025Smith, Steven B.: Sodomy and Assault1983
812023Smith, Steven: Homicide1999
812026Smith, Sydney: Homicide2000
812027Smith, Thomas: Homicide1989
812028Smith, Tyrone: Attempted Homicide1998
812029Smith, William H.: Homicideundated
812030Smith, William H.: Homicide1968
812031Smith, William J.: Homicide1982
812032Smith, Wilton A.: Homicide1994
812007Smith: Firearm Examination1972
812033Smyers, Daniel: Driving While Intoxicated1996
822034Snowdon: Homicide1994
822035Sorenson, Roger: Burglarly1980
822036Sorenson, Roger: Burglarly1980
822037Sousa, Michael1999
822038Sowers, Lawrence: Homicide1999
822039Spain, Germaine: Homicide1998
Oversize 332039ASpain, Germaine: Homicideundated
822040Spath, Gary: Wrongful Death1991
822041Spath, Gary: Wrongful Death1991
822042Spaulding, Travis O.: Extortion1976
822043Spaulding, Travis O.: Extortion1976
822044Spector, Phillip: Homicideundated
822045Spector, Phillip: Homicideundated
822046Spector, Phillip: Homicideundated
822047Spector, Phillip: Homicideundated
822048Spector, Phillip: Homicideundated
822049Spector, Phillip: Homicideundated
822050Spector, Phillip: Homicideundated
822051Spector, Phillip: Homicideundated
822052Spector, Phillip: Homicideundated
822053Spector, Phillip: Homicideundated
832054Spector, Phillip: Homicideundated
832055Spector, Phillip: Homicideundated
832056Spector, Phillip: Homicideundated
832057Spector, Phillip: Homicide2006
832058Spector, Phillip: Homicide2006
832059Speering, Kenneth: Homicide1984
832060Speering, Kenneth: Homicide1984
832061Speering, Kenneth: Homicide1985
832062Spengler, William Jr.: Homicide1980
832063Spengler, William Jr.: Homicide1986
832064Sperry, Ronald: Homicide1984
832065Spurgeon, Robert M.: Criminal Possession of a Dangerous Drug1970
832066St. Jean, Edward A.: Homicide1991
832067St. Jean, Edward A.: Homicideundated
832068St. Louis, Chad: Document Examination2009
842070Stabb, Harold: Driving While Intoxicated1972
842071Stabler, John: Homicide1984
842072Stachowiak, Richard: Driving While Intoxicated and Leaving the Scene of an Accident1977
Oversize 442072AStaff, Steven: Physical Evidence1976
842073Stain Examination: Corning, NY1981
842074Stallworth, John: Homicide2002
842075Stamp, William: Driving While Intoxicated1973
842076Standslast, Thomas: Burglary1980
842077Stang, Thomas J.: Attempted Homicide1985
Oversize 342077AStark, Newton: Homicide1985
842078Starnes, Freddie: Homicide1983
842079State Farm Insrance Co.: Manner of Death1976
842080Steen, Patrick J.: Homicide1997
842081Steen, Patrick J.: Homicide1997
842082Steen, Patrick J.: Homicide1997
Oversize 352082ASterling Arms Corporation: Product Liability1974
842083Sterling, Adam: Homicide2011
842084Steuben County Distict Attorney: Stolen Property1998
842085Stevens, April and Stevens, Alisa: Assault (3 Counts)2009
842086Stevens, April and Stevens, Alisa: Assault (3 Counts)2009
842087Stevens, April and Stevens, Alisa: Assault (3 Counts)2009
842088Stevenson, Robert D.: Homicide1986
842089Stewart, Darin T.: Homicide1987
842090Stewart, Darin T.: Homicide1987
842091Stiles, Marjorie: Driving While Intoxicated1964
842093Stoeger Industries: Product Liability1982
842094Stokes, Lee-Roy: Drug Posession1991
842095Stoller, Rose1982
Oversize 362095AStrasser, Francis X.: Homicide1997
842096Strasser, Franxis X.: Homicide1996
842092Stripe: Homicide2000
842097Strok: Driving While Intoxicated1977
832069Strong, Rick D.: Blood Spatter Analysis1981
842098Stubbs, Henry III: Homicide (Two Counts)2002
852099Stubbs, Henry III: Homicide (Two Counts)undated
852100Stubbs, Henry III: Homicide (Two Counts)2001
852101Stubbs, Raymond: Homicide1995
852103Substance Analysis1969
852104Substance Analysis: Addison, NY1973
