Video and Multimedia

students in lab on computers

The studio courses in video and multimedia focus on many aspects of 4D art production and presentation. This includes courses that teach hands-on production skills (video capture, composition, lighting, audio recording), post-production skills (video/audio editing and compositing), animation techniques, as well as skills needed for students to present their projects in an ever-expanding digital landscape (live, web, and mobile platforms). The program also includes courses that focus on video and multimedia installation art, interactive media installations, the use of video and multimedia in performance, and other unique uses of digital media.

Our Goals

  • Provide a strong foundation in video and multimedia production and post-production
  • Provide the tools and skills necessary to document and present students’ work on personal and professional websites, social media, and for digital distribution
  • Focus on unique and expressive “off-screen” uses of video and digital multimedia in installation pieces and performance

Our Facilities

  • Media lab (20 iMacs with full suite of Adobe CC programs and other auxiliary media production/editing programs).
  • Equipment checkout station with digital still/video cameras, audio recorders, lighting kits, and other production and installation equipment
  • Voice-over/podcast recording studio
  • 5.1 surround sound editing/listening room
  • Multiple HD screening rooms and installation sites