Graduate Certificate in Human Resources


Program Requirements

You will develop a four course (12 credit) program of study with the Director of the Schmidt Labor Research Center based on your individual interests and needs. The certificate is awarded when you complete the four course sequence with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 or greater.

You are expected to apply, obtain admission and create a Program of Study (POS) detailing the four course prior to taking the courses. Courses taken for the certificate may be applied to the MS in LR or HR if you choose to continue your studies.

To earn a graduate certificate in human resources, students must satisfactorily complete four of the following courses:

  • LHR 500/MBA 571 plus three of the following:
    • BUS 446, 461
    • LHR 432, 503, 521, 531, 533, 542, 545, 546, 573
    • MBA 502, 577, 578
    • Or other courses approved by the program director.

    To receive certificates in both HR and LR, you may only use one course to count for both programs. Therefore, you must take 6 additional courses to receive certificates in both HR and LR.