Japanese Social Event

Thanks to support from the Arts and Sciences Event Fund, the Department of Languages hosted their first Japanese social event. At the event, participants enjoyed sushi while learning  more about our new Japanese programs (through the Global Languages and Area Studies major and Japanese minor), the Japanese IEP program, and extracurricular activities that are available now and/or are beginning next semester. Students were also able to talk to professors, coordinators, Japanese exchange students, and Japanese professors about these new programs, initiatives, and activities.

Many thanks to the following people for their help in coordinating the event: Professor Sigrid Berka (the Executive Director of the International Engineering Program); Ms. Melissa Schenck (the IEP Coordinator); Professor Manabu Takasawa (Director of the Japanese IEP and Professor of Music); Professor Alexander Magidow (Professor of Arabic, Section Head of Global Languages and Area Studies); Goma Nozawa, Taketo Kondo, & Ayumu Maruyama (Japanese exchange students).