Innovate @ URI is a campus-wide initiative designed to foster a creative, well-rounded community of big thinkers. We offer resources and involvement opportunities outside of the classroom to explore your most innovative ideas.

Join us for a combined Networking & Innovation Lab Showcase that will act as both a cultural exchange and an opportunity to ideate on interdisciplinary ideas. The event will be held in the URI Carothers Library, Galanti Lounge (Rm 301) on October 27th, from 5-7PM

We will be featuring examples of equipment, products and opportunities from the variety of Innovation Lab spaces located in URI Carothers Library.

Our collaborating partners from Germany’s Technical University of Braunschweig, will provide a brief workshop on how entrepreneurship looks at T.U Braunschweig‘s College of Business and Entrepreneurship Hub. We welcome Dr. Reza Asghari, Head of their Entrepreneurship Hubs and Christopher Dormeier, PhD candidate focusing on Circular Economy, to the US and University with the hopes of building our international relationship. 

This event is to act as a catalyst for useful connections from interested parties across our University and community in order to enhance our innovation and entrepreneurial pursuits.

RSVP HERE BY OCTOBER 24th, AT 5:00PM. We hope to see you there!

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