852102Substance Analysis: Auburn, NY1969
852105Substance Analysis: Corning, NY`1982
852106Substance Analysis: Corning, NY`1970
852107Substance Analysis: Corning, NY`1973
852108Substance Analysis: Elmira Heights, NY1970
852109Substance Analysis: Henry, VT1975
852110Substance Analysis: Hornell, NY1970
852112Substance Analysis: New York and California1973
852111Substance Analysis: New York State1968
852113Substance Analysis: Penn Yan, NY1975
852117Sullivan, Britt: Homicide1981
852118Sullivan, Britt: Homicideundated
852119Sullivan, Michael J.: Suicide or Accident1983
852120Sullivan, Robert P.: Driving While Intoxicated1985
852121Sultuska, George E.: Homicide1976
852114Sundberg, Peggy A.: Homicide1970
852115Sundberg, Peggy A.: Homicide1970
852116Sundburg, John L.: Homicide1983
852124Suspicious Letter: Bath, NY1967
852122Sutorius, Della D.: Homicide1992
411050Sutton/Worcester, MA1974
852123Suyla, Pieter: Assault-Shootingundated
852125Synett, Robert: Homicide1996
862126Taft, Russell R.: Burglary1961
862127Tallent, Linda G.: Homicide1980
862128Tandall, Benjamin: Homicide1989
862129Tanner, Brian: Assaultundated
862130Tarisa: Evidence Examination1976
862131Taylor, Bruce1977
Oversize 372131ATaylor, Jeffrey W. : Homicide or Suicide1987
862132Taylor, John R.: Attempted Homicide1989
862133Taylor, Sheldon: Homicide1999
862134Terceira, John C.: Homicide1991
862135Textron Inc.: Product Liability1986
862136Textron Inc.: Product Liability1986
862137Thacker, John C. Jr.: Homicide1980
862138Thacker, John C. Jr.: Homicide1980
862139Theft: Corning, NY1977
862140Thomas, George B.: Homicide1976
862141Thomas, Lloyd: Homicide (Two Counts)2012
862142Thomas, Orville W.: Frogery and Check Fraud1977
862143Thompkins Trust Co.: Fraud and Embezzlement2010
862145Thompson, James: Homicide1982
862146Thompson, Luella: Homicide1980
862147Thompson, Luella: Homicide1980
862148Thompson, Robert and Venables, Jon: Homicide1993
862144Thompson: Homicide1988
872155Thornton, Warren A.: Driving While Intoxicated1973
862149Tillman, Jeremiah: Homicide1999
862150Tillman, Jeremiah: Homicideundated
862151Tipton, Richard: Homicide2000
862152Tipton, Richard: Homicideundated
862153Tirado, Eric: Homicide1991
862154Tirado, Eric: Homicideundated
872156Tomaino, John M.: Homicide1996
872157Tomaino, John M.: Homicideundated
872158Tomaino, John M.: Homicideundated
872159Tomaino, John M.: Homicideundated
872160Tomaino, John M.: Homicide1998
872161Tomasello, Joseph and Nowak, Remus: Fingerprint Analysis1998
872162Tomlinson, Joann (Marilyn): Check Forgery1971
872163Tool Mark Examination: Troy, PA1975
872164Toronto, Ontario, CA: Homicide2001
872165Touchet, Kevin: Homicide1993
872166Toussaint, Mario: Homicideundated
872168Tran, Michael: Homicide2003
872169Travis, Richard L.: Reckless Endangerment1972
872167Traylor, Thomas2003
872170Tredawat, Jonathan Jr.: Homicide1974
872171Treffert, Jeffery S.: Homicide1986
872172Trice, Dan: Homicide1982
872173Trotter, Desmond and Mason, Roy: Homicide1974
872174Trueblood, Joseph: Homicide (3 Counts)1988
872175Trueblood, Joseph: Homicide (3 Counts)1988
872176Trueblood, Joseph: Homicide (3 Counts)1990
872178Tufaro, Nicholas: Homicideundated
872179Tufaro, Nicholas: Homicideundated
872180Tufaro, Nicholas: Homicideundated
882181Tufaro, Nicholas: Homicide1983
882182Tufaro, Nicholas: Homicideundated
882183Tufaro, Nicholas: Homicide1983
882184Tuite, Richard R.: Homicide2004
882186Tulin, Ronald: Homicide1981
882185Turco, Donald A.: Homicide or Accidentundated
882187Turner, William: Assault1998
882188Typerwriter Examination: Corning, NY1977
882193U.S. Dept. Of Agriculture: Character Defromationundated
882189Uckele, Bernard: Homicide2010
