Animal Science and Technology, B.S.

Choose from two options for this major:

The Animal Science option includes coursework in animal nutrition, anatomy and physiology, behavior, and disease in both large and small animals. Graduates find employment in zoos, aquariums, pharmaceutical companies, pet food companies, federal, state, and local opportunities dealing with disease control and public health, and in teaching and research or as veterinary technicians.

The Pre-Veterinary Option is designed to prepare students for admission to veterinary schools, or to pursue graduate programs in animal physiology and health. Veterinarians work in private, in federal, state, and local assignments dealing with disease control and public health, and in teaching and research.


Faculty Advisor - Academic Year Only

Animal Science and Technology

Academic Advisor

College of Health Sciences/College of the Environment and Life Sciences


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Curriculum Sheets

BS: Animal Science Option


BS: Pre-Veterinary Option


BS: Pre-Veterinary Option (UofG FEEPASS Year)


BS: Animal Management Option


Major Entry Requirements

  • Complete 24 units and have a minimum GPA of 2.00
  • Complete URI 101