Facilities and Equipment

research1The Department of Conferences and Special Program Development at the University of Rhode Island can help your organization can assist you in your efforts to plan all aspects of any conferences, workshops, seminars, short courses, and training programs.  The Department can offer meeting planning assistance and access to facilities on our various campuses – anything from small meeting rooms to large, auditorium-style rooms accommodating up to several hundred people, and everything in between.  Read about how Amtrol hosted its North American sales meeting at URI.

We can also work with you to identify any equipment usage needs you might have.  From the 3-D Imaging capability for biomedical sciences, and its various applications, to equipment in URI’s Sensor and Surface Technology Lab in chemical engineering, we may be able to share what we have developed here at URI for research purposes, to help you achieve your business objectives.  Learn more about URI’s research/lab facilities and equipment.

Additional Resources

The Polaris Manufacturing Extension Partnership works with Rhode Island manufacturers to design new facility layouts, expand sites, consolidate two or more facilities, and incorporate new or specialized equipment into existing processes.  Polaris will also work on behalf of manufacturers with architects and construction firms, as well as provide project management, equipment selection guidance and contractor maintenance.

The URI Start-Up Program/Accelerator/Resource Center (SPARC) helps start-ups and entrepreneurs connect with the vast resources available at the University to grow their ideas and their business.

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