Our studio program in photography offers hands-on classes in darkroom and digital imaging, independent studies, internships and a class on the history of the medium. Our classes are designed to encourage experimentation and explore conceptual approaches so that students can discover their visions as artists and communicators. The sharing, critiquing and appreciation of student ideas are part of the process of building and refining critical thinking skills.

Our Goals

  • Establish a strong foundation in the craft that instills self-discipline and introduces a variety of techniques that are based in traditional and emerging photographic media.
  • Establish a studio space that is a sanctuary for experimentation and interdisciplinary art making, a place where hybrid processes have a forum.
  • Nurture a curriculum that will enable students to begin to identify their personal interests as they become increasingly self-directed in the process of exploring their visions as artists and communicators.

Our Facilities

Students participating in photography courses will have access to a black-and-white darkrooms, digital imaging labs, a lighting studio and large format digital printers. Cameras in various formats, tripods, lighting equipment, and other photographic tools are also available for student use.