Jake Dante Carlino

Majors: Italian and International Studies and Diplomacy (ISD)
Hometown: Northborough, MA

Q. In your opinion, what makes the College of Arts and Sciences at URI unique?A. I think what makes it unique is the variety of material it offers. It encompasses many valuable and pertinent fields of study which allow students a lot of academic freedom.

What accomplishments and/or activities at URI are you most proud of now?
I’m most proud of my involvement in the Italian conversation hours we’ve carried out within the last few years, as well as my time spent both as an Italian tutor and TA. I put in a lot of time immersing myself as much as possible in Italian speaking circles both on and off campus, and I’m proud to say the efforts have paid off.

What research projects, internships, experiential learning, and/or study abroad programs did you participate in at URI?
I was lucky enough to be the first URI student to attend the University for Foreigners of Perugia. This was by far my favorite learning experience facilitated by URI. This semester abroad enriched my life and my education in such substantial ways; I was able to speak Italian each and every day, learning a great deal about the language, the culture, and the people in the process.

What do you value about your liberal arts education?
I value the freedom and options it afforded me. It gave me access to many different Italian language oriented courses that enriched my life and my language studies in a multitude of ways. A huge highlight for me has been my time completing translations alongside Professor Michelangelo La Luna. I learned a lot from it and enjoyed it immensely. Another highlight was a Political Science class I took taught by a real diplomat who had been all over the world.

What’s next for you?
After college, I plan on working as an interpreter and hopefully living in both Italy and America.