Program Highlights

  • No portfolio or portfolio review needed for acceptance
  • Students new to the arts are welcome
  • Part of the College of Arts and Sciences, giving you a broad range of interdisciplinary opportunities and a well-rounded education
  • Prepares you for diverse career opportunities from graphic design and applied arts to preservation and museum work
  • Off-campus internships are available and encouraged
  • The department hosts visiting artists and art historians
  • Opportunities for trips to museums and galleries
  • Gallery exhibits student work along with visiting artists, lecturers, and critics

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New Location: The Art & Art History Department is temporarily located at: 51 Lower College Road, Pastore Hall

Quick Facts

100undergraduate majors
20art history majors
9full-time faculty
≤ 15average class size

Degree Programs

  • Bachelor of Arts in Art Studio
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Studio
  • Bachelor of Arts in Art History

Distinguished Visiting Artist Program

Each year, the URI Distinguished Visiting Artist (DVA) program brings to campus a nationally or internationally known professional artist for a two-week residency. These artists interact with students and faculty, discuss their works of art, and inspire interdisciplinary projects between URI’s visual and performing arts programs and other University programs such as communications, engineering and landscape architecture.

The DVA program is funded by the URI Office of the Provost and is sponsored by the Departments of Art and Art History, Film and Media, Music, and Theatre.