Garrett Mason ’23

Philosophy and Psychology

Sex and Love: A Deviation from the Golden Mean

Garretts research will compare concepts of sex and love as conceived by ancient and modern philosophers. The work will draw on the works of Aristotle and Plato as well as the modern writers Robert C. Solomon, Louis Pojman and David Ley. Garrett aims to complete an academic paper showing how modern conceptions of love and sex have deviated from those of antiquity. 

Faculty Mentor:
Craig Nichols, teaching professor of philosophy

“I find the way people engage with, behave towards and conceive of love and sex fascinating and it ought to be observed with greater importance. I hope to gain a better understanding of the research experience and acquire any new skills that come along the way. It will also provide me with a great foundation for any graduate school and doctorate program research I will hopefully be conducting in the future.” –Garrett Mason