882194Underwood, Terry A.: Homicide1999
882195Underwood, Terry A.: Homicide1999
882196Underwood, Terry A.: Homicide1999
882190United States FBI: Excessive Force1997
882191United States FBI: Excessive Force1997
882192United States FBI: Excessive Force1997
882197Vadnal, Donald: Homicideundated
882198Valenzuela, Joseph W.: Homicide1978
892202Van Den Hoogan2000
882201VanBulow, Claus: Attempted Homicide1981
882199Vandalism: Endicott, NY1975
882200Vandekop, Carl: Homicide (Two Counts)1983
892203Vazquez, Eduardo: Burglary1997
892204Vehicular Homicide: Elmira, NY1973
892205Vehicular Homicide: Taipei, Taiwan2005
892206Vinal, Daniel: Homicide1979
892207Vince, Theresa and Davis, Russell1997
892208Vince, Theresa and Davis, Russell1997
892209Vincent, Robert: Homicide1994
892210Vita, Steven: Homicide1987
892211Vogt, Helen1988
892212Vojtas, John: Homicideundated
892213Vojtas, John: Homicide1999
892214Voss, Gene A.: Homicide1982
892215Vrzal, Robert J.: Suspicious Death1974
892216Waild, Frank: Vehicular Homicide1967
892217Walker, Robert L.: Homicide and Robbery1976
892218Walker, Wayne: Homicide2001
892219Wallace, Jeremy2007
892220Wallen, James: Homicide (Two Counts)1976
892221Walsh, Erin: Homicide2009
892223Wandell, Luke: Arson1991
892224Wandell, Michael: Fingerprint Comparison1975
892222Wanner, Catherine: Blood Spatter Analysis1985
Oversize 382222AWare, Darris A.: Homicide1995
892225Warren, Antonio: Homicide2012
892226Washington, Albert L.: Homicide1983
892228Washington, Darius: Homicide1988
892227Washington, Earl: Homicide1983
892229Washington, Stanley: Homicide1997
892230Waters, Eugene: Second Degree Homicide1976
892231Watkins, Jesse A.: Homicideundated
902232Watkins, Jesse A.: Homicideundated
902233Watkins, Jesse A.: Homicideundated
902234Watkins, Jesse A.: Homicide1999
902235Watkins, Jesse A.: Homicide1999
902237Watson, Jason: Homicide2000
902238Watson, Randy S.: Robbery1986
902236Watson: Homicide1994
902239Weapon Examination: Cleveland, OH1974
902240Weapon Examination: Schuyler County, NY1975
902241Webb, Daniel: Homicide1989
902242Webb, Marlin: Homicide2013
902243Webber, Bruce J.: Homicide1977
902244Webster, Carey J. and Gladstone, Clyf H.: Homicide1978
902245Webster, Carey J. and Gladstone, Clyf H.: Homicide1978
902246Wegmuller, Ellen B.1974
902247Weigel, Whit: Auto Theft and Fingerprint Comparisonundated
902248Weinberg, David: Homicide1995
902250Weisel, Shawn J.: Homicide1996
902251Weisel, Shawn J.: Homicideundated
902252Weisel, Shawn J.: Homicideundated
902253Weismore, Jerry: Firearm Trajectory Analysis1989
902249Weisser, Daniel: Homicide or Suicide1980
902254Weller, Elizabeth: Document Examination1976
902255Wells, Larry: Homicide (Two Counts)1980
902256West Palm Beach, FL Police Dept.: Wrongful Death1984
902257Westerdahl, Edward III: Bank Robbery1989
902258Westerdahl, Edward III: Bank Robbery1989
912259Westergaard, Verna: Homicide1996
912260Westergaard, Verna: Homicideundated
912261Westergaard, Verna: Homicideundated
912262Westergaard, Verna: Homicideundated
912263Westergaard, Verna: Homicideundated
912264Wheeler, Michael P.: Homicide1992
912265White, George W.: Homicide1986
912266White, James1978
912267White, Vonda: Homicide1978
912270Whitefield, Roger: Homicide1972
912268Whitehurst, Thomas A.: Homicide1985
912269Whitehurst, Thomas A.: Homicide1985
912271Whitman, Toby A.: Burglary1999
912272Wicks, Donald: Fingerprint Comparison and Burglary1963
912273Wiggins, Walter J.: Handwriting Analysis2011
912274Wighton, Matthew: Assault2002
912275Willette, Charissa: Homicide1999
912276Willette, Charissa: Homicideundated
912277Williams, Anthony: Homicide2002
912278Williams, Anthony: Homicideundated
912279Williams, Anthony: Homicideundated
