Sports Media, B.A.

In URI’s B.A. program in Sports Media and Communication, students gain critical and theoretical knowledge and practical experience in sports journalism, broadcasting, public relations, writing, communication, and sports data and analytics. Courses range from critical-cultural analysis to quantitative and critical-analytical studies of sports media and communication. Course work is coupled with practical and professional experience […]

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International Studies and Diplomacy

The International Studies and Diplomacy program is an interdisciplinary dual major program leading to a B.A. in International Studies, and a B.A. French, Chinese, Spanish, German, or Italian language. Study abroad is required for the program, and you will gain essential knowledge and skills in international politics, economics, cultures and language. The program prepares you […]

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Data Science, B.A., B.S.

Data science is a newly emerging discipline that teaches you to collect, clean, organize, provide access to, analyze and communicate data. It combines computer science, databases, ethics, mathematics, and statistics at its core. It is a translational approach – in the end you must learn to apply these skills to multiple other domains such as […]

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Africana Studies, B.A.

The Africana Studies major lets you explore the rich diversity of African and African American social, cultural, political, and historical development. This interdisciplinary program opens your world to the arts, humanities, and social sciences, and offers unique summer study abroad experiences in Ghana and Cape Verde. Advisors Curriculum Sheets Major Entry Requirements Complete 24 units […]

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Anthropology, B.A.

As an anthropology major you will learn about human prehistory, evolutionary biology, and cultures around the world. The URI anthropology curriculum offers courses in all major subfields including archaeology, cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, and anthropological linguistics. Graduates will leave the program ready to pursue an advanced degree, or take a job in a nonacademic field. […]

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Art, B.F.A., B.A.

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art includes painting and drawing, sculpture, printmaking, film and video, digital art and design, and photography. Students work in various media to develop technical skills and to provide opportunities for creative expression as well as hands-on practical experience working closely with artist/instructors in classroom […]

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Art History, B.A.

The Art History program offers a thorough introduction to the art and architecture of Europe and the Americas, beginning in ancient times to contemporary art. Students learn about the major monuments from the history of painting, sculpture, architecture, printmaking, photography, and more by studying them in their historical, social, and cultural contexts. Visiting artists, scholars, […]

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