Student Fellows Program

Arts and Sciences Student Fellows Program
The College of Arts and Sciences Fellows Program offers undergraduates in an A&S College major paid summer fellowships to participate in research, scholarly, or creative projects under the supervision of a faculty mentor.

Fellowships run for 10 weeks during the summer. Fellows will be paid $20.00 an hour for up to 20 hours per week; although not required, fellows may also receive credit for a directed study if the student and mentor agree. Faculty mentors will be provided $300 as a stipend or in professional development funds for each student they mentor based on the faculty member’s preference. Up to three students can be mentored by one faculty member.

A&S Undergraduate Majors may choose one of two pathways when applying.

Do you have an interest in getting paid to undertake research, scholarship, or creative work this summer?
Yes, and I have an idea of my own for a project! Yes, but I have no idea where to start – beyond the fact that I am interested!
Follow Path A

Follow Path B

Terrific! We welcome your application to pursue your own project as an A&S Summer Fellow. You should apply via the Student Project Pathway below. Here’s what you should do next. No problem! We also consider applications from A&S students who would like to join existing projects under the mentorship of A&S faculty. You should apply to become an A&S Summer Fellow via the Faculty Project Pathway below. Here’s what to do next.
A1. Identify an A&S faculty member whom you think might take an interest in supervising your project, then contact them to discuss your project idea. B1. Think about your own intellectual, research, or creative interests in general. Once you know what those are, see the link for the Faculty Project Pathway Application.
A2. If they show an interest, ask them to be your summer mentor. If they don’t say yes, then ask them for advice regarding a more suitable faculty member.  B2. Fill out the application and send it, along with an up-to-date resume and unofficial transcript as one .pdf package to Angelique Beckmann by 4:30p.m. on March 1, 2023.   
A3. Once an A&S faculty member agrees, work together to develop your project application – see the link here for the Student Project Pathway Application. Be sure to have the faculty mentor fill out and provide you with the Faculty Mentor Form, then submit that along with an up-to-date resume, unofficial transcript and your application – in one .pdf package – to Angelique Beckmann by 4:30p.m. on March 1, 2023. B3.  We will consider whether your interests and training fit the projects run by A&S faculty who have volunteered to mentor undergraduate A&S fellows.
A4. A committee will evaluate your application. Once selections have been made, you will be notified by the Dean’s office.     B4. If there is a good match, the faculty member will reach out to discuss the possibility of your joining their project over the summer.      

All current URI undergraduate students, full-time or part-time, who are declared as an Arts & Sciences major and in good academic standing

Students must work with an A&S faculty member over the summer and re-enroll as undergraduates in the subsequent fall. Graduating seniors are not eligible.

Full time A&S faculty, including tenure track and non-tenure track, are eligible.

How to Apply
Please choose one of the two pathways above to apply for Summer 2023.

Student project proposals will be evaluated by the Arts and Sciences Research, Scholarship, and Creative Works Committee. The selection criteria are the students’ preparation to make use of the fellowship opportunity and the educational benefit to the students.

Upon completion of the project, students are required to produce and present a final poster about the project during the subsequent fall semester. The College will provide funds through the faculty member’s academic department to cover the cost of poster printing. Faculty sponsors will help students prepare and print the poster in a manner most consistent with their fields.

For faculty seeking additional information, please contact: Dr. Brian Krueger, associate dean,

For students seeking additional information, please contact: Dr. Cheryl Foster, ION coordinator and professor of philosophy and political science,

Meet Some of Our Fellows

  • Mia Giglietti ’23 - Mia prepared a comprehensive literature review of economic thought on corporate and government linkages.
  • Jacob Afonso ’22 - Jacob researched bias and fairness in machine learning models to understand the best classifier techniques to eliminate bias.
  • Ethan Wyllie ’22 - Ethan is researching racial inequality in welfare participation and its impact on political attitudes in the US.
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