German, B.A.

The requirement for the B.A in German is 30 credits (excluding GER 101 and 102). At any point during their undergraduate studies, students can accelerate their path to proficiency in German (and to meeting the graduation requirements) by taking summer courses in the Deutsche Sommerschule am Atlantik. Advisors Curriculum Sheets Major Entry Requirements Complete 24 […]

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History, B.A.

History majors learn valuable skills including how to analyze complex issues, plan research projects, locate information, collect and interpret evidence, understand cultural differences, read critically, write effectively, and work independently. Degrees in history lead to career opportunities in business, education, law, public service, and historical research. Students have enough electives to complete a second major, […]

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Italian, B.A.

Knowledge of the Italian language gives you access to one of the West’s richest cultural traditions as well as to one of Europe’s most vital contemporary societies. Italian is a primary language for research in art history, music, philosophy, literary studies, and archaeology. Italian literature, and more recently Italian cinema, is widely admired. The strong […]

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Journalism, B.A.

Journalism majors gain a multi-disciplinary, hands-on learning experience as they are prepared for working in all aspects of news, from traditional newspaper or television stations to TV network reporters or new media entrepreneurs. Students are taught the fundamentals of contemporary American journalism — news gathering, news writing, editing and producing — in an atmosphere which also […]

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Mathematics, B.A., B.S.

The Mathematics B.A. includes core courses along with higher level courses in several areas that allow you to explore the fascinating world of mathematics. The B.S. program includes core courses, along with higher level courses in several areas. Many companies in industry and the service sector are interested in graduates who have a degree in […]

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Music, B.A., B.O.M.

The B.A. in Music combines a program of performance, history and theory with more in-depth study in the liberal arts, and offers concentrations in Music, Music History and Literature, and Jazz Studies. The Bachelor of Music degree is the first-level professional degree in music, with concentrations offered in Performance, Music Education, Composition, and Music Therapy. […]

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Philosophy, B.A.

The B.A. in philosophy is concerned with teaching the methodology of clear and logical thinking. In addition, it deals with ultimate questions of human existence, such as the nature of morality, the purpose of human life, the place of humans in the universe, the problem of evil, the nature of scientific theorizing, and more. For […]

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Physics, B.S.

The B.S. in Physics program provides a general background in both theoretical and experimental physics. It forms a foundation for further study at the graduate level toward an advanced degree, and also prepares you for a career as a professional physicist in industry or government. Advisors Curriculum Sheets BS: Physics Interdisciplinary Track Major Entry Requirements […]

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Political Science, B.A.

The B.A. in political science includes the study of governments, political philosophy, international political organizations, civil and international conflict, public policies, political processes, political movements, campaigns and political behavior. Political scientists use both humanistic and scientific methodological approaches to rigorously examine political phenomena. Those interested in critical issues such as health, the environment, political campaigns, […]

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