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Today, the intersection of work, family, and life responsibilities provides challenges for many workers. Personal and family responsibilities, including children and aging parents, are impacting the work lives of an increasingly diverse workforce. Research shows that workplaces thrive and remain competitive when they respect and are responsive to the complex life and family needs of their workers. URI is committed to providing a workplace that respects the needs of its employees.
nautilusThe nautilus was chosen as the symbol of the efforts of the URI Work-Life Committee to promote professional growth while maintaining equilibrium, harmony and balance in the lives of members of the URI community. The chambered nautilus grows outward from its center in perfect mathematical proportions. We see this spiral form throughout the natural world, expressing balance, regeneration, growth, and evolution. The key to this pattern lies in the relationship of the parts (the individual chambers) to their center, the still point at the very core of the spiral. This core sustains and renews us, enabling us to maintain our equilibrium and balance amidst all of life’s challenges. Adopted from Annie Harrison Designs
“Dear Dr. DeHayes; UMBC’s Provost Philip Rous has undertaken a series of discussions with the Professional Staff Senate (PSS) on issues of greatest importance to our constituents. Workplace flexibility and work-life balance are among the highest priority issues. As a member of both the PSS and the Provost’s staff, I was asked by Philip to conduct the research on best practices. In the course of that research, I discovered the website of the URI Work-Life Committee and the wealth of resources to be found there. I want to tell you how very helpful those resources have already been and will continue to be in UMBC’s work on these issue. It is amazing to me what that volunteer committee has accomplished and continues to do. UMBC is so appreciative that as one of our peer institutions, URI has been leading the way on these important issues.”      
  –  Beth Wells, Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, UMBC, Feb. 4, 2013


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