912280Williams, Anthony: Homicide1988
912281Williams, Bernard: Homicide1988
922284Williams, Dale G.: Wrongful Death and Accidental Homicide1989
922282Williams, Darnell: Homicideundated
922283Williams, Darnell: Homicide (Two Counts)1995
922285Williams, David M.: Homicide1978
922286Williams, Donald: Homicide (Three Counts)1981
922287Williams, Omar: Homicideundated
922288Williams, Omar: Homicide2009
922289Williams, Omar: Homicideundated
922290Williams, Omar: Homicideundated
922291Williams, R.: Assault2003
922292Williams, Roy: Homicide1993
922293Williams, Stanford: Homicide1999
922294Williams, Terrel: Homicide2010
922295Willin, John: Risk of Injury to Minors1976
922296Willing, David and Willing, Donna: Attempted Homicide and Homicide for Hire1988
922297Willing, David and Willing, Donna: Attempted Homicide and Homicide for Hireundated
922298Willis, Astley: Homicide2006
922299Willis, Henry: Homicide1977
922300Willson, David: Homicide1985
922301Wilson, John R., Adams, Gary M., and Lindley, Michael W.: Homicide1979
922302Wilson, John R., Adams, Gary M., and Lindley, Michael W.: Homicide1979
922303Wilt, Frederick E.1972
932304Winneer, Walter W.: Homicide1982
932305Winsor, Joseph: Accident or Suicideundated
932306Winsor, Joseph: Accident or Suicideundated
932307Winsor, Joseph: Accident or Suicideundated
932308Winter, Christopher: Assault2010
932309Winters, Timothy C.: Homicide1982
932310Wirth, Elizabeth: Homicide1993
932311Wirth, Elizabeth: Homicideundated
932312Wirth, Elizabeth: Homicideundated
932313Wissinger, Edward2006
932314Wixon and Klein: Possession of Marijuana1973
932315Wolsky, Robert: Homicide1977
932316Wolter, Rutheled B.1976
932317Wood, John A.1978
932318Wood, Michael and Dove, Rodney: Homicide1993
932319Wood, Warren: Prejury1983
932321Woodmansee, Norman, Goddard, Sharon, and Eckstein, Richard: Homicide1986
932320Woody, Victoria: Homicide1995
932322Worrell, Donald E.: Homicide1979
932323Wristen, Andrew: Homicide1995
932324Wyre, Edward, Wyre, Penny L., and Impson, Daniel: Petty Larceny1964
942325Yager, Joseph: Homicide1999
942326Yager, Joseph: Homicide1999
942329Yahner, Kalvin2004
942327Yamada, Tetsuya: Homicide (Two Counts)2003
942328Yanuzzi, Peter: Driving While Intoxicated1992
942330Yarnall, Fred1999
942331Yates, Ferdinand Dr.1989
942332Yoerg, David: Homicide1981
942333York, Alvia: Homicide1994
942338York, Timothy: Homicide2000
942334Yorke, Andrew: Homicide or Suicide1978
942335Yorke, Andrew: Homicide or Suicide1978
942336Yorke, Andrew: Homicide or Suicide1978
942337Yorke, Andrew: Homicide or Suicide1978
942339Young, Michael and Honolulu Police Dept.: Unlawful Shootingundated
942340Young, Michael and Honolulu Police Dept.: Unlawful Shootingundated
942341Young, Michael and Honolulu Police Dept.: Unlawful Shootingundated
942342Young, Michael and Honolulu Police Dept.: Unlawful Shootingundated
942343Young, Michael and Honolulu Police Dept.: Unlawful Shootingundated
942344Young, Reggie: Homicide1996
942345Young, Reggie: Homicide1996
942346Young, Reggie: Homicide1996
952347Zadov, Alexander: Homicide2002
952348Zaldivar, Samantha1997
952349Zambino, Robert: Grand Larceny1988
952350Zdanis, Ronald: Homicide1975
952351Zehner, Christopher D.: Homicide1981
952352Zehner, Christopher D.: Homicide1981
952353Zheng, Yen De: Homicide1998
952355Ziegler, William T.: Homicide (Four Counts)1975
952356Ziegler, William T.: Homicide (Four Counts)1975
952357Ziegler, William T.: Homicide (Four Counts)undated
952358Ziegler, William T.: Homicide (Four Counts)undated
952359Zimmer, John: Homicide1989
952360Zito, Rocco: Homicide1986
952361Zubi, Issam: Homicide1985
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